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Gladius - A Naruto rpg

Discussion in 'Konoha Ad Board & Job Center' started by Gold_guardian, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Gold_guardian ~The Light of Hope~

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    Sep 26, 2004
    • Gladius is a new text based Naruto roleplaying game where you can create your own shinobi, explore the world of Naruto, and create meaningful stories with others. We offer:
    • A skill based progression system so that you can objectively track the abilities and path of your character as you move from Genin to Jounin
    • A quest feature that allows you to seek out new and exciting techniques from the anime and manga.
    • An active and engaged staff willing to assist you with getting custom techniques and abilities approved
    • A dynamic storyline that is affected and changed by player actions ensuring that everyone has a chance to make their mark on site history.
    • An in depth and strategic Village Resource system designed to enhance the stakes during war and conquest.

    Join us at and get others to join for a referral bonus!