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Jarlaxel (DnD) vs. Thanos (MCU)

Discussion in 'Outskirts Battledome' started by strongarm85, Sep 16, 2018.

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  1. strongarm85 Well-Known Member

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    Jun 19, 2007
    Jarlaxle is attempting to steal infinity gauntlet and the infinity stones before Thanos can complete the gauntlet. He starts on Earth the same time. He starts off on earth with knowledge of where all the stones are and who has them, and how to use of them.

    Jarlaxle Baenre is a 20th level Swashbuckler. He is often used as a foil for Drizzt Do'Urden. He has a about 400 hundred years of experience, being a Drow Elf. Everyone thinks that the city state of Lusken is ruled by a council of Pirate Lords, but they are actually a puppet government that Jarlaxle set up, Jarlaxle is secretly the ruler of Lusken. Drizzt and Jarlaxel's dynamic is very similar to the relationship between MCU Star Lord and Yondu.

    In terms of fighting skill he is a master of the drow double long blade fighting style, but he prefers to fight with a swashbuckling style using a single rapier most of the time. His magical rapier is capable of penetrating most substances and is nearly indestructible itself.

    Jarlaxle has many magic items at his disposal and they are often his first resort if he gets into trouble.

    He has a pair of Bracers that allow him to throw a seemingly endless supply of daggers, only about in every three are illusions, but can be fatal if they are believed to be real.

    He has a pair of apparent daggers behind his back that transform into Long Swords after he draws them.

    He also keeps a hand crossbow with bolts covered in a sleeping drow poison.

    The white feather in his hat summons a large flightless bird he can climb on and ride like a Chocobo for a quick escape.

    The wide brim purple hat he wears is itself a hat of disguise that changes his outward appearance to match whatever he wants, but the hat itself doesn't change.

    He has a jeweled earring that extends to the size of a grappling hook and can be used as one when attached to rope.

    His eye patch protects him from psionic attacks when worn on his left eye (default) and enhances his vision and allows him to see through doors magically when worn over his right eye.

    He wears a pwaifwi cloak that displaces light and makes it difficult to aim at him from a distance.

    The clasp of his cloak is a cloak of shielding that makes him immune to the Magic Missile spell and gives him resistance to Force damage.

    His boots magically silence his movements at will.

    His house emblem allows him to levitate at will.

    He has a ring that makes illusionary copies of himself at will. A Ring of teleportation that allows him to move between any two points he's seen at will once a day. And a ring of invisibility that makes him Invisible at will (as of Dragonheist).

    His belt transforms into a snake that can transform into a snakes like rope of whatever length is required at will.

    He keeps a fine cord under his hat that can elongate to at least 120 feet long.

    He has several magic wands. He has a wand that fires lightning bolts. He has a wand of illusions that he creates fireballs with that burn up every one inside unless you are specifically aware that the fireball is an illusion. He often fires it at his own feet. He also has a wand that fires green goo at people that hardens, immobilizing the target.

    He has several items on his person, including a button on his vest that contains extra dimensional spaces, as well as a portable Hole that he can roll onto the ground and store swimming pool sized objects.

    He has a black piece of cloth in the shape of a bat that transforms into a real bat that he uses for scouting. He's magically aware of everything it perceives.

    A table cloth that magically produces a feast when unrolled.

    A obsidian figurine that summons a nightmare, a demon horse capable of running in the air with its fiery hooves and transporting between dimensions at will.

    A silver wissile that can open doors regardless of any traps or locks on them.

    A magically persuasive Ruby Pendant that convinces people to trust you.

    Main weakness: Jarlaxle can't see very well in direct sunlight, that's why he wears such a wide brimmed hat.

    Jarlaxel's durability is about town level, but he mainly focuses on avoiding damage whenever possible. His physical attacks are also effective against people that durable.
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