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[Fanworks] Guidelines to Posting in Naruto Fanworks

Discussion in 'House of Uzumaki' started by ane, Jun 22, 2015.

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  1. ane Super Moderator

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    Guidelines to Posting in Naruto Fanworks​


    Naruto Fanworks is the place to go to post/share any manga colorings, fanart, fanfiction or videos. We have some amazing artists on this board. Let's show our appreciation for their current and past efforts by giving them meaningful, appreciative comments and constructive criticism. Before you post here are some guidelines to posting:
    • Do not spam/flood!
      Within Naruto Fanworks there are a number of individuals who spam/flood the sub-forum with their posts. Flooding the sub-forum is when a member makes similar posts in different threads every 1 ? 3 minutes; usually showing the same name a bunch of times down the page like so: Spamming the forum is when an individual repeatedly posts or majorly posts in this sub-forum with similar comments ≤ 5 words. (i.e: ?Nice work!? repeated over and over) These comments are considered an abuse of spam rules of the forum, and if you are caught you will be forum-wide banned for 2 days ? warnings will not be given! In addition, the posts you make will be deleted. We understand that feedback to the user is very important, and we encourage it, but if we see an abuse of posting in this sub-forum, action will be taken so please do not take this new rule lighting as you have be forewarned.

    • Pointless bumping is not tolerated!
      "Pointless bumping" should be understood to be the act of resurrecting a post with rather superfluous comments that don't benefit the community or the artist. If you can't give a meaningful comment, don't bother to post. If you do post with very few words, it will be considered an attempt to pad your post count and the comments will be deleted. Repeated behavior will result in the aforementioned consequences. You will receive one PM asking you to be more thoughtful in your commenting before banning takes place.

    • Try going for constructive criticism!
      On a side note, try going for constructive criticism. That does not mean writing a book; in fact, you can write a nice critic within 2-3 sentences only! Instead of writing Oh cool, So awesome and It's great, tell us what you really think of our artworks! What do you like from them? What do you dislike? How could they be improved? . . . A single comment that will take you 1 minute to write and that contains your opinion of a creation will help us improve and become better artists, writers, what have you!


    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to PM me.
  2. Darkhope ヽ(;▽;)ノ

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  3. Kyon .

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    Table of Contents

    I. Introduction
    II. Grammar and Punctuation
    III. Action
    IV. Pacing
    V. Show vs. Tell
    VI. Angst
    VII. Plot
    VIII. Characterization
    IX. Critique- Giving and Recieving
    X. Dialogue
    XI. Cliche
    XII. Miscellaneous

    I. Introduction

    Welcome everyone, to the guide. I'll be your host, Kyon. If anything in this guide is wrong (or you disagree with) or if anything can be added, send me a PM and I'll be glad to add it in. And before you say it, the plural of noun is noun, apparently. Unless Microsoft Word was just being dumb.

    Also, if you want to add or amend a section, just say so and PM or post it here.

    II. Grammar and Punctuation

    First and foremost, if you have bad grammar and/or punctuation, your story is going to be generally discarded into the pile of crap, no matter how good everything else may be. I won't get too detailed (we'll be here all day :S) so I'll cover the bare minimum.

    Noun, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs

    I know, you're wondering why I'm even bothering to point out something as rudimentary as this, but I feel this should be covered. Noun are people, places, things, or ideas. Adjectives describes the noun, and are words such as orange and fast. Verbs are action words, and say what is being done to the noun. Adverbs describe verbs, and most end in -ly. (I personally think adverbs are a horrible device, but I digress)

    Sentence Structure

    Sentences have two parts to them. Subject and predicate.

    John ran quickly.

    Subject is italicized, predicate is in bold. See how the subject is a noun? It doesn't have to be a proper noun either, it can just be a pronoun (I, he, she, etc.) or even a regular old noun (The chair toppled over, the chair as the subject).

    Also, see how the verb and adverb make up the predicate? That was a simple sentence, and now for something a little different.

    John ran quickly. He passed the finish line.

    Good for John. Anyway, both sentences are complete, and simple. But would you disagree if I wrote it like this?

    John ran quickly and passed the finish line.

    The sentence length has changed, and now the two sentences together are one.

    Also, when describing multiple things in a sentence, you need commas. If I wrote the sentence like this:

    John ran quickly, and passed the finish line.

    It's wrong. You do not add a comma when you are combining two sentances with a compound verb. If there is not a new subject, you do not add a comma. That example should be, "John ran quickly and passed the finish line." However, it would require a comma if you wrote, "John ran quickly, and he passed the finish line." If the second part of the sentence after the conjunction cannot support itself on its own, it does not need a comma. "Subject verb conjunction verb." vs. "Subject verb, conjunction subject verb."


    He ran. She ran. They ran. I ran so far awayyy~

    See the problem there? Ran is used exclusively, while other words are disregarded. Here's something better. (Though not all that great)

    He sprinted. She dashed. They bolted. I ran so far awayyy~

    By varying the words, sentences become more interesting. However, there is a point where it's just too much thesaurus-using (I don't use them personally) and then your writing just seems pretentious.

