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fan-fic: Hokage Naruto

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by SawarabiNoMai, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. SawarabiNoMai

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    Nov 9, 2005
    Approximately 20 years later
    scene: Forest
    Hinata - (spitting on a fallen enemy)
    Naruto grabs Hinata's hand
    Naruto - Let's go home, Konoha needs its Hokage back.
    Hinata - Hai, lets move at full speed.

    scene: Konoha
    Anbu - Hokage-sama!
    Naruto - It's alright, I tracked them all down and dealt with them.
    Hinata - Everyone must learn they must not mettle with Konoha.
    Anbu - You should have brought me!
    Naruto - You were on a mission Lee!
    Anbu takes off Mask revealing that its Rock Lee
    Rock Lee - Wha...Oh yeah, leave a note or something.
    Hinata - Sorry, Lee-kun, it was urgent.
    Rock Lee - What happened?
    Naruto - Remnants of Akatsuki, I believe.
    Hinata - We should finish them off once and for all.
    Naruto - Sasuke and Sakura are on a scouting mission as we speak.

    Sasuke and Sakura talking to a ninja
    Sasuke - Good work, you will be greatly rewarded.
    ninja walks off
    Sakura - That gen jutsu comes in handy.
    Sasuke - Fitting we use one of there own spys against them.
    Sakura - Lets go report back to Hokage-sama.
    Sasuke looks down
    Sakura - Look at me, stay strong. You came back to us, I believe in you.

    scene: Naruto's office
    Sakura - The one known as Zetsu, we know exactly when he is meeting one of his spys.
    Naruto - This time he won't get away. We will go in a 5 man team, me, Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura, and Lee.
    Sakura - Sasuke, lets go find Lee.
    Naruto - Hey, it's good to have you back.

    scene: Streets of Konoha
    Sasuke - Naruto...When did he...
    Sakura - We lost alot of good friends.
    Sasuke - Yeah, I won't let you two down again.
    Sakura - You helped us finally end the war and destroy most of Akatsuki.
    Sasuke - You brought me back from the darkness.
    Sakura - [smiling] Hey, it's Lee. [yelling and waving] Lee!
    Lee - Good morning!
    Sakura - We have an important mission to go on, your coming with us.

    scene: Forest near mountain
    Naruto -[whispering] Hinata, Sasuke don't let him out of your site.
    spy waiting for Zetsu, Zetsu sprouts from the ground
    Sasuke motions a hand seal and the spy explodes from Hidden Explosive Tags all over his body
    Zetsu is thrown back and in mid air performs a jutsu where 5 sprouts appear and grow to about 6ft tall, Zetsu starts to hide in a tree Rock Lee and Hinata fight the sprouts, dispatch of them easily but
    Zetsu performs a seal and they explode wrapping them in vines Sakura punches the tree Zetsu is in and it explodes and he is thrown into the air. Hinata frees herself and Rock Lee from the sprouts
    Zetsu - I have no choice then, my ultimate move! Forbidden Technique: Imperial Roots
    Resembling Sawarbi No Mai(Dance of the Seeding Fern) from Kimmimaro. Roots from the ground and trees start to shoot out huge spikes from all directions.
    Sasuke - Divine Illumination Jutsu (Ameratsu)!!
    the powerful black flame jutsu from Sasukes Mangekyou Sharingan obliterate Zetsu's greatest jutsu, Zetsu barely dodges
    Zetsu stands before Naruto and Sasuke, he is sweating bullets from fear
    Naruto - Do it.
    Sasuke -Illusionary Underworld Moon (Tsukiyomi) !!
    Sasukes killing gen jutsu tortures Zetsu and kills him
    Naruto - Yes, you can have him.
    Sasuke - ...!?
    Sakura - The monster with in Naruto, he is able to freely communicate with the Kyuubi, the 9 tails demon fox. That is the source of his tremondous power, by reasoning with it he can now freely have full access to its power.
    Red chakra is now pouring out of Naruto's body and the form of the demon fox head appears and devours Zetsu's body whole.
    Inside Naruto's mind:
    Kyuubi - Hoho, maybe I can steal the secrets from this one.
    Naruto - Old friend this chapter is nearly over.

