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ITT : I make you into a made up DB character

Discussion in 'Dragon Ball' started by Nep Nep, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Delirium Trigger

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    Oct 20, 2013
    No problem, it's amazing so far!
  2. Nep Nep

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    Jul 6, 2011
    Catdank Faction:

    Hopefully I can balance these last guys right... Maybe I'll do something unusual and conclude the main plot in a separate post before continuing.

    I need to write focused stories for each character but it'll just get ridiculous if I keep stretching the fight out considering the villains power level.
  3. Nep Nep

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    Jul 6, 2011
    Catdank Faction:

    Okay, this story is dragging on and it's making me even slower with the writing >_>

    So, what we're gonna do is I'm going to write up what was going to be the ending of this part and all the remaining people on the waiting list will receive a story that takes place some time after the aftermath of the battle.

    You can expect the conclusion of the current battle and the epilogue by the end of tomorrow.

    EDIT -

    I got into a bit of trouble when writing the ending to the main fight.

    ~_~ But this time, I promise I'll post it tomorrow.

    Promises are one thing I don't break.

    It's almost done anyways.
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
  4. Nep Nep

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    Jul 6, 2011
    Catdank Faction:

    Everyone gathered around Mizunay as Hizumo regained his composure.

    Well now. I'm not opposed to some extra killing today. I thought about executing you quickly like those Blood Seekers... but since you are friends of Mizunay I will first hear you screams.

    Dudley, Cress, and 21 stood in front of Mizunay while everyone else made a small circle around her.

    On the other hand, this is simply illogical, won't you move so I can finish her off? I can calm my blood lust by slaughtering the remaining Blood Seeker corps later, you could all live to see the improved society I create. Hizumo proposed.

    Nonsense. Said Dudley simply. If society could be run by one person we wouldn't have multiple branches of government or pass off the enforcement of law to different individuals.

    Honestly, I don't really care for ya', so you'll have to excuse me if I'd rather die. Cress added.

    What work would be left for a detective like me if you go and blow up everything you don't like? Ruum replied.

    And all I'm good at is stealth and killing so I kinda would have the same problem. 21 said with a grin.

    Hmph. Enough talk then. Hizumo raised an open hand and aimed at them.

    Everyone tensed up.

    THEN DIE! A massive geyser of black fire like ki erupted from beneath them.

    Cress immediately grabbed Mizunay and jumped out of the way just in time...

    However, everyone else was severely wounded and fell to their knees.

    NOW! Hizumo dashed toward Mizunay's body as his left hand warped into a black scaly sword.

    Cress jumped in front of her.


    The tip of the sword pierced through Cress' abdomen.

    Cress!... Ruum and 21 cried out.

    Unseki and Dudley tried to stand up but fell back to their knees.

    Damnit... Dudley spat.

    Cress was keeping Hizumo at bay with one arm while he kept a hand on the blade.

    What do you hope to accomplish? I cannot be stopped except if this girl successfully gains her zenkai and perhaps not even then. I will kill you in a few seconds and then her. Why give up your life? You could keep it and live in a better world... No a better universe. Hizumo explained calmly.

    I already told ya' I don't like you so it'd be kind of a shit existence. Cress grinned.

    Hizumo shook his head and stabbed the blade deeper into Cress.


    Cress stood resolute and looked up at Hizumo unflinchingly.

    -Sigh- I admire your valor. However. Hizumo pierced the blade clean through with a forceful thrust.

    Cress coughed up blood.

    Well then. This is it, I'll give you this, you went down respectfully. Hizumo said as he prepared to wrench the blade upward and slice Cress in two.


    A bright blueishwhite light appeared and snapped the blade right off Hizumo's arm.

    Hizumo let out an incredibly pained scream as blood poured freely from his arm.

    A man with long blonde hair was standing where the light had been.

    W-What?!? Montblanc?!?

    A good day to you Hizumo. I trust you're doing well. Montblanc smiled heartily.

    H-HOW DID YOU?!? YOUR POWER LEVEL IS A MEASLY 90 BILLION! Hizumo yelled hysterically.

    That's the mystery isn't it! Montblanc said as he continued to smile brightly.

    Dudley, get up. Montblanc ordered.

    Y-yes sir. Dudley with great difficulty forced himself to stand up.

    Use instant transmission, take Mizunay out of here until she can recover... take her there...
    Understood. Dudley replied as he went toward Mizunay.

    As if I'd let you! Hizumo yelled as he dashed towards Dudley.

    Montblanc stood in his way however.

    MOVE! Hizumo yelled as he let loose a powerful punch.

    Montblanc dodged with ease.

    Dudley had reached Mizunay, he picked her up and pressed his fingers to his forehead.

    NO!!!! Hizumo lunged at them!

