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Early Ch 328 English Translation Contribution

Discussion in 'Member Contributions' started by sesshoumarus, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. sesshoumarus New Member

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    Here's a translation I threw out there for the latest chapter just incase you'd like to use it. Credit or no credit, it's your choice. I honestly don't care. I just love the effort that Shannaro puts in to the Manga and makes them how we love them, along with all the fans.

    Chapter 328
    Translation by Stevo
    Title: "Team 10".

    Kakuzu: Let's go Hidan!
    Hidan: Damn Leader... I should curse HIM next time!
    Asuma: [Coughs]
    InoShikaChou: Asuma-Sensei!
    Shikamaru: Chouji. Ino. Get Asuma-Sensei out of here!
    Hidan: I already told them... they better remain where they are so we can return! That type of guy is probably going to die anyway! We're such idiots!

    [Hidan & Kakuzu disappear]

    Shikamaru: Chouji. Ino. Hurry!
    Asuma: It's alright. This... is gonna be it for me, guys. Even I realize it. I'm sure you all... know it as well.
    Ino(Thinks): They've gone after damaging 4 vital points, and they don't rush for any cause?
    Asuma: What is it Sandaime wanted? I believe I can finally understand now. I'm always too late. Long ago, he always helped them choose. [Cough] Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji... I mean, he gave something to everyone, and I want to say... to everyone...
    Chouji: Asuma-Sensei! Don't Speak!
    Shikamaru: Chouji!!!!
    [Chouji is shocked for a moment]
    Shikamaru: Ino. You also... just listen to him! These are Asuma-Sensei's final words, so listen up!
    Asuma: Ino, you are very energetic, but you also prove to be very responsible. Chouji and Shikamaru are a bit inept, so you have to watch over them.
    Ino: Yes... Sensei
    Asuma: ...and do not lose against Sakura in either Ninjutsu or love.
    Ino: Yes!
    Asuma: Chouji... You are very kind. You're someone who always thinks about the feelings of another and his friends, therefore, you will become a ninja that can allow them to trust in you and have the same given in return, and that is why you'll become a stronger ninja than anyone.
    Chouji: Yeah...
    Asuma: Also... you kinda need to go on a diet.
    Chouji: That's not very possible... but I'll try for you.
    Asuma: ...and you, Shikamaru... Your mind is sharp and your sense for being a ninja... is very good. You have a lot of talent. You could even become the Hokage one day, although... With you as a leader... you'd probably just whimper and moan.
    Asuma: I have never managed to beat you once, and so I have earned my place in Shougi... and as for the 'King', I believe I've left it all for you. Come closer... and I'll let you in... on who it is.

    [Asuma whispers to Shikamaru]
    Shikamaru: Asuma! You said you...
    Asuma: I'll leave these to you...Shikamaru. Those cigarrettes I needed to try to stop smoking are in my pocket. I want one final drag...

    Asuma: Phwoooo(Exhaling Smoke I'm assuming?)
    [Memory Flashback]
    InoShikaChou: [Cough, Cough, Cough]
    Asuma: Ah! Sorry, Sorry! I am Sarutobi Asuma and I command Team 10 from today! I will do things tough, so be prepared. No crying! You don't need to do that! All I'm saying is we'll be going to do great things together!
    Shikamaru: Your cigarette makes my eyes water...

    [BBQ Place]
    Asuma: Chouji, do you know the meaning to the word 'restriction'?
    Shikamaru: Man, we had 300 ryous worth of food!

    [Florist Shop]
    Ino: Who are the flowers for?
    Asuma: These one's just particularly radiate to me.
    Ino: Well, you can give my greetings to Kurenai for me.
    Asuma: Because...?

    [On A Porch]
    Asuma: You can read the rules in the book later, for now just learn them while playing.
    Shikamaru: That's kinda foolish, but I believe I took in enough to function properly.
    Asuma: I've... lost!?
    Shikamaru: You don't have to go easy on me!

    Asuma: You are the unique one that had passed the Chuunin exams. [Looks to Shika]. As your Jounin, I am very proud. all that remains is that Ino and Chouji become Chuunin aswell. You two hang in there! [Noting to Ino & Chouji]

    Asuma: They've done it so well. Chouji and Ino, the entire Team 10 are Chuunin, and this... is why my work here is finished. They'll all continue ahead. Each one of you will become leaders of a new team. The graduates of those who want to now become Chuunin themselves, and through that... they will always be... Team 10! [Asuma dies]

    Chouji: SENSEI!!!

    [Rain begins pouring down]

    [Shikamaru lights himself a cigarette and begins to inhale the smoke]
    Shikamaru: [He coughs as he starts crying hysterically]. Really... I hate to smoke. This thing is making my damn eyes water.

    [Kurenai stares out of her window as she watches the rain, as if it impacts somehow on her heart]

  2. suprstrpj whore

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    this is the saddest thing in naruto in a while... maybe now shikamaru will be a chainsmoker to be like asuma. and now we can get back to naruto's new jutsu.

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