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Konoha clans <spoilers>

Discussion in 'Konoha Library Archives' started by zakku, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. zakku

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    Nov 18, 2005
    the following post has spoilers from recent manga chapters.

    hi all I'm new to the forum but wanted to start leting people in on stuff I've been writeing up. I have just finished writeing a informational on the clans of konoha. this is a beta test for me and my friends that I wanted to share with the world. so enjoy.

    Below is a list of clans from the hidden village of konoha

    Nara clan shadow hold
    The nara clan creates a special chakra type that allows them to control their shadow. They are also noted as being very intelligent and through researchers.

    Yamanaka clan spirit and mind control
    Yamanaka clan uses jutsus that control their opponents little is know about them. Besides the face that they are skilled in spying

    Akimichi clan body enhancement
    Clan Description

    The chubby clan of the Leaf. They are most famous for their body enlargement jutsus and their large appetites as well as their own chubbiness. An easy way to look for them is to look for the large, chubby features of the clan member.

    jutsus involving increasing the size of their bodies

    Two main attacks of this clan are known. The Multi Size no jutsu and the Meat tank. The effect of the Multi Size no jutsu is that it enlarges one of the user's body parts or all of them. The effect of the Meat Tank is that it allows the user to roll around in a ball at high speeds. First the user tucks his arms, legs, and head in. Then they just start moving real fast. As they start to build more momentum in their rolling, the faster they roll and the more damage they cause. Hence the name Meat Tank.

    Another thing about this comical but powerful clan is that they make three pills available only to those that belong to the Akimichi clan. Three different pills with three different colors. Blue pill - Houren-gan pill. Yellow pill - Curry pill. Red pill - Pepper pill. Taking even one of these pills causes great damage to the body. All of the pills increase the chakra of whoever eats them. However, these pills do not only cause great damage to the body but the pills can also be fatal. In most cases, people die from eating them because of too much of a strain on the body or from the continuous cellular decay caused from the pills effects. That's why the members of the Akimichi clan only use these as a last resort. These pills also have a particular order in which you are supposed to take them. Starting with eating the weakest to the strongest pill. In this order: Houren-gan pill, Curry pill, and then finally the Pepper pill. These pills were also the basis for the creation of the soldier pill: see items.

    Aburame clan destruction bugs
    Clan Description

    The Aburame clan is a mysterious family that has an extremely creepy and special ability. The ability to control and communicate with bugs. They are most noticeable because most of the family members wear shades or sunglasses. At birth, the babies of that clan are given to the kikai, or destruction bugs. The kikai are the parasites and the body of the newborn is the host. However, it's a mutualism. They both benefit. The kikai get chakra and the host body gets a powerful weapon and resource. It is noted that the bugs literally live in the host.

    Communicating and controlling bugs.

    The kikai are useful as offensive, defensive, and informational tools. Since the kikai feed on chakra, used as an attack against their opponent the opponent becomes the food. The little bugs can be sent to collect information from other people in close distance. Since Aburame clan members can communicate with bugs, they can easily understand what the bug is saying to them. These are the abilities of the Aburame clan. Although there may be more that haven't been revealed.

    Inuzuka clan dog companions
    Inuzuka clan which specialize in beast type of attacks and pairing up with other animals to successfully complete their missions but their strength is their heightened sense of smell, which enhances all smells 1000 times that of its original smell. They do this my concentrating their chakra on their nose giving them this ability. This is more of a clan secret then a bloodline trait. Note not all members of the Inuzuka clan pair up with animals.

    Clans with Advanced Bloodlines
    Advanced Bloodline techniques, or Bloodline Limits, These are special traits passed down to unique members of the clan; however, some clans all share the same bloodline, such as the Hyuugas' Byakugan. Others must awaken the traits such as the Uchiha's Sharingan. Those traits are something unique, and could only be passed from generation to generation, until now. Many other clans will do anything they can to get their hands on specific advanced bloodlines, because with the current technology DNA can be used to add that trait to a normal person. Examples of advanced bloodlines include the Uchiha's Sharingan and the Hyuuga's Byakugan. Each advanced bloodline "improves" a specific part or parts of the body, such as the eyes, bones or speed, others allow unique control over elements. Also note that advanced bloodlines cannot be learned or copied, and not always do they use Chakra. This means that a Sharingan or Byakugan user will be able to see the movement, but still the bloodline cannot be copied.

    Hyuuga Clan: The Byakugan
    The Byakugan, which translates directly into "White Eyes" can only be used by the advanced bloodlines of the Hyuuga clan. This special technique has everything to do with the users eyes, which literally turn into White eyes.

    The Byakugan is far different from the Sharingan however, unlike the Sharingan this technique can not copy moves. Although it can not copy moves, the Byakugan may just be better then the Sharingan. Like the Sharingan chakra must be used to activate it, but unlike the Sharingan there are hand seals that must be used as well. Using differing sets of hand seals allows the user to see in different ways with the Byakugan.

    The Byakugan gives the user the unique and devastating ability to be able to see through nearly anything.

    The Byakugan also possesses the extremely deadly ability to see chakra in its rawest form making most Ninjutsu and Genjutsu ineffective against it's bearer. This also allows the ability to see the opponent's inner Chakra Coils, and be able to attack it directly! Some members of the clan have an even greater ablity to see their opponents Tenketsu (chakra points) and attack them. That is a very remarkable ability when you take into consideration that there are 361 points throughout the body on the Keirakukei (chakra highway), and each point is just about the size of a needle point. When hit directly, they could theoretically stop that persons chakra flow all together or increase the flow of chakra dramatically.