    Quotation Marks and Paragraphs

    "So I love him," she said with finality. "Ask him out," he pleaded, eager for her to get on with her life. He crossed over to her, and caressed her face, wiping away the endless tears she had cried. If he couldn't have her, Billy-Bob-Joe-Henry-Samson must. For his sake.

    I don't care how great (or shitty) the writing is, that is all clumped together and crappy...well, crappier than it already was.

    "So I love him," she said with finality.

    "Ask him out," he pleaded, eager for her to get on with her life.

    He crossed over to her, and caressed her face, wiping away the endless tears she had cried. If he couldn't have her, Billy-Bob-Joe-Henry-Samson must. For his sake.

    Another issue people have is where to place the punctuation within a quotation mark.

    "Yo." is acceptable. "Yo". is not.

    Apostrophe Placing

    Apostrophes are used
    To form the possessive of nouns (i.e. show ownership).

    If you have a singular noun, the apostrophe goes before the s:

    Naruto's ramen.
    Kakashi's sharingan.
    Ino's flower shop.

    If you have a plural noun, the apostrophe goes after the s:

    The kage-bunshin Narutos' attacks were lamentable.
    The Yamanakas' flower shop.

    Apostrophes are also used to show contractions.

    I can't, instead of I cannot.
    I don't, instead of I do not.
    It's, instead of it is.

    NOTE: Please, please, please take into account the difference between it's and its. It's is an abbreviated version of it is. There is a missing letter - hence the apostrophe. Its is a possessive pronoun - which doesn't need an apostrophe any more than the other possessive pronouns do (e.g. ours, yours, hers, his).

    Akamaru saw the other dog with the bone in it's mouth.
    This sentence reads: "Akamaru saw the other dog with the bone in it is mouth." It doesn't make sense.

    Akamaru saw the other dog with the bone in its mouth.
    Now, it makes a lot more sense.

    Apostrophes are not used to donate plurals. Ever.

    The following are wrong:
    Ramen noodle's at this stall - (should read: "Ramen noodles at this stall.")
    Sasuke has two working sharingan's - (should read: "Sasuke has two working sharingans).

    III. Action

    AKA so you want to write an action scene, huh?

    I personally like writing action scenes, and they are really not so hard to do, once you have got the basics down. The important parts are suspense, and descriptions, while still not overdescribing every single movement.

    As a demonstration, I am going to walk you through writing a short action scene. First, think out what you want to happen. Lets take: Naruto is jumping through the trees, when he is attacked by three ninja. Naruto escapes out of the forest.

    Naruto was jumping along from tree to tree, when he heard a sound. He looked right saw a kunai flying towards him. He dodged it, and saw three black ninja jumpint towards him from the side. He realized they were going to attack him. He wondered why, but decided that he did not have time. He began going again.

    Naruto stopped on a branch, and without stopping, did a spin right around it, attached by chakra to the branch. He ran off in the other direction, avoiding a kunai that came flying his way. He came out of the forest. He had escaped.

    Now this in itself is ok, but it lacks hatred. There are no descriptions, and the action is bland. Now, let us insert some words from our action wordlist.

    Spoiler: Action wordlist
    Suddenly, glimpsed, veered, realized, whipped, quickly, frantically, narrowly, launching, rusteling, sped, escape. Using these simple words, and a few alternate descriptions, We can vastly improve this scene.

    Naruto was jumping quickly along from tree to tree, when he suddenly heard a rusteling sound. He quickly glanced right, and glimpsed a flash of silver metal; a kunai flying towards him. He jumped sideways, narrowly dodging it. He glanced behind him, and saw three black figures speeding towards him from the side. It was an attack, he realized. Why? How? He did not really have much time to think about that now. He sped off to the nearest tree, trying to escape the three figures.

    Naruto suddenly came to a stop on a branch, and pushed chakra out of his feet, effectively gluing him to the branch. Without stopping, he whipped around the branch doing a full circle, launching himself into the air in the opposite direction. He narrowly dodged a kunai that came flying behind him.

    At last, he burst out of the forest, and into the open sunlight. He had escaped.

    Now that version had pretty much only descriptions added, and a few minor rewrites, and you see how much of a differance that made. Now, the next version is how I would write this scene. I fleshed out what's happening, and added a few small details, just to get the suspence, and feeling. See for yourself.

    Naruto was jumping along from tree to tree, when suddenly, he heard a whizzing noise, just to his right. He glanced to his right, and glimpsed a flash of metal in the sunlight. He veered off to the right, just avoinding the kunai that passed just where he would have been. He glanced around wildly, and saw three figures speeding towards him from his right. He was being attacked, he frantically realized. But why?

    Naruto decided not to find out, and sped off in the other direction. He felt the adrenaline pounding through his system, and he sped up a little, looking off to the side. He had to shake them off somehow; they were closing in on him. Naruto suddenly stopped on a thin branch, and pushed a moderate amount of chakra out of his feet, gluing himself to the branch. Without even stopping, he whipped around the branch, and catapulted himself into the air in opposite direction, wind whipping through his hair. He smiled slightly to himself, and stopped biting his lip.
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