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GotW 145 -- Freestyle

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Majin Lu

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#graphic of the week #contest

Graphic of the Week 145
  • The theme for this contest, like every other contest with a number ending in 5, is Freestyle.
  • The format is anything you like.
  • Create a graphic about anything (within site rules) in any style of format you'd like. 249kb is the largest file size and, in case of a set, for example, max of 249kb for its avatar and max of 249kb for its signature.
  • Previous Freestyle contests can be found here: , , , , , , , , , and .
  1. Entry needs to be new and created for the purpose of the contest. Though you can start preparing for GotW 115, also Freestyle, as soon as this one is finished!
  2. Entry needs to be created by you. No stealing!
  3. General forum & section rules are still in effect.
  • Post your entry in a new thread in the Entries and Misc section. .
  • Make sure to post your stocks/renders you used as well as your entry. If you have multiple stocks, make sure to put them into an or POSTIMG album.
  • Entries are due by Sunday, March the 7th at 9 PM UTC.
Not open for further replies.
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