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[Fanworks] Discuss Your Fan-Made Naruto OC!

Discussion in 'House of Uzumaki' started by Rabblt, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Rabblt sasuke sucks and neji's just taking a nap

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    I currently do not have an OC of my own for Naruto, but I am really intriguied by what other people have come up with. This section of the forums seems kind of dead so I'm not sure how many people will reply, but...?

    There are these two nice tumblr blogs:

    That I look to for ideas and advice, and they come in handy! But I have yet to make a character of my own, though. I have plenty of ideas, but I want to pick just one~
  2. syntheticsound Child of Atom

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    I only ever made up parents for my faves since they were never shown in canon. And a few generic characters like their trainers in Root. Nothing too spectacular.
  3. BlackwindKamina New Member

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    I have OCs. I'm writing a fic starring one of them as we speak.
  4. Trolling Active Member

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    I had an idea for a couple OC. The OCs are weapon smiths for kiri. Their a clan that created the 7 swords of the mist. There a clan that focuses mostly of a fighting style that uses the odd weapons they create.
  5. Fenxus New Member

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    I have a lot of characters, tho I need to make new ones for a post-next gen story I'm working on. Hard work, a lot to plan out beforehand and build up how the world looks like after the war and such before I can even go deep on the characters. I'll see tho if I can assemble a little info about them...

    Butashi Uchiha - Main char of the story I'm trying to get together. Son of Hobuta Uchiha and Uso Ishikawa from Kumogakure. He's somewhat hot headed and has a lot of energy. All for ninjas and his clan's techniques, which has been restricted due to the peaceful era of Konoha along with the fact that his mother broke off from their very small clan and don't want him to take any part of their secret activities. That's the basic, at least.

    Honooe Uchiha - Daughter of Hitokaku and Atsuka Uchiha and the first pureblood-uchiha (Parents being cousins). Has a lot of potential and talent for becoming a fine ninja. she's however very laid back and loves to play video games and just want to enjoy the peaceful era, but because of an agreement of the clan-head and the regime of Konoha, she forces to become one of the ANBU Roots.

    Hiyake Hyuuga - Will become friends with Butashi and eventual training partner. A sly and cocky gal from the Hyuuga Main family, but the second or third child and thus marked with the branch. (not sure when she would get the mark, but she knows her future anyways) Always has a sly grin on her face, as if she's just done anything mischievous, and is quite intellectual and has potential of becoming a neat ninja.

    Tate Haetorigusa - One generation older than Honooe and Butashi and ex-teammate of Atsuko Uchiha. A trap and defense-specialized ninja using Venus Fly Traps in their jutsus. Quiet but very intelligent and sly, knows how to predict some behavior and movements of people (generally, not in any sharingan-like level of prediction). Slack and lazy in their behavior and are pretty laid back on their spare-time.

    I also having an idea of getting a kind-of branch family for the uchihas called "Sensu" (folding fan) which consists of the Shin-clones from the Naruto Gaiden, as they too wields the sharingan.
  6. Knight of Chaos G.O.A.T

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    Hiro Senju

    Son of Nawaki Senju. Nawaki was kidnaped by Orochimaru and made to seem like he died to the rest of the village. He kept him captive for years experimented on him, all that. He bred him with a woman he'd experimented on with Hashi's genes and bam, we get my OC.

    My OC is going to be trained by Tenzo/Yamato and once I have him find out the truth about his parents he'll go lookings for Nawaki during the timeskip.

    I wanna make him like surpass Hashirama at the EOS and I'll have him learn Hashi's sage mode. But he'll have to work for it so he won't be a Gary Stu.

    He's intelligent, uses Water, Earth and Wind Chakra natures. He fights the good fight. Despised Orochimaru with a passion. Is besties with Naruto and I don't know who his love interest will be.
  7. Karyu Endan Smilies = Not serious

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    Despite my insistence on focusing on canon characters in Hawk's Final Hunt, I did end up creating more OC's (and OC stand-ins, which I will point out) than I originally thought. I won't go into too many details in order to avoid major spoilers, but here's a rundown of who I ended up creating. In order of appearance / mention, with the sole exception of the most spoiler-sensitive OC who is in tags at the end:

    Ikonokori Nashiken (stand-in)
    The wielder of Hiramekarei during the Third Ninja World War. Faced a brutal defeat at the hands of The Green Beast, Might Dai, alongside his fellow Swordsmen of the Mist. He may have survived the battle, but he lost his sword in the process, and will stop at nothing to get it back...

    An seemingly unremarkable Hidden Cloud Genin that failed his village's Chunin Exams ten times in a row, ultimately giving up active field duty to man the messenger birds. Despite his record would have you think though, he has the rare ability of using Lightning Style with absolute silence, and that's only the beginning of the secrets he has in store.