    Too late, they had disappeared.

    NGGGHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hizumo let out an incredible burst of black ki in a fit of rage that blew everyone but Montblanc away.

    You... TELL ME! How do you resist!

    Ahahha, it seems you didn't do your research... although I can't blame you, it's a secret known to very few. Montblanc chuckled.

    Hizumo angrily shot a black beam of ki at Montblanc but the ki simply dissipated...

    My, my. That was pathetic. I suppose I shouldn't have expected much more from a hunched back scientist on steroids though. Montblanc teased.

    Hizumo lunged at Montblanc and tried desperately to hit him.

    Over and over, Montblanc seemed to dodge effortlessly.

    ARGGHHH! I don't understand! Your power level isn't anywhere near mine! It's weaker than Mizunay's full power.

    Hahah, maybe you're just not as fast or strong as you think you are. Montblanc suggested.

    Hizumo breathed deeply and then exhaled. That simply isn't possible. Hizumo stated.

    Hmph. Well then, allow me to test a theory of mine. Hizumo grinned.

    Oh? Montblanc replied curiously.

    An attack capable of destroying the entire planet Hizumo raised his hand a massive black and purple ball of energy began to grow from it.

    Then, using great force with ki, confining its great power into a tiny mass. With a loud sparking sound the ball was slowly crushed into a much smaller ball that Hizumo held at the tip of his finger.

    This will completely disintegrate anything it touches, Hizumo said as he pointed his finger at Montblanc and the ball zipped forward.

    Montblanc stood still calmly, as the ball of energy hit him, it simply dissipated.

    I see... Somehow you've become able to completely absorb HFIL ki. Hizumo stated.

    Correct and now that you know that... Montblanc lifted his finger and the ball returned but this time glowing white and blue.

    Montblanc expanded the energy to surround them.

    I can't copy your strength but you will be unable to escape unless you can kill me. Montblanc said simply.

    Heheh... I see... well, let us continue then. Hizumo stated as he began his onslaught again.

    Montblanc easily dodged repeated attack without effort.

    After some time, Hizumo backed off, panting heavily.

    Well then... I see I will have to resort to drastic measures...

    What? Montblanc said seriously for the first time.

    Hizumo pulled out a nearly empty vial of black ooze with just a mere drop left and crushed it in his hand, the blood and single black drop fell into his mouth.

    Hizumo's energy surged wildly!

    Gh! Montblanc was pushed back by the force.

    Your ability is impressive but regardless, it should have a limit to what it can do! That little drop can multiply my power by 2!

    With a great surge of ki the white orb shattered and Hizumo smashed Montblanc into the ground with his tail.

    With that out of the way....


    Dudley reappeared with Mizunay.

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING DUDLEY?!? Montblanc said as he stood up with some difficulty.

    I felt a strange pulsation of energy from her sud-

    Hizumo dashed toward Mizunay once more...


    Time seemed to slow down.

    A calm serenity hit everyone and small silver sparkles gathered around Mizunay.

    Cress lifted his head, the blade still shoved into his abdomen to see...

    Hahah... What is this? Is this Mizunay's ki? It feels so... peaceful though...

    Mizunay slowly rose up, her body flashed a bright blinding platinum!

    The blackened flames from the city dissipated and the sun broke through the clouds.

    Everyone looked up in awe, the sky was a gorgeous cloudless blue, they could hear the birds again and a calm breeze blew by.

    Hizumo stepped backward..


    Montblanc smirked. Panta was right.

    Mizunay's hair lengthened and became free flowing and straight, it blew peacefully in the wind, still engulfed in that gleaming platinum light.

    Her body seemed to become somewhat thinner and she grew a little taller.

    The blinding light engulfed the entire city and as it did a complete feeling of peace fell upon everyone present as the sun lit the city.

    The burned plants were restored to life and...

    W-what? The blade fell out of Cress and his wound closed up.

    Pyre too, he lifted his head as the hole in his body closed up as if it had never been there.

    Finally the platinum light faded away from Mizunay.

    Had they not seen her standing there before she would have been unrecognizable...

    Her hair was long and free flowing now and it was a beautiful platinum color.

    Her eyes were a serene golden and she seemed to have lost some of her muscle but gained some height.

    They could all sense her power level but its presence was incredibly soothing, like soup on a cold rainy day.

    One trillion....five hundred billion... how is this even... possible?!? HOW CAN SUCH A POWER LEVEL BE ACHIEVED?!?

    Mizunay lifted a hand and a bright gold light flared up, she was holding her scythe... but the katchin too was a beautiful almost flawless platinum. It had a sheen and silkiness as if it was mercury.

    She looked at Hizumo perfectly calm with a totally serene expression.

