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KCL M433: KawaiiKyuubi vs TheDestroyer

Discussion in 'Konoha Training Grounds' started by Daenerys Stormborn, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Daenerys Stormborn Advisor

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    Sep 12, 2005

    KawaiiKyuubi vs TheDestroyer @ Bijuu Sealing Chamber, Long

    Sage Kabuto


    Sage Naruto

    Good luck to both contestants!
  2. KawaiiKyuubi

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    Apr 24, 2012
    Hey, here's my sorry excuse for a strat.



    Should be mostly full via Shino. Kabuto will know a fair amount too.
    Full through Kabuto and Shino
    Probably none, other than that he's an Uchiha and therefore possibility of Sharingan. Maybe not even that much.

    Tsunade and Naruto will know about his medical abilities, Naruto will know he's absorbed Orochimaru and will be

    prepared for whatever that entails. However, neither should know about his Sage Mode.
    Full through Naruto.
    Full through Naruto and Tsunade.
    Full through Naruto.

    Everyone will share their knowledge of the enemy. Shino will release bugs for Mushi Jamming no Jutsu, to try to

    block Naruto's Sage Sensing. Kabuto will also use his Body Fluid Shedding to create chakra snakes to further

    confuse sensing/Sharingan.

    Zabuza will immediately start creating mist with Kirigakure no Jutsu until the entire area is covered, and Kabuto

    will immediately begin gathering Natural Energy. Shino will make 3 Mushi Bunshins that stay with him, for

    the purposes of either distraction, kawarimi or to attack anyone who makes them 'pop'. They will spread out in a

    tight phalanx formation, with Kabuto in the centre. Kabuto will use Snake Sensing to instruct the others as to any

    approaching enemies, and Shino will use some of his insects for the same purpose.

    Initial Attack
    Their primary focus is to get rid of Tsunade, and Obito if it's possible but they will not compromise the attack on Tsunade to follow Obito should he hide/stick with Naruto, as quickly as possible once they approach, with Kabuto taking Naruto into CQC in order to distract him and allow the rest of the team to target Tsunade/Obi Wan. To do this, as soon as the enemy is confirmed to be near, Zabuza will make 5 Mizu Bunshins, and then use his Silent Killing techniques, utilizing his Mizu Bunshins to try and land a killing blow/headshot. Shino will support him with Hijutsu: Mushidama and Haku will use the water from any destroyed Mizu Bunshins to create Makyo Hyosho [NOTE: Do I need preexisting water for this? I assumed yes, but would be nice to know] and then utilize the speed it will grant him

    to inflict constant damage on Tsunade, and hopefully keeping her occupied, while Zabuza attempts a successful headshot/killing blow. Any insects not currently in combat will attempt to drain Tsunade as fast as possible. Kabuto should have no trouble keeping Naruto at bay until at least Tsunade is deadsies, at which point they will rejoin him to battle Naruto (Assuming any survive, but they will make sure to take out Tsunade even if it costs them all their lives. Though it shouldn't.)

    Kabuto vs Naruto

    Kabuto, after reaching SM, will be waiting with the group and once they attack, will focus on Naruto. Hopefully after a while, Tsunade and Obito will be dispatched

    with minimal casualties, but as long as both have been killed then it doesn't matter so much. Using his sensing and speed,

    Kabuto will engage Naruto in CQC, utilizing his superior speed/reflexes/regen to tank any attacks that are not FRS and then will counterattack with Chakura no Mesu to either the lungs or heart, and to his limbs when parrying his attacks. When he decides the

    moment is right he will use Kidomaru: Kumosokai to ensnare Naruto and any clones and follow up with his biggest

    possible Kimimaro: Sawarabi no Mai for the kill. If any of Kabuto's team are still alive, then they will attack

    Naruto will their most flashy attacks, with the biggest area of effect, to use as a distraction to give Kabuto an opening for his

    Kido/Kimi combo kill.

    Avoiding FRS?
    With his sage-enhanced reflexes and sensing, he should be able to easily notice when FRS is being formed and either simply dodge it if possible, or Doton underground to avoid it. Assuming he cannot, see below.

    Kabuto is about to be hit by an unavoidable FRS?
    One of the remaining team members will throw themselves infront of it, if that is the only option, to protect

    Kabuto. Haku will also attempt to either protect him with Hyoton Dome or throw himself infront of the FRS using the

    speed of his mirrors. Otherwise, he will attempt to use his Body Fluid Shedding/Uzumaki Regen to attempt to tank

    it, or use Orochimaru-ryu no Kawarimi no Jutsu to get out of it's way.

    if there's any serious formatting errors then I'm sorry, but I've had like 5mins to edit this and post it before I go to bed -- my partner has been in hospital all week after having a diabetic seizure at work, and so I've been very, very busy and currently have a migraine that would slay an elephant. Sorry, I wanted to spend another good hour on this but I just can't.

  3. The Pirate on Wheels

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    Mar 7, 2010
    Looks fine. Some people don't like center formatting though.

    Hope they feel better.
  4. KawaiiKyuubi

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    Apr 24, 2012
    Thanks PoW. Still, looks like I might as well have just put "My characters all smoke weed and play hide and seek in the mist" by the looks of it.

    I think something needs to be done about the DQs all over the place. I've been waiting for this match for weeks, as I need practice before the rookies (Which I'm under a lot of pressure to win, seeing as us kiwi's have won it the last 3 times running, so I don't wanna let down my country! We take Naruto debates very seriously down here, it's the national sport) but it looks like it'll just be a DQ, and then I'll have to wait another 3 weeks for another match, where my opponent won't bother to turn up to. Sigh.

    Apologies to TD if he DOES plan on posting, but it looks unlikely at this point, and I just knew this would happen. It's unfair, as the Decath and the League are all underway, so there's no games for me to play in and so I lose interest. And I'm pretty patient. I can imagine this happening to other newbies and them thinking "Well fuck it then" and leaving, maybe forever. Sorry for the rant, but I hope you see where I'm coming from yaknow? I always do my best to vote in matches, and I came home from the hospital with a splitting headache, last thing I wanted to do was type up that strat, but I did it so as not to let someone down. Just frustrating is all.
  5. DreadTalon

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    Apr 5, 2010
    Decath will be over in a few days and a new tourney we will probably be running the trial which you can play in. Why is your team illegal btw? That is 88 points.
  6. Sans

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    Mar 28, 2011