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KCL M459: Dr. White vs Axiom

Discussion in 'Konoha Training Grounds' started by Daenerys Stormborn, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Daenerys Stormborn Advisor

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    Sep 12, 2005

    Dr. White vs Axiom @ Gaara vs Kimimaro Battlefield, Long

    Dr. White
    White Hair, Don't Care
    Base Jiraiya



    Good luck to both contestants!
  2. Axiom

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    Feb 4, 2013
    Good Luck Doctor White

    Spoiler: Strategy
    My Knowledge
    Kakashi - Sharingan, all 3 affinities, KB
    Jiraiya - Toad Sage, Sannin, Oro's Teammate
    Tobirama - Hiraishin is banned but I guess we know about KB, CQC proficiency, and his being the 2nd Hokage.

    His Knowledge
    Sasuke - Effectively full from Kakashi
    Temari - Fuuton Style User
    Shikamaru - Shadows and Trench Knives, don't know about flash bombs
    Shi - None
    Mahiru - Full​

    Prep: We will discuss everything pertinent to the match. Of course we have an infinite amount of time so no detail will be spared.

    Phase 1
    Firstly, Shi will use his flash bang genjutsu (without letting the enemy team see it) and Sauce will copy it. Sauce was able to capture Shi with his base Sharingan genjutsu, so he is probably more proficient in genjutsu than Shi. Mahiru will use his TKB to make 20 KB, and if Sauce can, he'll copy KB and make one. Afterwards, Sauce will summon his hawk and it will stand by with Temari for later purposes, and he will summon Aoda. With all this done, we shall approach on Aoda, except for Mahiru who will be underground. Shi will be sensing.

    Phase 2
    Once in range, we will use Aoda's momentum to launch off and jump towards the enemy team. As soon as we're in the air Sauce and Temari will use a Katon/Futon combo; we won't give the enemy any time to take advantage of our aerial position. As soon as this is launched, Shi will use his Flash bang genjutsu, and as soon as that is used, Shikamaru will use the flash effect to bind the enemy team with shadows, a la what was done to Tayuya. With their being bound and under genjutsu, it won't be pretty for them. Note that Sasuke wasn't able to break the genjutsu in time to evade the Darui/V1 Ei blitz, which came after the flash effect had already ended. Shikamaru's shadow will have bound them before the flash effect ends, which will further prevent them from Kai'ing out of the genjutsu, but even if they did Kai out, it wouldn't matter, because they'd still be bound by Shika's shadow. So, with that done, Shikamaru will pick them apart with Kagenui and Sauce will bisect them with Chidori Eiso. Hopefully this kills them :zaru

    As for the possibility of their using ranged attacks before we get in range, that's really not all that concerning. Their ranged attacks consist of Ranjishigami, Katon: Endan, and some Suitons. These are all things that Sauce and Temari can easily react to with a Katon/Fuuton combo, or with a snake meat shield, or just by dodging if necessary. In the case of Katon: Endan, it can actually be copied.

    And if Shika can't use his shadow jutsu while in the air (which he almost certainly should be given the nature of the flash bang), but if you don't think he can for w/e reason, we'll just jump straight off of Aoda to the ground instead of executing our combo in the air.

    Contingencies below, feel free not to read them if you don't take any issue with my strategy. Although there is a part about Sasuke and KB so maybe you should read that.

    What if the match goes on?

    We will continue to use the flash + shadow combo to try and catch them. Additionally, Mahiru will pop up from random spots and make tunnels, in order to A)try and surprise attack one of the enemies if at all possible and B)give Shikamaru tunnels which he can use to sneakily bind people with his shadow. It's a bit much to ask the enemy to always watch for Shika's shadow when they're being bombarded by Sauce and Temari and have to worry about Shi's genjutsu. Temari will continue her Fuuton spammage, combined with Katons when convenient, and Sauce will do whatever is required, be it CQC or Katons or killing enemies that Shika has captured. He is also allowed to summon snakes whenever he sees fit. Also, Temari is allowed to fly away on the hawk and spam from the air whenever she sees fit, giving us another angle of attack.