    scene: forest Orochimaru and Kisame stand across one another across a pond, its foggy out
    Kisame - Heh, so it's come to this.
    Orochimaru - fufu(evil laugh)
    Kisame's eyes focus on Orochimaru's which are slowly changing into the Sharingan
    Kisame - How many of those do you have now?
    Orochimaru - Only two bloodlines, that is the absolute limit.
    Orochimaru - I'm going to give you a choice Kisame, you know what I need. It's the only way.
    makes a hand motion and a young boy comes out from behind a tree
    Orochimaru - This boy here you may have his body, He has 2 bloodlines, Byakugan and Corpse bone pulse.
    *Kabuto learned how to steal bloodlines*
    Kisame - ...fufu...
    Kisame hands the young boy his Samehada sword and tosses Orochimaru his Akatsuki ring. *Note Orochimaru has the other 9*
    Kisame - Immortality Skill: Furou Fushi no Jutsu !!
  2. SawarabiNoMai

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    Nov 9, 2005
    scene: Konoha, Hokage's office
    Lee bursts through the open window
    Lee - Hokage-sama the body of Hoshigaki Kisame has been found.
    Naruto - Orochimaru, no doubt.
    Sasuke - He will come to us now, Naruto you must prepared.

    scene: top of a tree. Orochimaru spying Konoha from a distance at night, full moon out
    Orochimaru - fufu this jutsu is almost ready

    scene: bedroom of Hinata and Naruto
    Hinata - You must stop pacing, come to bed.
    Naruto - Hehe, sorry honey. I just wish we could see him coming
    Kyuubi - NARUTO GIVE ME YOUR EYES. Your wife, have her hold you down. Now Naruto give them to me!
    Naruto - Hinata, do as I say please! Hold me down! Ahhhhh ahhhhck
    Naruto writhes in pain while Hinata tries to hold him down
    Hinata - Naruto !
    Naruto - GAH! My eyes...burning...can't see.
    Naruto - What the hell are you doing to me!
    Kyuubi - Hoho, see my friend. SEE!
    Naruto slowly gets up and opens his eyes, they are pure white
    Hinata - My love are you ok?
    Naruto - Yeah, I think...
    Naruto's eyes begin to focus, he can see through the wall seeing the ANBU guards and beyond that wall outside the building and the city and then the forest and beyond
    Naruto - Aaaaamazing.
    Hinata - Your eyes!
    Naruto - I see him! I see him! Orochimaru and he is near by!
    Naruto's head drifts towards the ceiling, come my dear we go to war, go get the others.

