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Koios vs Dark Schneider

Discussion in 'Manga/Anime Battledome' started by DarkLordDragon, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. DarkLordDragon

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    Oct 16, 2005
    Koios of Dark Lightning from Saint Seiya Episode G vs Dark Schneider from Bastard

    Alot of people don't know Koios so please read follow to know more about him

    Koios' Background:

    The third Titan released from Tartarus by Pontus. He is considered by Cronos as he ?best killer?. Even so, Koios is the most caring and gentle of all the Titans. His amiability are not reserved just to his brothers, but also to his enemies. Although very focused in his missions, Koios seems to avoid unnecessary killings but he still likes a good fight. Despite being the ?good one? among the Titans, Koios is lethal when fighting and merciless once the enemy decides to fight. Controlling the lightning Koios can magnify his speed.

    After been boosted by a dark lightning, his movements become so fast that even the Gold Saints are unable to see. Once his Soma has the shape of a rapier, it possesses a high perforation power, being able to trespass a Golden Cloth with just his fingers. Koios is very close to Hyperion and both are trying to release their humans followers without the connivance of their brothers. His special techniques, so far, are:

    - Ebony Illumination (漆黒光源 - エボニー・イルミネイション, Ebony Illumination):

    Koios creates black orbs of energy which can be freely controlled by him. They fly directly to their target, but their trajectory can be changed by Koios will. Once they hit the target, they explode causing physical damage of engulf the enemy locking him inside.

    Sparkle Rapier (閃光刺突 - スパークル・レイピア) A beautiful attack that consists in Koios create a incredibly high amount of hands made of dark energy. They flight until the enemy doing circular movements, making this attack resemble a horizontal cyclone. When the target is near, all the hands converge on a single point and pass through the body of the enemy, similar to a rapier. They hit the body directly, passing through any armor as if it wasn?t there. The damages caused to the enemy are made from the inside, directly to its organs and veins.

    - Ebony Gail (漆黒疾風 - エボニー・ゲイル, Ebony Gail): With a strong movement of his fist, Koios condensates the wind, creating a very sharp blow that hits the enemy as a blade. The movement, as the Sparkle Rapier, can pass through armors and injures directly the body due to be made of wind.

    >>> I know its urs :p

    Koios is wearing his Soma, the Soma is a armor for the Titans and it's even stronger than the Gold Cloth

    Koios have speed/reaction faster than the speed of light.


    * Destroying the planet is not allowed.
    * Both characters are equal in their speed.
    * Ground battle, meaning flying is not allowed
    * Warping Reality is not allowed.

    Who will be the winner?