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Is Obito still the Juubi Jinchuriki after losing 9 Bijuu chakra?

Is he still the Juubi Jinchuriki after losing 9 Bijuu?

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He’s no longer the jinchuriki, but I’d say it’s plausible that he still had some of that super high quality chakra in his system, making him much more powerful than he was previously i.e. like Kakashi being infused with Rikudo chakra.


He is no longer JJ however it is not possible to say how he is compared to Nagato. Becoming JJ clearly has some lasting effects.


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It's not arguable though, and therefore there is no argument. This is like saying I need to prove the Earth is round lmao.

I already proved your argument wrong, hence you creating a spite thread to malign me.

Don't engage him like that, he will get you to try to disprove his headcanon then say he wins.

Really hope he gets banned soon, he's so horrible for the NBD
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