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I know its late and this shit is dead but.....

Discussion in 'Featured Manga of October 2010' started by SAFFF, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. SAFFF

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    Mar 25, 2006
    United States
    I've read all the way up from volume 1-18 of Bastard and man is this shit badass and "epic"! I love the fucked mecha designs the angels have and satan looks sick in here! The art really improved around vol 15 and i'm surprised these girls don't have a huge fanart hentai following.

    One thing that kind of threw me off though was the relationship between lucien and yoko. I thought they had a brother/sister relationship and the next thing i know they're locking tongues with each other. Definitely took me by surprise and not sure if i liked that part. :lmao

    Even if he protected her i found it weird how she was in love with a little boy. There weren't even any signs of this type of love developing before vol 15.

    Anyways even with the somewhat generic plot and crazy, mindless killing.....THIS is how you do that. A lot of mangaka need to take notes. This is how you entertain people when you don't have a really good plot.

    I loves Bastard. :nod

    EDIT: Oh yeah, D.S is a fucking pimp! Not too many main characters are as awesome as him. I can only thing of a handful that are and still have fingers left over.