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KCL M486: Turrin vs Waffle



- Deidara blows a hole into the back of the gave.
- My team escapes through it and Deidara makes a C2 Dragon.
- C2 Dragon Produces Mines which Mahiro creates Clones to drag towards the other team
- C2 Dragon takes off carrying Hanzo and Deidara, while Deidara creates a Bushin, and a more nibble C1 Bird for him and Hanzo to fly on, while the Bushin pilots the C2 Dragon
- Hanzo hands his mask to Deidara and summons out Ibusei
- C2 Dragon starts barraging the other team w/ Missiles, while the real Deidara mixes in more nibble C1 cranes to catch the other team by surprise.
- When the other team gets close enough Ibusei will release the Gas, and Deidara + Bushin will make use of the LOS blocking caused by the Gas to really lay it on thick w/ their exploisions
- If the other team starts getting close we'll keep backing up to keep our distance and pulling out the Gas in 5m intervals

- While that is going on Mahiro Clones and Mahiro will drag the landmines towards the other team to be detonated.

We'll keep up this barrage of Gas and Bombs until the other team is wiped out.


Gaara immediately sends our team up top, we break the ceiling with Katon and we head to flight ceiling. Ino links Gaara so he has view of the battlefield and he'll send a bit of his sand to intercept any attacks as well as launch a small offensive.

Gaara is to defend my team.
If any exploding birds come close, Sasuke uses his Chidori Senbon or Eiso or Gaara's intercepts and clips a wing off.
Ino is free whenever to use a Shintenshin. If she sees she can't, she'll keep mindlinking Gaara with sensing. She'll be relaying any helpful info to Sasuke via telepathy.

Battle Phase:
When my team gets close, Sasuke will summon his hawk while Gaara protects said hawk, Sasuke will use Chidori Eiso to destroy any projectiles as well as to kill Deidara or Hanzo(THIS FIGHT WILL BE IN THE AIR). He can use katon variants as well. If Sasuke feels Gaara's sand is faster, he'll ignore the Kuchiyose rule and ride on the sand platform. Gaara will cover Sasuke with his sand and will also look for any helpful opening he can so he can squish them. Aoda can be summoned via Snake Drop to attack Deidara with his immense speed and whatnot.

If Ibuse and Hanzo are on the ground, we deal with Deidara first, then after he's gone, Gaara will use Ino's mindlink to attack via underground squish or above ground squish. Sasuke can fire Katons from the air. My team will never step on the ground, we will fight aerially.

What ifs:
They gas in the air: Gaara covers my team in sand ball and retreats back.
They stay on the ground and/or cave: Gaara hard counters with sand and Sasuke nukes with Katons from above, this will break the ceiling and cause it to collapse on them GG.



You don't have any knowledge of Gas or even Ibusei, so a-lot of your strat is meta gaming and won't be possible.

W/ That in mind your team probably goes down to Gas once they try and close in on my team, since they have no knowledge of it and will just assume it's a smoke screen. From there they get bomb GG'd.


Gaara was commander of war and should have full knowledge on most of Naruto-verse,being a kage. but yeah,not sure if i should've given it. ur team gets eiso'd whenwe get close gg


Gaara was commander of war and should have full knowledge on most of Naruto-verse,being a kage. but yeah,not sure if i should've given it. ur team gets eiso'd whenwe get close gg
Gaara was off fighting w/ Long Range division when Hanzo fought the Ambush Squad, so I really doubt he has knowledge. My Team knows Chidori Eisou range and stays out of. Gas also had a large range so it will hit your team long before Chidori Eisou gets into effective range.
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