    scene: Konoha city main gate the remnants of the old squad. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Lee and Hinata. The sun is now rising
    Naruto's eyes are now returning back to normal
    Naruto - (speaking to an anbu) Evacuate the city to the safe area. Lets go!
    Naruto - You three stay back, me and Sasuke will fight him. He is just ahead.
    Orochimaru - Oh, I wasn't expecting you so soon. I really wish you hadn't killed Kabuto, Sasuke, but I know what its like to want those eyes; these eyes.
    Orochimaru eyes turn into the Mangekyou sharingan
    Naruto - Thats alot of rings you have, you won't be wearing those for long.
    Sasuke - Orochimaru enjoy this sun, its the last you will ever see it.
    Red chakra starts bubbling around Naruto
    Naruto - Bastard, Konoha will have its revenge! Fire Element; Fire Dragon Flame Blast (Katon, Karyuu Endan) *Note: The chakra arms actually perform the seals*
    Sasuke - Divine Illumination Jutsu (Ameratsu)!
    Orochimaru - Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Rashoumon! (Summoning Technique). Instead of summoning a being of flesh and blood, this technique summons Rashoumon, a large, impenetrable gate with the face of a demon on it.)
    The inpenetrable wall is starting to glow white and melt. Orochimaru flees from wall
    Orochimaru - Hoho, you two don't play aroun...
    Naruto jumps into attack Orochimaru using Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) which he has now mastered. Naruto bashes Orochimaru with punches but Orochimaru starts laughing. He grabs Narutos shirt and looks into his eyes, and performs Illusionary Underworld Moon (Tsukiyomi), the killing gen jutsu of the Mangekyou sharingan
    In Naruto's mind Orochimaru appears, ready to stab Naruto with his Kusanagi sword but the Kyuubi appears and stops him
    Kyuubi - Hohoho Orochimaru, that won't work on me.
    Flames start to engulf Orochimaru and Naruto punches him in his mind. Orochimaru falls to the ground back in reality.
    Orochimaru - Ack...Impossible.
    Orochimaru stands up and dusts him self off
    Orochimaru - Your still no match for me, the both of you and Konoha will be destroyed. I will have killed 4 Hokages.. That bitch Tsunade died protecting you. Jiraiya died protecting Konoha and conviently killed the leader of Akatsuki for me. I wish I got to fight him in a fair fight one on one. No matter though Naruto, I hope you like my present for you. My special jutsu that will destroy you and Konoha once and for all.
    Naruto - No more talking bastard!
    Orochimaru - Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei (Summoning: Impure World Resurrection) !!!! Rise Tsunade, Sarutobi, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Yondaime!
    The coffins rise out of the ground one by one as he says there names. The resurrected ninjas come out of there coffins one by one Orochimaru is now laughing uncontrollably.
    Tsunade - You bastard! Get him Naruto!
    Jiraiya - How could you! I'll be waiting for you on the other side bastard!
    Sarutobi - Naruto, you must destroy him!
    Kakashi - Naruto, Sasuke, I'm sorry.
    Yondaime - Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique) !!!
    TheYellow Flash of Konoha, Yondaime disappears from site!
    Orochimaru - (look of immense confusion) What the...
    Orochimaru plants a tag in there heads turning them into his killing machines
    Naruto - Orochimaru you have no bounds!
    Orochimaru - Hohoho. I have one more present for you.
    Orochimaru - (performs hand seals) Forbidden Jutsu; Demonic Soul God
    A large figure appears behind Orochimaru, the same figure that the Akatsuki used to extract the beast from Gaara.
    Orochimaru - Hahahahaha (extends his left arm) Seiryū, Byakko, Suzaku, Genbu!
    He names out the rings of the Akatsuki, now on his fingersChakra pours out of the large demonic figure and begins to swirl around the 4 summoned fighters.
    Naruto - Grrrr...ahhhhhhh *5 chakra tails are now on Naruto*. Kage Bunshin no jutsu!
    An army of 100 Kyuubi chakra enhanced clones appear! They target Orochimaru instead of the Respawned bodies of the former Hokages. As they get close Orochimaru hunches over and the sound of cracking bones can be heard.
    Orochimaru - (bloodline limit jutsu) Dance Of the Pines!
    The bones pierce a good number of Kage Bunshins
    Orochimaru - Finger Bullets (Hessendan)!
    The other 4 Hokages *Note: Kakashi was briefly Hokage after Jiraiya had died, his reign was short lived, he was killed by Itachi* move in to attack Naruto and his clones. The chakra arms on the clones begin to punch and grab wildly. Orochimaru and the 4 Kages are quickly wiping out the clones.
    Jiraiya - Rasengan!
    The Rasengan blasts the last Naruto left standing. Although the chakra around Naruto partially protects him he is injured and thrown back in front of Sasuke.
    Naruto - Gah (coughs up blood)
    Sasuke - Orochimaru, you will never fully possess the power of the Sharingan.
    Orochimaru - fufu, I already have.
    Sasuke - Susanoo!
    Orochimaru - Ack stop him at once! (4 Kages move in but Naruto creates more clones to halt them)
    Sasuke - Rise Itachi !
    Itachi rises from the ground from a purple/black circular portal in the ground
    Sasuke - This is the true purpose of the Sharingan, Orochimaru, to bring the dead back to life! The lives you have taken.
    Orochimaru is stunned by the turn of events but quickly turns that into a half demented tongue hanging out smile.
    Sasuke - Come Naruto lets end this!
    Naruto has more chakra pouring out of him now with 8 tails showing
    Naruto - Kage Bunshin no jutsu! I'll show you why I'm the Hokage, Orochimaru.
    50 clones appear each one performs a high ranking jutsu directed at Orochimaru and the Kages all standing by each other. Orochimaru holds out his right hand and pronounces the other 5 rings and a chakra shield protects the group.
    Sasuke and Itachi sneak up behind Orochimaru, Itachi kicks him from below and Sasuke from above. Naruto's kage bunshin clones rush into to attack Orochimaru and the Kages. The kage bunshin clones exchange jutsu with the 4 kages, Naruto's clones start to completely dissappear again. Orochimaru is engaged in heavy tai jutsu with Sasuke and Itachi but he is getting the better of them with Kimmimaro's bloodline, Corpse Bone Pulse. The real Naruto comes out of nowhere and lands a very heavy punch against Orochimaru slamming him into a huge tree. Sasuke and Itachi both use Divine Illumination Jutsu (Ameratsu) on Orochimaru! The huge wall of black fire instantly obliterates the tree but when the black fire clears, Orochimaru is still standing there with a wall of chakra surrounding him coming from the Demonic figure protecting him.
    Orochimaru - Hahaha, None of you can stand against me. I'm the greatest ninja ever!
    Itachi rushes in and grabs Orochimaru by his arms and looks into his eyes Illusionary Underworld Moon (Tsukiyomi) but it doesn't effect him, his mangekyou sharingan protects him! Orochimaru grabs Itachi and performs Dance Of the Pines, large bone spikes pierce Itachi and a large poof of smoke comes from his body de-summoning him. Naruto is in a heavy close range tai jutsu battle with the 4 Kages but they are quickly beating him down. Sakura, Lee and Hinata can no longer stand by, they help attack the Hokages. The 4 vs 4 battle of Konoha ninja is turning in favor of Naruto and his ninjas. Lee's tremendouse tai-jutsu, Hinata's Hyuuga’s Taijutsu, and Sakura's tremondous strengh are winning. Orochimaru quickly puts down Sasuke with a devastating punch with sharp piercing bones of his bloodline. The 4 Kages are down but Orochimaru now attacks, He quickly shreds up the 4; they are no match for his stolen bloodlines and skill. Orochimaru jams his Kusangi blade into Hinata and Sakura's belly, he stabs Naruto through his right lung.
    Lee - ack...8 Gates Releas...
    Orochimaru - Illusionary Underworld Moon (Tsukiyomi)
    Orochimaru kills Rock Lee! Naruto and company scream out for Lee

