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I'm free

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by Wolf Ninja, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Wolf Ninja

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    Aug 8, 2006
    This Fanfic has been my life for the past week.

    That's my Fanfiction account one. I'll post the first chapter in a second.
    If there are any mistakes tell me what they were and what exactly I did wrong so I can avoid them in the future. Also don't get ticked off if you see me making the same mistake for about the next 27 chapters. (It used to be 35 but I figured a five part section was kind of pushing it so I put them all together. Yea I?ve been working on this for quite a while before posting it on the net.

    It is several years after Naruto became Hokage (No surprise there) Orochimaru's still around. But this isn't about Naruto and company fighting him. Now it's their children's turn to fight. Of course they?ll show up eventually but I tend to avoid using characters that I didn?t make up.

    Side note: don't get ticked off at me if you find something that goes entirely against the Manga and/or Anime because I'm working with what I know, which isn't half as much as a lot of people here.

    *Insert usual disclaimers and wishes of me owning the rights to Naruto here*

    Chapter 1 New faces, and Training

    ?Leta!? Leta jerked up. She had fallen asleep during class, again. ?Leta,? The teacher continued, ?I know that you know all this already with your father being the Hokage, and teaching you out side of school, but can you please pay attention during class at least??

    ?Yes? yes madam,? She said. She put her hands in her lap and looked at them. Even though she was very talented at Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu, she had no self confidence. Leta was fourteen years old. Leta looked to her left and right; all the students were looking at her and snickering. She brushed her hair with her hand; it looked exactly like her mothers when she was her age. It was a dark blue, it was short expect for the hair right by her ears which came down to her shoulders. Her hand brushed against the whisker lines that where as visible on her father but instead of three lines she had two on each cheek. ?I?m? I?m? really sorry, Sakura-sensei.?

    Sakura sighed and put her hand to her head, ?You?re just like your father sometimes,? she looked up. She had the forehead protector on across her forehead, ?That reminds me, the graduation exams are tomorrow,? a lot of students cheered. Leta was not one of them, ?But for now, school is over.?

    At that a lot of students ran out of the class room. Leta walked. Sakura watched Leta walk out. Leta wore a red shirt that cut off at the sleeves. It was like a kimono but it was just a top. It folded from the left side, and was held in place by a black pin. On her right shoulder was the symbol that her mother wore at her age. The symbol was a small cloud that trailed up like smoke. She wore dark blue pants, and her eyes had the pale color of the clan, but she had yet to be able to use Byakugan, the bloodline limit of her clan. It allowed the user to see almost three hundred and sixty degrees. Sakura knew there were often debates about her between the Hokage and her clan. Often the clan tried to disown her, but the Hokage said she could very well become much, much stronger. Leta was left unaware of these debates. But Sakura wondered if she knew.

    She saw Leta?s hand go to her right arm. There was something of a tattoo, it was a spiral. It had lines, about an inch long, radiating out from it. The Hokage had something like that on his stomach. It was a seal that had sealed Kyuubi in The Hokage way back when he and Sakura were together in squad seven. It was quite a surprise when Leta was born. The seal was on her at birth. Although Kyuubi had long ago dispersed in Naruto?s chakra, some wondered if Kyuubi had simply gone into Leta.
    Sakura sighed as Leta walked out of the class room. She almost wished Leta had Naruto?s personality. She hoped she would pass the exams with top marks. She probably will tomorrow, Leta performed well when not under pressure, but of course there was probably much pressure for her to perform well.

    Leta walked out of the classroom holding her arm, she traced the marks of the seal. She was worrying that she would fail tomorrow. She walked down the market street hearing sellers say, ?Look there?s the Hokage?s daughter!? or, ?She?s the honorable daughter of the Hokage.? never even saying her name.

