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Kaido is a Wotan.

Joe Maya

Well-Known Member
Kaido is definately not human since WB is the WSM.
So he is from another species.

My bet is he is a wotan.
Since Jack and Kuroobi who look very human are fishmen, why not Kaido?


Bald Cape
The only wotan we know has a slippery body. I know it's not much to go by, but Kaido doesn't have the same.
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Well-Known Member
I’m sorry but that would be like the most anticlimactic reveal ever lol.

Would’ve been cool if Jack was one though.


Me? I am Phantom
King is of a thought-to-be extinct race so Kaido could be the "last" of whatever race he belongs to. There are many speculations about him being an actual dragon. I wouldn't mind that idea at all and even prefer it. His title wouldn't make any sense otherwise.
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