    Scene: Konoha City
    Yondaime staring at the Hokage mountain face
    Yondaime - For Konoha! Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique) !!!
  3. SawarabiNoMai

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    Nov 9, 2005
    Scene: Back at forest
    Yondaime appears before the battered group and the fallen Lee, he looks them over and then looks at Orochimaru and the unforgiveable jutsu's he has used. Orochimaru swallows his Kusangi sword.
    Orochimaru - Hoho, come here. I summoned you, your mine!
    Yondaime stares at him and walks over face to face staring, Orochimaru pulls out the Kunai with the tag, to make the former Hokage his killing machine
    Yondaime - 10 finger sealing technique; Body Tag!
    The 10 fingers on Yondaime slam into a unsuspecting Orochimaru, on his skin letters appear but for what purpose. Orochimaru jumps back bones spitting out his body to protect himself. The 4 fallen Hokages are now regenerating. A very bloody and bruised Naruto stands up.
    Naruto - I'll hold them off. (pointing to the Hokages)
    Yondaime - Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique) !
    Yondaime appears right behind Orochimaru landing a strong kick on him, Hiraishin no Jutsu again, another heavy blow is landed. Bones are coming out of Orochimaru's body but he can't stop Konoha's yellow flash from teleporting around his body instantly landing devestating strikes.
    Inside Naruto's head
    Kyuubi - Naruto I need some time to perform a special jutsu.
    Naruto throws a special kunai in the air releasing a huge green explosion. The army of Konoha appears; chounins, Anbu, Jounins everyone has come to help their Hokage!
    Naruto - You must hold those 4 off!
    Konoha attacks to buy Naruto the time he needs, the chakra hands start to perform seals.
    Kyuubi - I never thought I would do this but I'm going to make sure none of the demons will ever be able to come into your world again Naruto! You were a true friend!
    Kyuubi - Imperial Permenant World Seal
    The huge demonic figure begins to crumble releasing the demons. The demons huge chakra figures in the sky go through a huge portal in the sky back to there world. Naruto screams in pain as the Kyuubi leaves his body and heads into the portal.
    Yondaime - Rasengan!
    The Rasengan smashes through the spiked bones into Orochimaru's stomach, Yondaime grabs the Kusangi now exposed and in an instant cuts off Orochimaru's head!
    Yondaime and the other 4 summoned Hokages fall to the ground, the dirt and leaves crumbling off there bodies exposing the human sacrifices Orochimaru used.
    Sakura uses the seal Tsunade taught her to instantly heal herself. Sakura rushes around to heal Hinata, Naruto and Sasuke.
    Sakura - Lee... (crying)
    An old jounin stops at Lee and performs a special jutsu, one he learned from the country of Sand. The old man dies and a hero is reborn.
    The great evil from Konoha is destroyed, the village can now rest and enjoy peace. Naruto wakes up a week later in the loving arms of his wife.

    Scene: Ocean Village
    A young boy stands, wise beyond his years.
    Old Woman - Hey, young man, isn't that sword to big!?

    The end. :smile-big
  4. Therahedwig

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    Sep 27, 2004
    Please novelize this, 'cause script fic is hell to read...

    And the four previous hokage can't be summoned, at least not all of them, since Sarutobi(LOLZ! it's -TOBI!) sealed the first and second within him...
  5. SawarabiNoMai

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    Nov 9, 2005
    I'm sorry if it's hard to read. In the story the 1st and 2nd Hokage aren't actually summoned, the next 5 are.
  6. Rotc Girl

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    Dec 2, 2005
    very interesting, the whole script format was a little hard to follow, but it was pretty good