    It was too long a walk home. When she got there, there were three strange ninja talking to her father, one of them was a Kunochi. She had short, fiery-red hair. She wore a skirt but you could see shorts that she wore under them. Both the skirt and shorts were a dark color that reminded her of storm cloud, and she wore a short sleeved shirt of the same color. The shinobi on the right had brown hair, and wore pants, and a shirt, that made Leta think of rain. The Shinobi in the center had white short hair that stuck up. He wore a long sleeved shirt that was a dark almost black red color, he wore a vest over it, that was a dark almost blue and his pants were the same color. Instead of the normal sandals he wore a pair of black boots.
    When her father saw her he waved to her. The strange ninja turned towards her. The shinobi wore there head bands on their foreheads, while the Kunochi wore hers around her neck. All of them were of the village hidden in the rain. She moved slower. As she neared, she said, ?Hello, father.?

    The Hokage said, ?This is my daughter, Leta.?

    The Kunochi, said bowing, ?Honorable daughter of the Hokage, I am Emiko Soere.? She had brown eyes, she was probably seventeen.

    The shinobi with the brown hair said bowing as well, ?Honorable daughter of the Hokage, I am Yukio Soere,? he also had brown eyes, he was probably sixteen.

    The other shinobi said, ?Leta, I am Zev Alcido.? Leta noticed he had blue eyes. The other two ninja from the Village hidden in the rain elbowed him, and gave him a hard stare. Leta guessed he was the squad leader, and he was also about sixteen.

    Leta smiled, the Hokage raised an eyebrow that?s unusual he thought.

    Leta looking at her hands said, ?Are? are you staying for a while... Zev??

    Naruto answered for Zev, ?They?re staying for at least a month,? he looked at the Shinobi, ?Why don?t you stay here for the time??

    Emiko said, ?Oh no, we couldn?t but we?d like to,? she turned away.
    Naruto looked to the sky, and put his hand to his chin in a mock thinking pose, ?Well, I can?t cover room and board for you while you?re here. I can?t imagine what the cost for staying at an inn would be for a month, believe it!?

    Emiko turned around like she?d been stung, ?Well, on second thought maybe we can stay if were not too much trouble.?

    Naruto answered, ?You won?t be, believe it!? Naruto thought, maybe this will be good for Leta, but still I?m not happy about three ninja from another village coming here this early.

    The house was a multi-level house. The kitchen was to the right of the entry way and there was a main room to the left. There were several rooms on the upstairs, and there was a back door beyond the stairs.
    Walking into the House, Leta was still smiling. It had taken her by surprise that someone called her by her name instead of ?honorable daughter of the hokage?. She was happy though. She walked into the kitchen where her mother was washing the dishes. ?Mother, I?m home!? her mother turned. She looked very different from when she was Leta?s age, then Hinata was just as shy as Leta was, since then she?d come more out of her shell.

    Leta heard Yukio give a shout and then heard a pail dropping and hitting the floor. She also heard her father giving apologizes to Yukio saying that was intended for someone else, ?He never really did grow out of being a prankster. Normally he doesn?t do that, but sometimes has a lapse?,? Hinata finished with a sigh. She wore her dark blue hair in a bun, and was wearing a shirt that had the symbol she wore way back then. ?By the way Leta, how was school??

    ?It? it was fine, just stuff I already knew.?

    ?Thanks to your father, right??

    Leta nodded and sat down, ?The exams are tomorrow,? she said.

    Her mother set down a cleaned dish, ?Really? Do you think your going to pass??

    Leta sat there for a while, ?I don?t know? I hope so.?

    ?I?m sure you will,? her mother said, but Leta still doubted herself.

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    An hour later Naruto came down the stairs, ?Leta, let?s do some cloning practice.? Leta followed her father out the back door. There was a training space that her father had put in, soon after becoming Hokage. The previous Hokage was killed by Orochimaru. Naruto was chosen as the successor. Not like he left them any choice. Using the Shadow Clones, he beat all the other options badly. Leta hadn?t been born yet at that time, but her mother and father told her many times about it.

    In the back, she saw Zev sitting in a tree eating an apple. Emiko was sitting, relaxing she was just staring at the sky. Her Father turned and performed Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. One of the Clones told her to try. She noticed that Zev was watching now. She made the Hand signs. Summoned her chakra and once again failed miserably. Her father?s clones disappeared and the real one ordered her to try again. She made the hand signs. Summoned up her chakra and? failed miserably. She just couldn?t do it.


