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Kakashi: Sharingan Hero Part 5 Sasuke's Regret

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by Vance, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Vance

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    Sep 11, 2006
    Sasuke Uchiha looked outside. The dready sceanery seemed to match his feelings. Flashbacks started to return to his head. They appeared like a TV show.

    FlashBack 1 Naruto's Death

    Dosu, Yoroi, and Sasuke run around the trees. Dosu uses his one eye to check his section of green forest. Yoroi used his excellent eyesight and chakra abilities to see their target. "Their he is." Sasuke reported to his teamates. He was talking about Naruto. Yoroi threw a rather large kunai at the blonde haired boy.

    "Good work, now, eat this." Dosu whispered, unraveling his sound arm, and jumped near Naruto. Naruto was too busy whisteling a tune in his head. He smiled, thinking of what a beautiful day it was. A sharp pain hit Naruto in the neck.

    "Ahhhhhh!" the demon boy screamed in pain. Red blood dripped from his cracked neck. Sasuke smiled, as Dosu came in for the kill. With one hit, Naruto was knocked over. Dosu was about to kill Naruto, when Sasuke smiled. "Fire Style: Fire Stream Jutsu!" a string of fire wrapped around Naruto, and it exploded, killing him, instantly.

    Flashback 2 Sakura's Death.

    "Sasuke!!!!" Sakura screeched. Sasuke turned to see Sakura. "Witch." he muttered, and attacked her. "Aghghgghghgh!!!!!!" Sakura cried, petriffied. Sasuke grabbed her arms, and twisted them, until wrinkles appeared on her arms. Then, he ripped them off.

    Sakura cried in more pain, but she was not dead. Her veins hanged low, bearing thwemselves, as blood escaped her body. She looked to she Sasuke with a kunai, as he cut her throat open.

    Sasuke gulped. What have I done? Ebisu smiled, he savored Deidara's scared looked. "So what? You learned a new move." Deidara said. But Ebisu heard the shakiness in his voice. Ebisu launched his attack, Deidara couldn't escape, Ebisu had trapped him!

    "Look at your legs!" Ebisu laughed. Deidara looked down, just to see strings of chakra. Ebisu was about to kill Deidara, when a giant bone took all of the attack. It was Kimmino [spelled wrong] The white haired boy watched Ebisu stammer inawe. Kimmino has gotten stronger, and also, he had a friend. 2 friends. And they were stronger than Ebisu could ever imagine TBC :amazed