    I DON'T CARE! I DON'T CARE HOW STRONG YOU ARE! I WILL KILL YOU! Hizumo dashed forward and let loose a wave of black ki.

    Mizunay simply made a slashing movement with her arm and the ki disappeared.

    Hizumo continued to dash forward and let loose a flurry of blows.

    Mizunay stopped them with a single finger.

    Tch!!! Hizumo stared hatefully into her calm golden eyes.

    Mizunay cocked her head to the side as if to question his rage.

    DON'T MOCK ME!!!!!!

    Hizumo began to let loose another burst of ki



    Mizunay simply kneed him in the abdomen her expression unchanging.

    Hizumo coughed up blood and staggered backward, his hands clutching up his abdomen, his eyes as big as saucers.

    It.... it shouldn't be! LIKE THIS! Hizumo spat out weakly.

    F-FINE! I'LL JUST DESTROY EVERYTHING THEN! Hizumo lifted his hands and black ki began to rain high in the sky like meteors.

    It happened in the blink of an eye, Mizunay let loose a wave of platinum gold ki that simply made the black ki dissipate.

    Then she dashed forward and swung her sycthe one time into Hizumo.

    He split in two and his blood sprayed on Mizunay as the two pieces of his body fell with a dull thud.

    Mizunay continued to look unconcerned as she wiped the blood from her eyes.

    It was over... Everything had been resolved in the blink of an eye.

    Everyone gathered around Mizunay.

    Pyre was the first to speak.

    What the hell happened to her? She looks so gentle now... Pyre wondered

    Mizunay looked up at Pyre peacefully.

    Ya frikkin' did it. Cress said as he lit a cigarette in celebration.

    Maca walked forward timidly. Okay, okay. Whatever you've got to give me, I deserve it she said in a resigned tone.

    Suddenly Daiko flew in!


    You're alright! Good. Daiko breathed a sigh of relief.

    W-who's this girl? Daiko said.

    It's Mizunay... she went through some kinda transformation. Maca explained.

    Mizunay seemed curious about the sudden gathering.

    This is a little weird, I'm not used to her being so quiet. 21 remarked.

    Montblanc stepped forward. It's alright. The transformation is overwhelming for her. Ms.Briefs assessed properly. Mizunay underwent a transformation as powerful as the god forms of legend. She should return to her normal self soon. Montblanc explained.

    Heh. You did well Pyre, we're sorry we put you through that. Montblanc added.

    Heh. I've had worse. Pyre said simply.

    Cress took a drag on his cigarette. I hope you're gonna explain what you mean by that later.

    By all means. Montblanc replied.

    Welp. I'll go round up all the revived Blood Seekers and make sure they don't cause anymore trouble. Said Pyre as he flew off.

    We're going to be really busy now... Dudley said suddenly.

    Yes. We'll have to hold elections to replace all the government officials that were ousted. Montblanc replied.

    Mizunay managed to speak... Maca... Daiko.


    Mizunay seemed to regain her composure somewhat, she was wearing a serious expression. I hereby officially disband Genesis. Mizunay stated simply.

    Y-you've gotta be kidding me?!? Daiko protested.

    Maca hung her head. But... what are we supposed to do?

    I can take care of that. Said a cool female voice.

    Panta Briefs had arrived with Beerus and Whis.

    Ohohoho we got to see something good didn't we Master Beerus? Whis chucked jovially.

    Hmph. Goku was more impressive... but it wasn't bad. Beerus replied nonchalantly.

    Ms.Briefs. Mizunay said with that serene expression having returned to her.

    You kept your promise. Thanks for saving West City. We've got work to do before the citizens can return. Panta said simply.

    Mizunay nodded peacefully.

    As for you two... As punishment for your deeds...

    Maca and Daiko winced.

    You will join the Special Operations Department and for the entire year of your training you will be entirely confined to Capsule Corp tower.

    Bullshit! Daiko yelled angrily.

    It's that or we can put you in prison for life. Your actions helped cause the destruction of the city whether you knew the full breadth of the oncoming disaster or not is irrelevant. Panta said firmly.

    I accept. Maca replied immediately.

    Gh.... Fine. FINE! Daiko submitted.

    Right then. I think we should all rest in the tower today, I've had rooms prepared for everyone.

    Tomorrow we start rebuilding West City back to her former glory!

    YES! Everyone cried in unison.

    There we are. After this will come another prologue so we can finish setting things up.
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  5. Black Superman

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    Mar 10, 2011
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
  6. Black Superman

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    Mar 10, 2011
  7. Nep Nep

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    Jul 6, 2011
    Catdank Faction:

    Did you post this in the right place?
  8. Black Superman

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    Mar 10, 2011
    This is Dragonball, is it not?
  9. Juub

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    Mar 30, 2011