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KCL M514: nfcnorth vs Dr. Leonard Church

Daenerys Stormborn

Mother of Dragons
nfcnorth vs Dr. Leonard Church @ Kiba vs Sakon/Ukon Valley, Medium

Gaiden Kakashi


Dr. Leonard Church

Good luck to both contestants!

Dr. Leonard Church

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Sasori immediately leaves Hiruko and summons the 3KK, prepping Iron Sand to its limit.

Kitsuchi and Dodai combine Doton: Chidokaku and Yoton: Gomuheki to raise a large Doton + Yoton formation underneath our team. We will spend most of the match on top of this rocky formation attacking from the height ceiling. Kitsuchi raises the ground underneath us should the enemy get to even footing with us, repeating the defensive system. Doton Domes, combined with Yoton walls, will be used as additional defense.

Kitsuchi additionally lowers the enemy team should they be attempting to run up the cliffside to get to us. Doton: Chidokaku will troll them.

Ino telepathically connects our team and senses, relaying information et al. Sasori specifically will receive sensing.


Sasori uses his Iron Sand to shatter the cliffside above the enemy team. This will not only take out the immobile low-tiers but also lower LOS to the point where Sasori can use Satetsu Shigure en masse, wiping them out. Satetsu Kaiho should be used as a finisher, if the enemy is not hit yet.


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Lets try something I don't have any idea how well it will be received and hope it works. :zaru If nothing else I will learn it doesn't work and avoid trying to do a similar tactic in the future.

Tobi- what ever intel the alliance has on him
roshi- Maybe know he is a jinchurki but as for the specifics not sure
Temari- Ino should have decent info on her if not full
Shizune- Ino should know her as Tsunade's aide. Unsure how much she knows about her combat ablities however other than being a healer
Gaiden Kakashi- Ino will probably recognize him as a kid version of team 7's sensei but probably a little unsure of how much of his adult moveset he will have.


Sasori-Tobi as the leader of Akatsuki should have pretty decent knowledge on him
Kitsuchi- Pretty sure Temari should know he is a doton user since he was the person who gave the basic seals on doton to the alliance
Ino- Shizune should have close to full on her
Dodai- Temari was their during the fight against the edo raikage so she probably has at least basic info on him since he took part in that fight as well

do the standard prep stuff and come up with ways to signal certain attacks without the enemy knowing.


My team will advance at the start of the match towards the enemy. Shizune will be slightly ahead of everyone else followed closely by Temari and Tobi. Roshi and Kakshi will be following behind Tobi and Temari. Tobi will pull out a chakra disruption blade and give it to Roshi while on the move. Roshi will go one-tailed form during the advance.

After advancing a short distance towards the enemy Shizune will use dokugiri which will be immeditly blown at the enemy with a futon from Temari. Temari will take care not to use too powerful of a futon to blow the poison completely past the enemy or completely disperse the poison. After giving a brief period of time (this delay will be two or three seconds at most) for the enemy to breath in the poison Tobi will use his strongest kaiton which will be combined with another futon from Temari at the same position Shizune fired the gas at. Roshi will use his ranged yotons as well. The aim here is to try to use the poison gas as further fuel to power up the flames created by Tobi and Temari's kaiton/futon combo attack.

If the enemy manages to survive this opening somehow Roshi will blitz in his one-tailed state and fire off yotons at the enemy focusing on Sasori's supports. The rest of my team will join in the blitz and go to their assigned foes. Tobi and Temari will focus on Sasori and Kitsuchi if he survived and will use various fire and wind combo attacks to burn the puppet master to a crisp.Kakshi and Shizune are to focus on Ino and Dodai. Roshi will move around an attack anyone and everyone on the enemy team he sees as open or needs to be kept busy in his one tailed state.

Tobi is free to use mokuton and and any appropriate equipment he thinks will be needed to take out Sasori. Temari and Roshi will do what ever Tobi advises them to do and will focus on helping him go on the offensive against Sasori. Temari is also ordered to protect our team (with Tobi, Roshi and herself being the main priority) from any and all projectile weapons she can defend against. Any and all attacks are permitted including more poison fog attacks provided that Temari is ready to blow them away from teammates if necessary.

what ifs
Somehow Shizune poison's a teammate?
She will have an antidote and will be able to administer it

The poison doesn't work on the enemy?
if nothing else the gas should be a nice diversion for the kaiton/futon follow up attack and will be a good way to obscure it from view until the last possible moment

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