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[FAG-ED] A lame thread about the upcoming Deidei vs Sasuke fight

Discussion in 'Konoha Library Archives' started by Deidara, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Deidara sea cow colonel

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    Mar 6, 2005
    Oh man. He?s been called "Jesuke", "sv_cheats 1", PNJ, fav char of kishimoto.
    Sasuke stands in Front of two guys. One kicked Gaara, in a rather strange fight, and the other never showed ANYTHING till today.

    So here I am going to explain what Plot-no-jutsu reall is.
    Predict till you bleed, we won?t know what will happen, plus:
    Let?s do some maths. A simple equalisation system:

    [ I dont count things like "It was a draw", just the outcome ]

    [ I ] Sasuke killed Orochimaru.
    [ II ] Sasuke defeated Naruto.
    [ III ] Deidara defeated Gaara.
    [ IV ] Naruto defeated Gaara.
    [ V ] Itachi fcked the Clan.
    [ VI ] Itachi owned Orochimaroo.
    [ VII ] Shikamaru digged in Hidan.
    [ VIII ] Naruto killed Kakuzu.
    [ IX ] Ouhrouchimaroo killed Sandaime.
    [ joker ] Gaara owned Sasuke till Naruto joined.

    [ IV ] in [ III ] Deidara = Naruto -------> [ X ]
    [ VIII ] in [ II ] Sasuke > Kakuzu ------------> [ XI ]
    [ I ] in [ VI ] Sasuke, Itachi > Orochimaru --------> [ XII ]
    [ IX ] in [ XII ] Sandaime < Uchiha ---------> [ XIII ]
    [ joker ] in [ XIII ] Gaara > Sandaime ---------> [ XIV ] ---> Solution.

    Naruto defeated Gaara, so: Naruto > Hokage, which makes him
    "Hokage level". Noticed anything? There is no logic in ANY strength
    measures in the whole story. I does not matter how strong someone
    is, the STORY kicks someones butt, not the winner of the fight.

    "PNJ" is no way to win a fight, it IS the fight. A story IS Plot-no-Jutsu,
    because without it, the manga would only consist of around 20 chapters.
    Naruto must have been dead for many times.

    Which brings us back to Deidara vs. Sasuke, cause one of them will be
    sacrifized or kicked away for the PROGRESS, not for fanboys.

    And it?s not an option to bitch about it, since I am an Akatsuki-Fan.
    So what? This does not change the fact that they MIGHT get ALL KILLED.
    And I CAN?T DO ANYTHING about it, exept stop reading the manga.

    It does not matter if one of them gets killed, wounded, bitchslapped,
    served in breakdance, wins a brand new S.U.V. or claims to be the governor
    of North Carolina. They serve only the STORY, not you, not your parents,
    your lawyer or the Catholic Church.

    I have bad luck, since I like the antagonists in a SHONEN-MANGA.
    And since it?s a SHONEN MANGA dammit, they likely will fail in every
    issue given.

    But what about it? Thats okay with me since it?s a nice story I LIKE to
    follow. And nothing has to change in these forums, since we have fanboys and fangirls of almost EVERY character, and it?s NORMAL that they piss each other off about their strength and credibility.

    So please, LET them fight and argue, it is FUN to read and FUN to discuss about it, dont you think? =)
  2. Yamato (Inactive) Banned

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    Mar 21, 2005
    PNJ Sasuke wins. End of topic.

    A story is a plot, and it's better WITHOUT PLOT HOLES.

    PNJ != Plot
  3. Shinkirou Lord of the Eclipse

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    Nov 12, 2006