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How to Break Up, and: Lee's Way

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by Vance, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Vance

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    Sep 11, 2006
    Hi! I'm Rock Lee! And I am the Leaf Villiage's Handsome Devil. Girls honor me as a God. Boys look up to me, since I am handsome and cool. Today, I have broken up with my ex-love, Sakura Haruno. Why? Listen, to this story.

    I have just finished my 600th lap. Kiba is joining me, since he has another headache. "Wow Lee. Your right about this remedy, oh yeah! Tonight, Choji is having another party, he's bringing some hard stuff tonight." Kiba huffs. I grin.

    "Of course I will be there, you can count on me!" I never like to let people feel bad. I love watching my friends put effort into their training, like I did. After we go eat at a ramen shop, we head out. I go to Sakura's house, only to see Sasuke's bike there.

    "Impossible! He's." I stutter. Sasuke is supposed to be dead. I bang down the door. To see Sakura and Sasuke playing footsie. Sakura gasps, and covers her feet. Sasuke gets into battle stance, and I knock him out cold.

    I walk out, telling Sakura that our relationship is over, and that she deserves to never fall in love again. I storm out, showing no emotion. Kiba follows.

    Rule 1: Never show emotion to girls, except happiness. We arrive at the party; I feel my bachelor lingo start to groove. I have my choice of any girl!! I am...... I stop thinking to slick back my black hair. Smooooth.

    I open the door, to see the wildest party I've seen yet! People were drinking shots. TenTen was throwing ninja tools, while tonguing Neji. Hinata was kissing Naruto, Choji was kissing Ino, who was holding a ciggerate.

    I smiled. My people. Temari was giving Shikamaru kisses on his nose and face. Everyone was happily laughing and having a good time. Kin was throwing needles, and I realized how sexy she was. She had long, black hair.

    Her sensual dress matched her smile. She had smooth skin, and a nice cute, nose. She was my date tonight. I walk over, using my cool moves. She falls to the ground, like a fangirl would.

    "Hello, how are you? Beautiful?" I compliment her. She blushes, and I know, I have found my new girlfriend.

    Well, thats my story, hope you enjoyed a day, in my life. I am...... Rock Lee!!!