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KazeYama's art thread


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Ok I'm aspiring to not suck at art so I figured I would make a thread just so I dont have to keep respamming the forums everytime I put up something new.

So to start ill post this Color

comments critiques or links to tutorials are good. Also don't mind the crappy shading and color job. The pencil sketches are alot better but I figured I would learn to draw and color at the same time.


It's messed up beyond repair!!!!!!! Lol. Jk. Well, here's a great anatomy tutorial made buy a friend:


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Mega update of new sketches

It doesn't count as bumping your own thread if you post new stuff does it?



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More stuff. God at the rate I can pump out sketches I figure I should either slow down and try to draw better or spend more time inking and photoshopping stuff.

P.S. drawing without any sort of reference or model is rediculous and I don't suggest it even though thats what I do.


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I forgot I even had an art thread. I didn't think this would still be around after 2 years. I finally decided to upload all the stuff sitting around, I'll keep updating as I do more stuff. Compared to a few years ago I think I've made a lot of progress but I think my stuff still looks bad. Probably just the typical self consciousness of artist though.

All of my old links are dead, plus I need to scan some stuff from way back when for comparison.

Failed Portrait Attempt that was supposed to start as Judy Garland and ended badly

Sketch I didn't bother completing

Another Sketch concept that I never got developed past scribbling stage

The angle or perspective on the hand for this blowkiss thing was impossible to get down


Art prevails!
Your style is not bad KazeYama, but I see a lot of useless lines... you should try to limit the strokes you use or to make a sketch, then create a new layer and pass over the important ones only. I think your lines is the main problem with your art... we sometimes even lose the sense of your art between all these lines...

Anyway, keep up!
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