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Forum Guidelines for posting in Dragon Ball

Discussion in 'Dragon Ball' started by Santi, Nov 25, 2018.

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  1. Santi Retired Staff

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    Mar 8, 2006
    Puerto Rico

    This will be the place to discuss anything regarding the Dragonball franchise. All still apply. Since this section has more or less become a caricature of itself with how members are engaging one another, I'll be using this to more clearly define how users should be conducting themselves and behaving towards our fellow posters and members.

    1. Be Civil
    A lot of us have friends here that we mess around and joke with, and that's okay. But for the sake of civil behavior in the section everyone will have to abide by the following mandates. Failure to comply will result in punishment ranging from a section ban to a forum ban
    • Absolutely no flaming or baiting. Personal attacks on the user's intelligence, insults, the classic "go kill yourself", or any other form of shit flinging will not be tolerated. If you see someone offending you, you are to report the post or message a mod instead of retaliating back. Failure to do so will put you in a position to be just as culpable as the individual flaming you.
    • There will be no trolling. Intentionally creating bait threads, or posts which are designed to solicit a response from particular users or a group of fans to incite drama or amuse yourself will be punished.
    • Respond in a respectful manner. We all have different views and opinions, if someone has one differing from yours in regards to a match up or discussion of some sort, you attack their argument and not the poster. Engage in intellectual debate instead of flinging mud. If you and another user have a history of not getting along, we'll cut your conversation short before it devolves any further.
    • Keep your criticisms fair. Like above, everyone will have differing views and opinions, but you don't need to bash a character in order to get these points across. Bashing characters in and of itself isn't against the rules, but it isn't hard to tell when you're doing it just to stir the pot and it won't be treated kindly if you do.
    2. Be Constructive
    Posts such as "Vegeta solos low diff" or "shit thread" are non-contributive posts. They provide nothing to debate or discussion and should be avoided. Failure to comply will result in punishment ranging from reply bans to thread bans.
    • Stay on topic. Don't make posts that do not pertain to the subject at hand. If you have an off-topic post to make, there's a conversation thread for it stickied at the top of the section. If your post are mostly on-topic, slight leeway will generally be given for off-topic comments or small side conversation.
    • Avoid double posting. The oldest trick in the book for people who want to inflate their post counts, generally no one's going to punish you for this. If you wish to add something to your post, just edit it in. If you're caught frequently double posting or spamming you will first be warned.
    • Discuss Dragonball. This is the Dragonball section, you will make threads about Dragonball. Threads about the section, its members, and the Dragonball community are strictly forbidden. If there is an issue you'd like to discuss, please make an appropriate thread about it or PM a moderator. If a larger discussion needs to be had, we will create a sticky thread for it.
    3. Be Considerate
    You spoilin' bruh? Anything leaked either by the TV guide or some other non official source is considered spoilers. Previews that air or information from official Jump sources are fair game. Failure to comply will result in punishment ranging from reply bans to section bans.
    • Clean titles. Don't spoil in the title of the thread, if you're creating a thread to discuss a spoiler the typical format is to enter the episode/chapter number and the word "spoilers" following right after.
    • Put them where they belong. Keep manga chapter spoilers within their dedicated spoiler thread until it is fully translated.
    • Use the tags. Use spoiler tags if you're going to post spoilers outside of their dedicated threads. Simple enough.
    This will also be regularly updated to include helpful links, resources, and other visuals to keep up aesthetics when available.
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