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Guidelines to Posting in Naruto Fanworks

Discussion in 'Manga Colorings Archive' started by ane, Jun 22, 2015.

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  1. ane Advisor

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    Jul 3, 2009

    Guidelines to Posting in Naruto Fanworks​


    Naruto Fanworks is the place to go to post/share any manga colorings, fanart, fanfiction or videos. We have some amazing artists on this board. Let's show our appreciation for their current and past efforts by giving them meaningful, appreciative comments and constructive criticism. Before you post here are some guidelines to posting:
    • Do not spam/flood!
      Within Naruto Fanworks there are a number of individuals who spam/flood the sub-forum with their posts. Flooding the sub-forum is when a member makes similar posts in different threads every 1 ? 3 minutes; usually showing the same name a bunch of times down the page like so: Spamming the forum is when an individual repeatedly posts or majorly posts in this sub-forum with similar comments ≤ 5 words. (i.e: ?Nice work!? repeated over and over) These comments are considered an abuse of spam rules of the forum, and if you are caught you will be forum-wide banned for 2 days ? warnings will not be given! In addition, the posts you make will be deleted. We understand that feedback to the user is very important, and we encourage it, but if we see an abuse of posting in this sub-forum, action will be taken so please do not take this new rule lighting as you have be forewarned.

    • Pointless bumping is not tolerated!
      "Pointless bumping" should be understood to be the act of resurrecting a post with rather superfluous comments that don't benefit the community or the artist. If you can't give a meaningful comment, don't bother to post. If you do post with very few words, it will be considered an attempt to pad your post count and the comments will be deleted. Repeated behavior will result in the aforementioned consequences. You will receive one PM asking you to be more thoughtful in your commenting before banning takes place.

    • Try going for constructive criticism!
      On a side note, try going for constructive criticism. That does not mean writing a book; in fact, you can write a nice critic within 2-3 sentences only! Instead of writing Oh cool, So awesome and It's great, tell us what you really think of our artworks! What do you like from them? What do you dislike? How could they be improved? . . . A single comment that will take you 1 minute to write and that contains your opinion of a creation will help us improve and become better artists, writers, what have you!


    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to PM me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.