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Do you guys think resurrection will be happening again? (Kaguya?)

Is Kaguya going to be revived in order to defeat a more powerful foe?

  • She is totally going to be revived!

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • No. Her time is over

    Votes: 6 54.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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A key part of Naruto, especially in Part 2, is that old Shinobi needed to be resurrected in order to defeat a more powerful threat. Another key aspect of this is that old VILLAINS needed to be revived in order to defeat a more powerful threat.

Itachi/Sasuke (villains) were used to defeat Kabuto
Orochimaru was used to turn the tides of war
The 4 Hokage were used to defeat Obito
Obito was used to defeat Madaara/Kaguya

See where I am going with this?
Do you guys think Kaguya is going to be revived again? She feared the Otosuki clan which means she would fight them again if she needed to. Think BoruShiki (maybe a close friend/family member?) will revive Kaguya and talk some sense into her? Maybe they can recall Hagoromo to talk some sense into his mother as well.


I got mixed feelings on this. I prefer it not happen cause I'd rather see new otsutsuki and kaguya was one of my least favorite ones. On the other hand I'd like her to come back so isshiki could kick her ass and prove definitively that he is > her.


I'm pretty sure we'll see Kaguya in some way, shape or form. I wouldn't mind it, as long as her character will get expanded in some way.


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Lol Isshiki should get his revenge once he has achieved his full power and revives her then eat her.:cat

A free power up.:catwalk
I'd only allow it so that she can get stomped by people who aren't from Earth.

So we can finally end this Kaguya is the pinnacle BS. :ohlord


Isshiki or Jigen can go to the moon and talk to her maybe or free her just to kill her for good/ steal her powers.


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My only problem with her returning is that she has to get the tailed beasts chakra or she is going to come back weak as heck.

Or retcon.


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She will give Sarada her power through the byakago seal and sarada will get the red rinnegan :mjgrin

It's not really hard to make a narrative if they wanted to. Sarada looks up to naruto, and wants to be like him. She wants to protect others and make them feel safe like naruto does. Kaguyas story could be that she fell in love with the earth inhabitants and wanted to protect the earth inhabitants from isshiki /momoshiki. That's why she fucked up isshiki and ate the fruit

Also the byakago seal is related with a third eye and divine visual poweress in Buddhist mythology sooo :catthinks
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