    Other than that, you know, we'll react accordingly to whatever comes up. Sauce is capable of engaging any of them in CQC, and by CQC, I mean fully extending Chidori Eiso and keeping them at bay. And using his KCM Nardo speed in conjunction with that to ensure Jiraiya will die if he gets too close. This is also something with which Kakashi and Tobirama will have a lot of trouble. Shikamaru is free to use the trench knives, or give them to Mahiru who can try to tag some shadows with them. Sauce may use genjutsu, particularly on Jiraiya, but if he gets any opportunity, he will take it.

    You think Sauce can copy KB?
    Hooorayyyyyyyyyyy : D. He'll combine katons with Temari, use flash bang to supplement Shikamaru, and help out real Sauce in CQC.

    Shi Dies?
    Sasuke will take his role as the flash bang genjutsu user, which, again, should strengthen the genjutsu. This will slightly delay the Sasuke blitz after the genjutsu, but Temari and Mahiru can pitch in, and it's not like they're breaking Shikamaru's shadow very quickly, anyway.

    They use clones?
    Shi will sense this, and if there is one of each of the enemy hiding away, it will be obvious who is and is not the real team. Clones can be dealt with with a KKM combined with a Katon, or by Aoda, or by Sasuke CQC, or by our regular method of attack.

    They Doton?
    Aoda will smash the ground up and it's problem solved.

    Stealth Tactics?
    We have a sensor, a sharingan, 20 Mahiru's traveling underground, and powerful AoE attacks. We should be able to either detect them or smoke them out with ease.

    That should be it. Any further concerns will be dealt with in rebuttals. Thanks for reading and be sure to vote!
  3. Dr. White

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    Jun 11, 2011
    Catdank Faction:
    We open up by getting in range and starting with a double elemental barrage of Katon from J-Man and Suiton from Tobirama(Water Dragon), Kakashi takes this breach of LOS, and creates two KB's, one shadow clone, and one Raiton clone: Kakashi himself will doton underground. During this Jiraiaya will use FCD with his 3 story Toad to try and take out any unsuspecting member(not Sasuke). Tobirama creates 2 clones, and has the Raiton clone, charge his sword.

    From here we will begin the main strategy, Jiraiya is to take the Kakashi Raiton clone, and one clone of Tobirama's with him to fight Sasuke and Isolate him. He will use Katons/Rasengan and his giant Toad Swords to pressure Sasuke: Tobirama's clone is to give back up support via Water Dragon jutsu, and the kakashi clones main focus is to be killed by Sasuke in close range, and paralyze him. Once Sasuke kills the Kakashi clone Jiraiya is to use his Toad Jutsu to trap Sasuke as a toad, and or suck him into his following up with an Odama Rasengan to drill a very surprised Sasuke into stomach acid. The whole time fighting Sasuke he will use his Hair Jutsu for defense if needed.

    Meanwhile Kakashi's shadow clone, the real tobirama(with Raiton sword) and one of his clones will be fighting on the front against Temari, Shikmaru, Shi, Etc. Because we know of Shikamaru's shadow game they will be on strict duty to attack from Mid Range. Kakashi clone will utilize Raikiri Dog, the real Tobirama will have his clone also attack from range via Water Dragon, and he will use his superior speed to blitz in and kill fodder with his Raiton Sword with openings via the elemental jutsu.

    Kakashi if you can recall was told to sneakily enter doton while everything was progressing. His first main goal will be to take advantage of the above ground action, and Raikiri Temari through her chest. She is the only threat to Tobirama's squadron, and she can even back up Sasuke. Kakashi via my tactics should no doubt be able to surprise raikiri her, and from there he rapes in CqC with Tobirama + support from mid via the clones.

    End Game we all team up on Sasuke if he is still alive, or not trapped in the Toads stomach.
  4. Baroxio

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    Nov 29, 2010
    Aoda effectively solos.

    Dr. White, I can't really see your team effectively attacking the opposing team while they are on Aoda/Hawk. While Sasuke and Aoda have poor but passable Anti-Doton, your team has absolutely no Anti-air, so even without Aoda I'm not sure you guys would have been able to win.

    But I'll give you a chance. Rebuttal your opponent's strategy and describe to me how you think the battle plays out, and how you catch your opponent. I'll vote tomorrow.

    EDIT: Welp, no attempt at a rebuttal has been made, so my vote goes to Axiom
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2013
  5. Sans

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    Mar 28, 2011