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Tutorial illustrated light

Discussion in 'Art 101' started by Reisu, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Reisu

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    Oct 1, 2006
    i was bored, so i thought i'd make this :) i'm using openCanvas4.03plus, but it should work in any medium if you have some experience in colouring with it. :)

    so.. light! light is one of the most vital elements of a picture, even more so than colour. even before you start to draw you should decide on your light source, and what kind of ambience you want. ambience is the atmosphere the light gives to the picture, and is the difference between an image looking like it was set in the morning of a warm day to being set at night.

    heres an example, but it CAN be done a lot better than poor tobi so you know! im still learning even as i write this :amuse

    tobi number one was drawn in the morning. see how the colours are desaturated? (desaturated = less colour and more black/white, the difference between this and this) the lineart was drawn in an orangey brown, 'cause black would be too harsh for this lighting. noitce how the black parts aren't entierly black either.
    tobi number two was drawn at noon. the colours are nice and bright, and the shadows are smaller and much closer to the base colours. theres also quite a bit of highlighting in there.
    tobi number three was drawn at dusk. the base colours are a lot darker and the shadows are less saturated again, and also bigger. there are highlights, but they're small and precise. they're the kind of highlights that you would get from artificial light. it looks like there's no moon that night; if there was then the highlights would be wider but quite dull.

    now, you see in those pictures that the light source is the top right un? the placing of shadows and highlights are very important, they cant just go anywhere! but i'll get on to that later. lets have a look at how weather affects light now.

    itachi one is pretty much the same as tobi number 2. nice contrasting colours, lovely and bright! it's warm, sunny weather if you cant guess :p
    itachi two is cloudy weather. the colours are paler but NOT desaturated! shadows closer to the base colour and all that. there isnt any highlights because the lighting is too weak.
    itachi three is wet weather. because when it rains you get those huge rainclouds the colours are greyer. the shadows are a bit further away from the base colour too, and his hair is shiny cause it's wet. :p you could put some small higlights on the rest of him, but i didnt want him to look like a bauble. i shouldnt be so lazy.. m(_ _)m

    thats all for now, i've reached the image limit for this post. if theres some interest i'll continue, but remember not to take my word for all of this. you could easily come up with a more effective way, this is just how i do it~