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Football Rewards Shop

Discussion in 'Football' started by Deleted member 161031, Sep 17, 2015.


    What is this?
    This is the place where the section regular users can trade their points for forum prizes.
    Points can be combined with other similar points systems in the forum.

    How to get points
    You can get them in the different games in the section. At the moment we have the predictions game. Please check the going on at the moment.

    The points
    God Movement - 10
    Livebird - 11 (26)
    Lort Trollbias - 3
    Joseph - 9
    Josh - 3
    Admiral Kizaru - 9
    Bubyrd Ratcatcher - 10
    Vault - 3
    Scholzee - 1
    reyatsuguy - 5
    GrizzlyClaws - 5

    Our winners
    Livebird - Big Avatar - 15 points
    31 May 2016 - 31 August 2016
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  2. Goodies for sale:
    (Once you win, you can keep the goodies for a 3 months period)

    Html usertitle - 7 points

    Sparkles on your username (Regular, Golden, Rainbow, Fire, Lightning or Smoke) - 9 points

    Regular Sparkles:
    Golden Sparkles:
    Rainbow sparkles:

    Fire Sparkles:
    Lightning Sparkles:
    Smoke Sparkles:

    Extra Big avatar (175x250) - 15 points

    Extra Name Change - 18 points
    (Please, post in the thread the new name you want to use too)

    Extra Huge avatar (175x350) - 25 points

    Forum Section (and basic mod powers): - 50 points
    (This prize lasts a month)
    How to request this prize
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  3. Fantasy Premier League:
    Winner: Livebird
    Runner-up: Lord Trollbias
  4. Fantasy Premier League:
    Winner: LIvebird
    Runner-up: Josh
  5. CL Predictions Game
    Winner: Joseph
    Runner up: God Movement
    Livebird gets points too for running the game
  6. Euro Predictions Game
    Winner: Admiral Kizaru
    Runner up: Bubyrid Ratcatcher
  7. Updated Fantasy Premier League points

  8. I updated the points
  9. Owais Qadri

    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    Oct 10, 2019
    I would love to have golden sparkles