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General Chakra Question's

Discussion in 'House of Uzumaki' started by Ultra Instinct Senjutsu, Oct 10, 2018 at 1:05 PM.

  1. Ultra Instinct Senjutsu Member

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    Aug 2, 2018
    United States
    *Can you permanently give someone your chakra that they can freely use indefinitely, if so, is there a certain amount to make it permanent, or is there a timeline on its volatility?

    By this I mean could Hashirama have voluntarily "infused" Madara with his chakra, and caused Madara to instantly awaken Rinnegan, or could Naruto "infuse" his chakra into Sasuke, and cause Sasuke's other eye to become a Rinnegan as well?
    If they did do this, how long would Hashi/Naruto's chakra stay within them before it dissipated?

    Madara seems to prove this with the flesh he bit off of Hashi, and it seems to have been perm since he didn't activate the rinnegan for a long time, but he also had pure flesh attached.
    We see Hagoromo give his chakra to boost Naruto and give the Rinnegan to Sasuke, and Hamura give his to Hinata (does she still have this?)
    and it seems to have mixed in Boruto?
    We also see Boruto get Momo's chakra/abilities from his seal?
    Wonder if this means only O'clan can treat chakra this way

    * When Naruto gave the shinobi corps his chakra cloaks, were they running off his chakra like free batteries, or was is just a shield?

    * Does Toneri have PURE O'clan chakra, or is it diluded with 1 gen or more of human chakra?

    * How many different "Types" of chakra do we know about so far?

    * Could anyone learn the ability to sense/absorb pure chakra with practice?

    * Could you seal a person "within" another person, using the seal as more or less as a prison for that sealed individual, or could a person like Kisame be sealed and effectively used as a chakra supply, not unlike a tailed beast?