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Hidan & Kakuzu (Zombie Bros) Character Analysis

Discussion in 'House of Uzumaki' started by New Dawn, May 8, 2018.

  1. New Dawn Member

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    Sucks that Kishi shelved the Zombie Bros. They're one of the most interesting characters in NV. I'll breakdown the genius of their creation.

    Hidan (Lil Bro) is a Satire on Religion
    -Character: Notice how he follows the commandments like a religious devout to a T but his behavior is the opposite of how most religious people carry themselves IRL? He is arrogant. He curses a lot. He is disrespectful. These personality traits are the opposite of what you think a religious person would behave like whether they're Christian, Buddhist or Muslim. I think Kishi was taking a stab religious people with Hidan.

    -The Flesh: This Most religions teach us to cultivate our spirit and refrain from materialism and earthly desires. Hidan on the other hand, embraces them. We know that because his main jutsu is inflicting pain on himself. As Hidan puts it, its like "pure ecstasy". Ever watch Hellraiser? Pinhead says "There is no good. There is no evil. There is only the Flesh." Both Hidan and Hellraiser have Sadomasochism themes in their stories. To Feed the Flesh. The indulge and embrace our 5 senses. Hidan is also born under the Aries symbol. In Greek Mythology, Aries , although he embodied the physical valor necessary for success in war, he was a dangerous force, "overwhelming, insatiable in battle, destructive, and man-slaughtering." and his sons are Fear and Terror.

    ^ You can see Hidan isn't just some loud mouthed knucklehead.

    Kakuzu (Big Bro) represents Self-Destructive Behavior
    -Greed: Kakuzu is a greedy bastard. We know that because Hidan stated that Kakuzu's side-projects of earning $ is slowing them down on catching more Jinns. Kakuzu acknowledges this and says even Hell runs on $.
    -Self-Hatred: Notice that Kakuzu covers his body up? His entire body was scarred and stitched up when he uncloaked himself. Remember when he kept Hidan's neck brace and told him to "Cover it up because its UGLY?" its subtle but Kishi is showing us that Kakuzu hates himself for what he is. An Ugly Monster. Because his hunger for more $ by killing as a shinobi made him into One.

    ^ Perhaps, we can learn from Kakuzu that self-indulgence leads to self-destruction. Its like drug addiction. Though ironically, self-indulgence on Hidan's part is the opposite. Hidan loves himself.

    This is why the Zombie Bros are the best team in NV. Their characters contrast yet when they fight, their abilities sync well together.
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  2. Rifulofthewest Active Member

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    I never understand than probably kakuzu hate his body... after all, he dont like to show his body, but i alwais interpretate that only that a kakuzu caution of his habilities
  3. Silnaem Nothing for Wisdom

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    Due to history (Japan vs the West, Artists vs Religion), a lot of manga have antireligious (Abrahamic) themes/arcs.

    On top of modernism being passively antireligious.

    Not all, tho.

    Nice to see you back
  4. Sage light Well-Known Member

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    They couldve been devoloped.