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Hmm . . .

Discussion in 'New Leaf' started by Naemlis Orez, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Naemlis Orez

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    Mar 16, 2017
    Consider this then, brethren! (How exactly do you pronounce that word? It nnever seems to roll off the tongue quite right)

    This brings to mind the value of so called 'filler'.
    What do you'll make of it?
    Why is it not considered canon where it doesn't contradict the manga?

    I mean, "I may not own the world, but if i fashion a table upon it, that table is very much real and a part of the world" (Failed Analogies 101)

    Contrasting it with Gintama, for example, makes me think that the anime team must've had some guidelines for creating filler.
    Wouldn't that qualify it somewhat?

    What sort of jutsu could he have used for this?

    Speaking of which, is there some sort of limit to what can be done with chakra, in terms of effects variation?

    We have Oro who seemed to know a jutsu for every scenario (remember when he and co used some sort of disappearing trick where they completely disappeared?) leading me to think scary things.
  2. Reviewing Logic

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    Nov 4, 2017

    Seeing as the Camera man Kakashi appeared in the Boruto anime you can assume the events of that shippuden episode to be canon in a sense

    at least the bits that follow that bonus chapter that Kishi drew himself (I believe the mission was different compared to the shippuden more fleshed out episode)

    As for Shisui he just tossed himself into a place that was irretrievable

    no jutsu needed, same gist as Jiraiya being so deep into the sea that a human couldn't retrieve his body due to sea pressure
  3. I get it. You like fillers. Everything is fine my lord, no need to find excuses.
  4. root

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    Feb 18, 2005
    The term filler doesn't really work any more for Boruto. But for Naruto the definition is pretty clear. Everything Kishi writes is canon. He wrote and drew that special chapter revealing Kakashi's face.

    That's not to say everything he didn't write is bad. Some anime only stuff is good and doesn't contradict what we know from Kishi's writing. But a lot of filler writing does tends to have characters acting out of character and plot points that don't match the manga. For example in the third Naruto movie the Hokage is spoken of like they're the boss of fire country when in the canon story they're more like a mayor/ warlord of one town of fighty folks. Or how each filler around the infinite tsukuyomi had a different interpretation of how the jutsu worked. And how Naruto in fillers acts way dumber and is all about protecting his friends and stuff, while canon Naruto is portrayed as a clever trickster who's driving force is never giving up and inspiring people. On the other hand, most of the extended fight scenes I the anime are really well done in ways the manga could never do.

    All that said, just treat it like the Japanese do and call it ''anime only". Each medium will have their differences.

    As for your chakra question. The limit is in the writer's imagination. The elemental rules and amount of chakra a person has do limit things a bit. And extremely overpowered things like time travel seem to be off limits. But otherwise you can come up with whatever jutsu you want.