    Ameko Shinsei
    Head Ninja of the Hidden Rain after Konan's passing. Used to be a member of the Original Akatsuki, but quit the organization after Yahiko's death. Nagato let her go on the condition she spread the rumour that Nagato and Konan also perished in that battle. She can sense the chakra of anyone so long as she's standing under rain, but isn't noteworthy at anything else. Nonetheless, the Hidden Rain trusts her with leading the village in an era after the Fourth Ninja World War.

    An older member of Jugo's clan that Orochimaru met while he was still a Leaf ninja. His enzymes were used in the very first Curse Mark experiments, but eventually an accident forced Orochimaru to find another source. If Jugo doesn't act soon he may very well share the same fate as his kinsman...

    A ninja from the Hidden Sand. She forged Temari's fan and taught her the Weasel summoning contract. Every bit as tough as her student. She's been MIA for some time thanks to a certain mission, but she's just about to find her way home. Temari will certainly be surprised when they reunite.

    Doctor Shiryoku
    Eye doctor that lives at the southernmost edge of the Land of Wind. Provided Karin with a replacement pair of glasses after her first pair got broken in a difficult battle. Is not, in fact, a stereotypical comic book villain. :wink

    Kagura Uzumaki (stand-in ish... I invented her before the anime did)
    Karin's mother. Was named after the progenitor of Karin's sensing technique, as the technique itself is. Evacuated the Hidden Whirlpool Village while pregnant with Karin during the Third Ninja World War. Was murdered by an unknown attacker when Karin was 7, and Karin's wanted to avenge her mother ever since. But there's a problem: all Karin has to identify the killer with is their incredibly evil chakra...

    Kamina Uzumaki
    A member of the Uzumaki clan during the Warring Clans era, and the son of said aforementioned progenitor. He died under mysterious circumstances and no one could spread a first-hand account of his final moments. All that is known at present is that he was an exceptional sensor even among his relatives and that he embarked on a very important mission before meeting his demise...

    Kagemaru Uzumaki
    Karin's father. As one of the strongest Hidden Whirlpool ninja, he fought valiantly to protect his home and his family during the Third Ninja World War. But alas, the village was destroyed before he could see his daughter be born. Official records declared him deceased along with the rest of the country, but the truth behind Kagemaru's fate isn't nearly so simple...

    Hidan's grandfather, and Head Ninja of the Hidden Hot Water Village during the First Ninja World War. Like his grandson, he was a follower of Jashin, and prided himself on being an instrument of destruction, to the point of desiring the title "Most Despicable Monster in Ninja History" for himself. It was his terrible actions that led to the Land of Hot Water revoking the path of bloodshed and becoming a nation of pacifists.

    Hidan's father and Judan's son, as well as the Head Ninja of the Hidden Hot Water Village at present. Unlike the rest of his family, he does not follow Jashin. Carries immense guilt over his father's and his son's actions. Leads the village to be peaceful to atone for his father's actions, and only wishes he could have stopped his son before he went too far...

    The Frost Daimyo (stand-in)
    Political leader of the Land of Frost, he is a man very apprehensive about ninja, especially those from other nations. He spent the Fourth Ninja World War rather worried and scared. But all this distress is because he takes the safety of his country very seriously, and even the slightest lapse in vigilance could mean the end of a nation so minuscule.

    Byakko, Seiryu, Genbu, and Suzaku
    Squad of four Frost ninja that specialize in Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire jutsu respectively. Friends since childhood, these four are never apart for long, and they've all sworn oaths of fealty to the Daimyo himself. Their sense of loyalty and camaraderie could rival any team from the Hidden Leaf.

    Shuryo Jikan
    An ominous figure shrouded in mystery. No one has ever seen their face, and the ones who have spoken with them can be counted on one hand. Legend has it that making contact with them will curse you to an eternity of being a slave to evil desires...

    Spoiler: A character intrinsic to so many plot twists that I can't write a spoiler-free bio of them. Even the name is a spoiler! Read at your own risk!

    Jashin Uzumaki (stand-in by technicality)
    The main antagonist of Hawk's Final Hunt. Born with the original Kekkei Tota of Blood Style, mastered the Adamantine Sealing Chains at an unnaturally early age, and inherited leadership of the Uzumaki clan, Jashin developed one hell of a god complex. Hidan is one of his present followers, but his influence on the world extends far beyond just being the god of a cult and one-time leader of a clan.

    I could reveal everything, but this section would easily get bigger than all the others combined. So I'll leave it at that. Even the section in spoiler tags is as spoiler-free as I can make it. What, you think I'd ruin all those plot twists here? No way, hose. :wink
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017

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