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Font Changes


We changed the font settings and made the sizes larger. In case of problems or anything else -- please report it asap.


Blonde Goddess
The font has been increased just a bit.

It is very noticeable especially on the mobile because the 'Forums' options doesn't appear after the update has been done (if I check the profile, for instance, or go to 'Members'), and I have to go to the dropdown menu to click on the 'Forums'



<font-size="0px !important"></font>
Retired Staff
i believe the text in global notices is bigger than before

and maybe the text that shows in the post editor where you're typing a post
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<font-size="0px !important"></font>
Retired Staff
actually looks like mbxx made the text in posts bigger too (but kept the text inside quotes same size as before)


Typical font size nowadays ranges between 14-15 pixels due to visual impareness, which we all suffer from just loggong into NF.

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