    It's too long to post by it's self I'll post the rest in the next post.
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  2. Wolf Ninja

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    Aug 8, 2006
    “Might I make a suggestion?” Leta looked at the surprising source, Zev, “It’s all in your head,” Zev tapped his head with the apple.

    Naruto looked up and said, “It’s more difficult than it looks.”

    Zev jumped down from the tree and said, “Let’s make a bet. If I get this right, I train Leta for a half hour. If I get it wrong, I take your whole family out for ramen.”

    Naruto gave a shrug and said, “Fine, it’s a bet. You’re going to lose, believe it!”

    She looked at Zev, he threw the apple into the air. He made the hand signs. Summoned up his Chakra, and he made four perfect clones. The apple fell down into the hand of the clone on the right, who took a bite and then tossed it to another who took a bite. The original Zev said, “See? All in your head,” tapping his temple.

    Naruto was surprised, but it didn’t show. Leta on the other hand was open mouthed. Emiko just laughed. Zev said, “Well Leta, it looks like for next half hour, I own you,” he undid Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, “Follow me,” he took off and Leta reluctantly followed. Naruto started to tell her to wait, but Emiko started talking to him before he could say anything.

    “Don’t worry about them,” she said, “She’s in good hands, Zev’s one of the top ninja in our village. I would be surprised if you could beat him without breaking a sweat,” Naruto looked towards where they went, he still was not happy about this.

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    Zev stopped in the middle of the nearby forest. He turned to look at Leta, she was breathing hard, “Was keeping up with me difficult?” he asked. Leta just nodded. Zev sighed, “I guess we’ll just start with one clone for now,” Leta looked up. Zev made some hand signs with one hand. One clone appeared next to him.

    “Wait,” Leta gasped trying to catch her breath, “You could always make shadow clones?”

    The clone shook his head and said, “No, I’m a cloud clone.”

    The real Zev threw a back hand into the stomach of the clone which just passed through, Leta caught a glimpse of the cloud that made the clone, “Blows can pass right through it.”

    “But then how’s it different from a regular clone?”

    Zev again threw a back hand at the clone, but this time the clone caught it, “This kind of clone can make it self solid as well. Also it can perform some jutsu”

    The clone said, “Ready?” and assumed a fighting stance.
    Before Leta could answer, he charged her. Zev went behind her. Before she knew it, she had to block a furry of attacks from the clone. It was very difficult to keep up. Right hook, left jab, uppercut, the blows were lightning fast. Almost as fast as when she saw Rock Lee fighting. The fight was pointless, but watching the fight was amazing.

    She saw movement to her side, but she kept focus on the clone. She immediately wished she hadn’t. Zev punched her and she went down. It wasn’t a hard blow though it threw her off balance. Both Zev’s said in unison, “That’s actually not bad. Most people can’t block that many of my punches,” Leta stood up, though she was breathing hard. That short amount of work had exhausted her.

    The real Zev frowned for a moment looking at her. He cupped his hands together. He yelled and lighting came out of his hands, when he opened them he had a small blue ball in his palm not much bigger than a pea. He walked over to Leta and held her hand. He put the ball in her hand and said, “Here eat this. It will taste awful but it will give you a lot more energy.”

    Leta looked at it and said, “What is it?”

    “It’s a portion of my chakra energy made solid.”

    Leta popped it into her mouth, and immediately gagged, but felt much more energized.

    She looked up and saw the clone charging her again. His blows were just as quick. She kept blocking them. She saw Zev come in again from the side. This time, she ducked and Zev went right over her. He smiled. She immediately became worried, and then the clone kicked her in the stomach. Again not a hard blow, it was one just hard enough to knock her off balance. Zev said, “Don’t forget about the one you’re fighting to begin with.”

    Again the Clone charged her. Its blows were still just as fast, and she was still able to block them. Again Zev came in from the side. This time she grabbed the clone and threw the clone%
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