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KCL M470: Baroxio vs Laix

Discussion in 'Konoha Training Grounds' started by Daenerys Stormborn, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Daenerys Stormborn Mother of Dragons Retired Mod

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    Baroxio vs Laix @ Wave Country Town, Long

    Fodder Meta
    Hungry Ghost Realm Pain


    Vagina Power

    Good luck to both contestants!
  2. Laix

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    Spoiler: Strategy


    Ghost Realm Pain - Full through the knowledge shared by Katsuyu duringthe invasion to Tsunade and others.
    Chouji - Full from Ino.
    Shikamaru - Full from Ino.
    Kidomaru - None.
    Mifune - Ino was in his division during the war and they have seen him use a few of his techniques during his war so it's safe to say they know he uses jutsu revolving around his sword.
    Ino - Full from Ino.
    Omoi - Nothing specific.

    Tsunade - They know she has incredible strength and is a world-class healer. Nothing specific like Byakugo.
    Sakura - Full from Ino.
    Temari - Full from Shikamaru.
    Kurotsuchi - None.
    Ino - Full from Ino.
    Karin - Sasuke's BFF.
    Hinata - Full.
    Shizune - Tsunade's assistant that is also a medic.

    Preparation Phase:

    They share information, explain how their jutsu work and discuss the plan. Tsunade then gives the girls a well needed lesson.

    Opening Phase:

    Temari will immediately open up with Ōkamaitachi to act as an offense and defense to any techniques they may use. She will then summon Kamatari and ready him on her fan.

    Shizune will poison the scythe of Kamatari and enhance Temari's jutsu through Shosen Jutsu.

    Sakura will summon a palm sized Katsuyu for everyone and hand them out with the exception of Karin, who will receive a body-sized Katsuyu and a palm sized. Once that's done, she will

    Karin will immediately begin sensing, communicating information via Katsuyu to the rest of the team. She will then retreat with her Katsuyu bunshins into the town and remain hidden while sensing.

    Secondary Phase:

    This will happen immediately after the above phase.

    Temari will fire off a poisoned, Shizune-enhanced Kamatari towards the other team.

    Once it clears, Tsunade will superthrow Sakura in an arc to the other team's location based on Karin's sensing. She will then do the same to Hinata and Ino roughly five seconds after.

    Kurotsuchi will be mostly on defense, ready to capture anyone with her Yoton and Suiton combination for Tsunade to one-shot-kill them or engage in CQC with them.

    If at any point Temari sees a technique coming towards her or Karin alerts her, she will fire off the necessary wind technique to deflect/cancel it, powered by Tsunade if need be.

    Sakura will use her power and just wherever the enemy is. Excusing anyone who may die from that attack, Hinata will follow up with a perfect Hyuga-assisted Shintenshin on Ghost Realm if he is still alive. If not, she will perform it on (in this order, depending on who is available) - Choji > Shikamaru > Mifune > Kidomaru > Omoi. Once shintenshin'd, she will release the technique after positioning herself for Sakura to one-shot-kill the target. While all this is happening, Hinata will keep watch with her Byakugan and alert the girls if anyone tries to surprise attack them.

    Essentially there are three teams;

    Team A;
    Tsunade, Shizune, Kurotsuchi and Temari are on the defense.

    Team B;
    Sakura, Ino and Hinata are on the guerilla offense.

    Team C;
    Karin and Katsuyu are on sensing duty.

    It's hard to script from here. They will just gang up on whoever remains (which shouldn't be many by now, if any).

    What Ifs

    What if Ino-Shika-Cho use their YoYo thing?
    Temari can blow them all away if they try to attack Team A. Sakura/Tsunade could just punch Choji away and kill him depending on which team they attack.


    Kurotsuchi/Sakura/Tsunade makes this impossible.
  3. Luftwaffles Banned

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    Should've switched Sakura and Tsunade imo. Good strat either way.
  4. Laix

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    I would've but getting people to believe Sakura can superthrow is almost impossible from experience so it would've taken a bit longer for Tsunade to get over there. Thank you though :33
  5. Baroxio Unlimited Strategy Works

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    So, this is the Location:

    It's huge, and more to the point there are tons of shadows we can abuse naturally.

    So here's the general strat:

    Abuse full knowledge, bind opponents, kill opponents.

    Ino functions as the kingpin here, as even if Shikamaru can only hold somebody like Tsunade for a single second, Ino allows us to make the most effective use of that second when it comes to both offense and defense.

    Shikamaru is of course the Team Captain, and all orders, changes, and revisions he issues will be followed by the team. I expect him to cover basic things like the best position from which to attack the enemy and everything of that sort.

    Spoiler: Capturing Techniques

    • Chouji grows big and extends his shadow over the opponent.
      • Shikamaru can use Chouji's shadow to catch the opponent in a Shadow Bind.
    • Kidomaru can summon spiders to spam sticky web threads across the city and attack with .
      • Note that these threads all leave shadows for Shikamaru to further bind the opponent.
      • Omoi should also be able to through these wires to further paralyze captured opponents.
    • Mifune's speed allows Shikamaru to attach his shadow on to Mifune, and use whatever point of contact Mifune makes to trap an opponent in CQC. Once that happens, said opponent is restricted for a moment, which is all an Iai master like Mifune needs to decapitate a head.
    • Note that opponents caught or even momentarily hindered by either Kidomaru or Shikamaru are easy Shintenshin fodder if our team deems it necessary.

    Spoiler: Offensives

    • Raitonized Drill arrows from Kidomaru + Omoi
    • Raitonized Mifune sword slashes, empowered further by Mifune's own chakra flow.
    • Raitonized Kunai and Shuriken.
    • Chouji's Ultrasized Butterfly Bullet Bombing.

    All of the above should work regardless of whether or not the opponent is captured, but Chouji specifically will wait until the opponent is caught anyway.

    Spoiler: Defenses

    • Preta Realm can counter any and all ninjutsu, and even comes with the ability to counter Katsuya clones, as chakra drain canonically kills them.
    • Chouji's size and Mifune's speed should be more than able to block most others.
    • Worst comes to worst and at least 5 out of 7 of my characters can raise a small wall, which for nothing else can block the opposing Ino's Shintenshin.

    All in all the only ones of any consequence are Tsunade and Sakura, so we will focus fire those two. Once they are gone, the match is essentially won, as Preta can counter the two ninjutsu users on the opposing team.

    The fact that nobody on his team can deal with Mifune's speed makes this match mine.
  6. BringerOfChaos ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Haven't really gathered my thoughts yet, and may or may not vote, but is it bad I think Laix could've won this match almost immediately if he started off with phase 2?
  7. Sans Bad Time

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