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It's called life, or so they tell me...

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by kfkitteh, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. kfkitteh

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    Nov 23, 2004
    erm yeah. AU and way OOC, team 7 and co are in uni and madness doth ensue. i would ahve wrriten this as a high school fic but i don't ahve that schooling system here in the uk so i don't think i could write it. plus i wanted a more mature bunch of characters to work with. there are pairings... mainly sasuhina and narusaku. erm, more notes at the bottom of this chapter.

    I guess there?s a lot more to tell you than ?this is Sasuke and this is Naruto?. It?s more complex, they are more complex. Sasuke and Naruto, both Konoha University?s leading students. People make the mistake of judging them before they get to know both boys. They?re best friends, though it might not show. Sasuke, he?s serious, hardworking, aloof and damn is he sweet on the eyes. Don?t get me wrong, Naruto is no sore sight, but they?re both gorgeous in separate ways. I?m sorry, but no one can talk about either of them seriously without mentioning their looks.

    Sasuke has the tall dark haired pale skin chiselled looks. He?s lithe, smart, sharp and perfect. His eyes, wow, they?re a shade of grey so dark they?re almost black. It?s almost freaky. Nothing like Naruto?s eyes; the brightest blue I ever saw, I swear he has glitter in his eyes, but I suspect he gets that from the after effect of his smile.

    Naruto is just as tall, but not as lanky as Sasuke, he?s still lithe but built a little bigger. Golden blond hair and tan skin, he?s exotic. Rough, quick witted, loud and perfectly flawed; that?s our Naruto. Put simply, they?re both hot, but Sasuke is cool and Naruto has a cute quality about him.

    It amazing how two boys so different could possibly stand being around each other. Their opinions differ about everything from A-Z.

    Sasuke, being one of the two heirs to the Uchiha financial empire is a business major. I think I could imagine him in a suit? fine maybe not yet; he still has a wild side, courtesy of Naruto. I?ve heard a few rumours that Sasuke actually wanted to follow a more artistic future, hell know, he learnt to play the guitar (and the flute but I don?t think many people know that) as if it was something as essential as walking. I?ve seen some of the sketches he draws too, he should have been a mangaka that one. But it?s well known that he?s pushed around by his father, who always talks about Sasuke?s older brother and how wonderful he is and how Sasuke should aspire to be just like him. It wouldn?t be so bad if Sasuke acted like a normal teenager, ignored this and just bitched about it to his friends, but no? Sasuke actually idolises his older brother, so he aspires to be like him, even if it means he has to sacrifice his own true passions. His older brother Itachi is currently running the business.

    Naruto on the hand is a medical major? yes you did hear me right. Naruto, the joker, the scruffy, mad, loud mouthed, blonde bum wants to be a paediatrician. And it seems that nothing will stop him. He?s determined and though it doesn?t show he?s just as clever as Sasuke in his field. Most importantly, he?s good with kids. I suppose it?s that that makes Naruto start on Sasuke so much; he knows that he?s just as good, but people fail to acknowledge that in him. Naruto wasn?t the most popular kid in town as a child but that?s beside the point. He?s more than popular now, and if Sasuke could acknowledge him, (secretly I think) others could learn to accept him. Slowly they learnt to love him too.

    Aw it?s so sweet isn?t it? Like something out of a storybook.

    There are a few things they do agree on though, Music for one. A kind of Indie rock I suppose. I dunno it?s not my thing. But while Sasuke plays the guitar, Naruto has this throaty voice that makes you weak at the knees. Kind of like Kristian Leontiou? beautiful voice beautiful playing, they?re perfect combination when the pair of them can be bothered.

    So where did they meet? In kindergarten of course. All the children in Konoha kindergarten were put into teams so they could bond with two other members in their classes. They worked together and when they moved up to school they were assessed in their groups. Sasuke and Naruto were the two boys in team 7?s three man team.

    Who?s the third member?

    That?d be me, Haruno Sakura.

    AN: before anyone flames me, or complains about this, I?ll explain a few things here. Yes, completely and utterly AU and major OOC-ness. Don?t worry I?ll keep the initial character bases, but Sasuke isn?t as cold simply because he doesn?t have the murder of his clan to make him brood y?know?

    I?m also aware that Naruto doesn?t seem like a doctor type, but I wanted to go for a change, in the anime he?s not a medic nin, but he is extremely good with children if you notice, he has a charm with them and they seem to love him right back.

    Sasuke as an artist, it?s the way I see him. He?s always portrayed with instruments and all. So I thought it worked. Naruto doesn?t seem like the type to be able to draw or play instruments, but his voice, could have developed lol. The reference to kristian Leontiou, that?s just my own obsession with his music and his voice right now. You?ll see soon cause I?m doing a series of song-fics too soon.

    Sakura is narrating so if you want to hear more about her, wait a while, she?ll step into light later.

    Note, all the other genins will play big parts too, but you know how it goes, the focus is always on team 7 (and a little more on the hyuuga siblings cause I like em loads)

    So I hope you like so far, read review and comment please
  2. Vance

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    Sep 11, 2006
    This was the last fanfiction on the list. Impressive how I found it!