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Fun little Kakuzu/Frankenstein's monster tidbit

Discussion in 'Konoha Library Archives' started by Odlam, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Odlam

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Kakuzu has an abnormal brain?

    Taken from a movie site summary about one of the variou movie adaptations, god knows theres been a ton, Just figured I'd post this because I'd completely forgotten

    But alot of people have noticed certain Kakuzu/Frankenstein's monster comparison, mostly just for fun, but I thought I'd point this out for those that don't remember the book or the movies very well - it's the abnormal brain that made the monster predisposed towards violence as his solution to solving problems when he became frustrated, confused, or angry.

    Considering Kakuzu's anger issues where he loses control (supposedly, we have yet to actually see them) I thought this was a nice little parallel worth pointing out, wether it's Kakuzu's own demented mind, or perhaps, if his anger issues didn't start until he began altering his body and are some kind of side effect. Or maybe he really has stolen a dangerous shinobi's mind (hey Sasori turned himself into a puppet, but im still mostly joking) - or perhaps Kakuzu himself is a total parallel and he is an actual experiment assembled from many deadly shinobi that has since learned the ways of the world (money makes the world go round).
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