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Elite Sig Battle

Discussion in 'Art Contests and Competitions' started by jayjay³², Jan 2, 2016.

  1. jayjay³² Drug Addict

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    Jun 20, 2012
    Is anyone interested in a 1v1 sig battle with me for self-improvement? Public poll and basic 550x550 max dimensions. Freestyle, non-animated. Has to include typography.

    The reward is an adminfuck. Dream has given me an adminfuck of my choosing for an unspecified duration but I haven't used it. I'm not sure what his stipulations are on it, but you'll find out if you beat me. I'm betting my adminfuck. My opponent has nothing to lose by entering. :laugh

    Opponent Requirement
    - experienced graphic designer that has won some SotWs on here
    - will take this seriously: this is not a typical SotW, this is a battle with me. if you're not spending serious time on your entry you'll get 100-0'd
    - agrees to voter conditions & stipulations listed in beginning of post
    - will be able to submit their entry within 3 weeks of accepting challenge​

    Voter Conditions:
    Because this is a self-improvement battle, I am making it a condition that voters must be previous SotW winners and have entered in at least one SotW in 2015. All voters must leave a detailed critique for both entrants, minimum of 3 sentences (what did you like graphically, what did you not like graphically, and your thoughts on the typography) but let's try to avoid the minimum. If a voter lacks a critique, the vote will not count. These critiques will and should be brutally honest. Lastly, during the poll, the entries will be anonymous. A third-party will post the entries, labeled Entry 1 and Entry 2. Our styles will be stupidly obvious, but that's okay.

    If you're interested, please post your best sig of 2015 in this thread. Dream will pick my opponent at random/rigged. :pimp
  2. dream fallen prince Administrator

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    Jun 12, 2006
    My stipulations are that it can't be something that lasts more than a few days...the exact amount depending on what type of admin!fuck it is.

    It also can't be something that is negatively affects the ability of members to post where they want.

    As for betting the admin!fuck I promised you...I'm fine with it.
  3. ~M~ Do it for her

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    Jan 28, 2007
    :hitsu perhaps when I return to my native land I will search for a testimony to my skill