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How would you change the series?

Aegon Targaryen

Headcanon Inventor & Troll
I think Naruto honestly is a pretty good story. My only complaint is that we should've had to deal with characters from other villages more and the Konoha 11 + clans as well. I would've loved to get a story in which Naruto meets and befriends ninja from Kumo or Kiri.

Punished Kiba

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Just a more inclusive storyline and more focus on more clans (e.g. Inuzuka, Hyuga, Hozuki, etc)

Story was just too linear and repetitive with the flashbacks, since Kishi made all the focus on one Clan + Naruto and Sasuke's weird relationship.

Gen D

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Improve Sakura's development.
That would naturally open a third path in the story to parralel Naruto and Sasuke's.


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I would just have them(most of them) advance through the ranks as they and the plot develops & show new aspects of shinobi life with each rank.

Also would of saved the 4th war for The Last Era(also after the movie’s plot). Thus, End shippuden with Akatsuki/Pein being defeated(and also the kage summit still happens but without war being declared. Obito just takes Sasuke away.)

Of course, more finer details would need to be changed and rearranged but that’s the general overview.

Oh, lastly I would of ended it with actually showing Naruto’s hokage inauguration.

Van Basten

Black Lives Matter
Don’t retcon Madara and Hashirama into being childhood friends.

Erase all the ninja alien/Indra/Ashura stuff. The Sage remains a semi-mythical figure.

There’s lots of other stuff but those two come to mind.


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Says the clown who thinks sakura is stronger than fused momo, 8th gate gai, and tcm toneri. :gokuskully

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Red Sand
Part 1

Team 7 would go on more missions before the Chunin Exams to worldbuild, meet other ninja from other villages, and maybe even team up with other Rookie 9 teams so that we can be introduced to them a bit before the Chunin Exams. This would help character development, fleshing out Team 7 and Kakashi.

During the Chunin Exams, I would've had Kin be the first one to step up after Lee was defeated by Dosu and have her actually fight Sakura. Sakura would try to put up a fight, going as hard as she did against Zaku, but still losing, and during the climax of the fight, Kin would grab Sakura by the hair and she'd cut it and land a blow against Kin instead of just surprising her.

Ino and the others would join in as per usual, and show a bit of their Ino-Shika-Cho razzle dazzle, as well as Team Gai. Then, Sasuke would wake up, wipe the floor with Zaku (not because he hurt Sakura, because being the asshole he is, he'd probably be bragging or something) and break his arms like in canon.

Once Naruto wakes up, everything rights itself again, and the prelims would start. I would have Sakura actually win her fight against Ino due to her newfound determination from her fight against Kin, although Ino would give her a damn good fight. This would secure Sakura's advance to the finals, and light a flame under Ino, making her go to either Asuma or her father for training directly afterwards, making them into more proper rivals.

The rest of the prelims will go exactly the same, and Sakura would face off against Dosu in the finals - with her fight taking place directly after Naruto's. Kakashi would get either Kurenai to train Sakura (since Kurenai's only student that made it was Shino, and he'd be training with his dad, and Sakura's the genjutsu type) OR knowing that Sakura would be facing off against Orochimaru's pupil, he can go the fun route and let Anko teach her a few things.

The finals would go off without a hitch, Naruto would beat Gaara. Sakura would fight Dosu, and with Anko's training, she'd go in with her basics improved, and Anko, being who she is, might even convince Sakura to sign a snake contract as a fuck you to Orochimaru and his so-called pupils. She would help Sakura get over her trauma that she experienced during the Chunin Exams, and help put her on the path Despite Sakura's improvements, she would still lose to Dosu, and Dosu would be very conflicted about his loyalites to Orochimaru at this point, as he almost got them killed against Sasuke, and he might even defect if Orochimaru doesn't kill him first.

The invasion happens pretty much the same, despite Sakura's increase in strength, she'd still be the weakest in the fight against Gaara and would be trapped in the sand, and Naruto opens up a can of whoop ass against Gaara.

Skip to the SRA arc, and Sakura tries to convince Sasuke to stay in Konoha, being less of a needy bitch as she does. When Sasuke says no, Sakura, being either trained by Anko or Kurenai tries to stop him (with either genjutsu or her snakes) and Sasuke either breaks the genjutsu or uses a kawarimi and gets behind Sakura, knocking her out and leaving anyways.

The boys go to get Sasuke and fail, but Naruto actually wounds Sasuke instead of scratching his headband with his Rasengan, and Sasuke goes into Orochimaru's clutches, Naruto trains with Jiraiya, and Sakura would see how injured Naruto and the others are on returning, and go to Tsunade to seek her training, but she would also train with whoever she started training with before the timeskip on her off-time.

I know it's a hot ass mess, but it was off the top of my head lmao.


Me? I am Phantom
Naruto started really well until the end of the Chuunin exam, then it had no heads nor tails. Shippuden had a bigger purpose and the Akatsuki were cool but Naruto chasing his boyfriend Sasuke became too much and the "war" was handled so badly that the previous wars seemed like an autumn breeze.

- Stop making Naruto overchase and overthink Sasuke. Add Sakura to this.
- Itachi big brothers Sasuke till the last chapter and he has to deal with it
- The war would be much longer and actually as cruel as the entire manga's premise portrayed the previous wars to be.
- Naruto beats the shit out of Sasuke at the end and that prompts the emo kid to come back to his senses.
- No boruto part, atleast not in the near future BUT Naruto hokage days start with new systems and rectifying his world problems instead of being a hypocrite.


A whole ass 2 months later, your cowardly ass decided to take me off of your ignore list just to have your feelings hurt? Couldn’t be me
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Oh and thanks for confirming what I said about you lol; Never change
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But keep being delusional.


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A whole ass 2 months later, your cowardly ass decided to take me off of your ignore list just to have your feelings hurt? Couldn’t be me
:mjlol :obamabury :DankPepe
Oh and thanks for confirming what I said about you lol; Never change

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