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Everquest 2

Discussion in 'NF Archives' started by fernir, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. fernir

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    Oct 17, 2006
    i didint find thread for this game but anyway , so the game is Everquest2 it is
    MMORPG, y choose your race and class with many choises.

    Races: Half elf , Dark elf, Froglok, Barbarian, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Iksar, Kerra, Wood elf, Edurite, Ratonga, Troll and Ogre

    Classes: Assasin, Berserker, Guardian, Brigand, Bruiser, Coercer, Conjuror, Defiler, Dirge, Fury, Paladin, Shadowknight, Wizard, Warlock, Illusionist, Inquisitor, Monk, Ranger, Mystic, Necromancer, Swashbuckler, Templar, Troubador and Warden.

    In the game you must complete many quest and train as much as possible. There are few add on's : Kingdom of Sky , Desert of Flames, the bloodline chornicles and the splitpaw saga.

    here are mine toons :

    Name: Oravamies
    Server: Oasis
    Race: Barbarian
    Class: Guardian
    Lvl: 26

    Name: Ragnarog
    Server: Mistmoore
    Race: Dark Elf
    Class: Shadowknight
    Lvl: 15

    Name: Donaldmuck
    Server: Oasis
    Race: Wood Elf
    Class: Troubador
    Lvl: 15

    if you play the game please tell about your vison of it and tell about your toons:nod