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♡Happy Valentine's Day NF ♡- Custom Name

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On A Mission from God
I feel like an idiot for not getting what the red titles are all about. I even somehow blended out the hearts.
Guess that says a lot about my current state of mind :lmao :gglife



Dem❀n 滅
Thank you to everyone for participating and sharing love here and for your contributions to our community.
I really hope that next year we can have a NF Valentine’s event more similar to the previous ones.

Wishing you all the best! ♡ Have fun around! :catwave



Well-Known Member
Well, this year's Valentine's Day was relatively uneventful.
At least I got to watch a lot of "explosion-triggering" vids and ended up "exploding" from time to time.
Such is life really.
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