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Flash Fiction Revival #3 (Theme: Photo)

Discussion in 'Reader's Corner' started by Krory, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Krory

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    Mar 29, 2005

    THEME: PHOTO (chosen by afgpride)
    ENTRY PERIOD: JAN. 13th (Monday) - FEB. 5th (Wednesday)
    REVIEW PERIOD: FEB. 6th (Thursday) - FEB. 9th (Sunday)

    Welcome to the Reader's Corner Flash Fiction Revival!

    The idea is simple - you submit a "flash fiction" entry that is relevant to the chosen theme at hand, and when the submission/entry period ends folks will rate and (hopefully) critique entries. Aside from just being a contest, it will (again, hopefully) be a means for those who aspire to do more with their writing expand their horizons and fix some bad habits.

    Questions and concerns can be directed to the Flash Fiction Discussion Thread at the top of the section.

    Entry Rules:

    • All entries must be relevant to the theme. A theme of "Freestyle" means anything goes.
    • All entries must be made specifically for this contest.
    • As with all things artistic, a theme can potentially be interpreted in many ways.
    • Maximum word limit is 500. Any entry over 500 words is disqualified.
    • Each person can only submit one entry per contest/theme.
    Review Rules:

    • You may not review/rate your own entry. Well... you can, but it doesn't count.
    • If you submit an entry, you must rate/review all other entries. If you don't, you are disqualified.
    • You are allowed to rate/review if you did not submit an entry.
    • All ratings must be on a scale out of 10.
    • Reviews should be honest and constructive but also respectful - no flaming.
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