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Edens Zero Chapter 125 Spoiler/Discussion


Originally was gonna make a official post about this but I'm lazy now. Long story short, as some of you already know my health has been shit for the past few weeks and running the website etc took a huge toll on me. Now that I'm back from my short break and all, I decided against running the website anymore because I do not want to end up where I was again healthwise. The site ran for a good 14 months, and was created at a time when the series really needed one cohesive place to read the full series via the official English translation. Edens Zero when it first came out took off with sabotage through a translation by a scanlation group which really affected how people saw the series negatively. It was due to this that the need for the site even came up. Ofc it would have been better if everyone read it legally, but that's just an unrealistic expectation. 14 months later, the series is in a much better place than it was. With the anime and games coming, and the fandom growing considerably larger, the site isn't needed nearly as much anymore. There MAY be differences in time for release now as other sites MAY not post them as fast as ReadEZ did, but nevertheless that's just an assumption and regardless the fans will still be able to find places to read the official translation for the series for free on the internet. Mangasee123 All chapter links for the site would not work anymore effective immediately. Thank you for sticking with the site for as long as it ran! I hope it was able to help the fandom grow even if a little. PS. This doesn't affect my twitter or spoilers. I'll post that content the same as always. Also before people ask, this has nothing to do with the recent copyright stuff going on in Japan. I had decided on this matter way before this whole thing blew up. I was just procastinating on doing it lmao.


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If that was Docs last chapter he will translate then its understandable since health is more important.

As for the chapter goes, It was worth the wait
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From the pic it doesn't show elsy n justice got effect by it but gravity potential is interesting infinite, concept, time,memory...


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Grand Master Xenolith :heckk

His casual demonstration did more than just silence them bots :hestonpls

Rebecca and now Shiki. Going to be no lack of transcendental beings by EOS :bury
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