    With all those fascinating abilities, the Byakugan can still do more! It gives them perfect vision for one hundred meters straight, allowing them to see through obstacles as well. Or, instead of one hundred meters straight, the bearer can be granted three hundred and sixty degree vision for fifty meters in any direction, barring an almost unnoticeable blind spot behind their first thoracic vertebrae. The using the ability to see 360 Degrees around him means that a Byakugan user cannot be attacked from behind, unless the attacker is extraordinarily fast. It is also rumored that the Byakugan can see in unique ways, such as an x-ray or a person or seeing the Tenketsu or seeing the inner-coil system. There is also rumored that some skilled members of this clan can see as far as 1000 meters in 360 degrees around them. Like the ?Mangekyou Sharingan?, this ability is most likely achieved at the cost of a great deal of chakra.

    Uchiha clan: The Sharingan

    The Sharingan is a special ability found in the pupil of select members of the Uchiha clan. It is a pupil characteristic which is said to have been passed down from the Hyuuga's Byakugan, and then, with time, evolved. The Byakugan is also an advanced bloodline of the Hyuuga's, but although it is so closely related to the Sharingan, the Byakugan is said to be far stronger. It is also said that possibly, the Uchiha's original traits are from the Hyuuga clan, which would also explain the Sharingan's existence.

    Unlike the Byakugan, the Uchiha clan Sharingan does not appear automatically at birth in an Uchiha clan member. Instead the Sharingan will typically not show up until the user is faced with a life threatening situation, the Sharingan will activate and help to save the life of the user, and after the first appearance of the Sharingan, the user can call upon the use of the Sharingan at any time he pleases. One interesting fact about the Sharingan is that you can gauge the power of the Sharingan user by counting the dots in the person's eye. One dot would be a beginner, two an intermediate, and three dots are found in each eye of a matured adult Sharingan user. It is not unusual to find a user whose two eyes contain different amount of dots, such as Uchiha Sasuke who initially had two dots in one eye, and just a single dot in the other eye, until eventually both eyes evened out as he matured.

    The Sharingan, as said before, is a pupil characteristic, so it is not considered a ninjutsu. Although it uses up chakra when used, this advanced bloodline requires no hand seal to be performed; the user just focuses some chakra on his eyes, bringing the Sharingan to the surface. Also, note that this ability does nothing useful by itself at the first stage; it needs to be combined with other Jutsus to work effectively. This suggests that the Sharingan can only be used properly by people who know many diverse types of fighting.

    The Sharingan has many abilities, but it's main one is the ability to copy every Nin, Gen, and Tai Jutsu seen by it. This means that in every fight the Sharingan is used, the more techniques are learned. Also, this doesn't require the user to want to learn the technique. It is like a defense mechanism, which operates once the attack commences. Another of the Sharingan's abilities is seeing through illusions. For example, Bunshins, or even Kage Bunshins are no problem for the Sharingan. It can see them all as chakra sources, and only the real one looks normal. The Sharingan user can also learn how to use Dojutsus at the second level, dojutsus are eye techniques, the only known dojutsus are genjutsus that trap opponents and suggest actions that should be taken.

    It is also said that the Sharingan can see the future; however, this maybe a false statement. The theory is Sharingan cannot see the future; instead, the ninja uses a series of steps to create the illusion that the ninja can foresee the future; making his opponent think they are seeing the future. Sharingan, is able to hypnotize the opponent, giving an advantage to the user. It can also suggest movements to the hypnotized brain, and thus 'see' the future from this illusionary technique. Note: A person must look into the Sharingan users eyes for the dojutsus, that are genjutsus, to have effect on them.

    steps taken to create the illusion of seeing the future are: The ninja first uses his eyes to scare the opponent; then uses a very smart hypnotist genjutsu, which gives the enemy the illusion that the ninja can see the future. Following that, the enemy is really scared, and starts performing a jutsu; the Sharingan then copies all of the movements, so it looks as if the user can predict his movements by moving the same way as the enemy. Next, through the hypnotic jutsu, the Sharingan suggests a jutsu to the enemy. Finally, since the user knows what seal will be performed, he performs the jutsu before the opponent thus scaring the enemy even more!

    Against the first level Sharingan, virtually all Jutsus are useless. However, a person with an advanced bloodline, or a Taijutsu user, is this level of Sharingan's worst enemies. Most Taijutsu shinobi's use speed on their advantage. This means that, even if the Sharingan can see the movement, it gives no time for the Sharingan ninja to react, creating an opening. This also goes for any ninja who use speed in their advantage. However, a Taijutsu ninja would be tougher to beat, mainly because of the lack of Chakra and hand seal use. But this only applies to the first level of the sharingan, as you will see in a couple of paragraphs. How ever for advanced bloodline users, since the bloodline is the key factor the jutsu cannot be copied.

    Since physical attacks mostly don't need chakra, the Sharingan can't predict them that well at the first level. Moreover, since no chakra is needed, no hand seal is needed, thus giving the opposing ninja a chance to strike at once, without giving a chance of copying and reacting to the Sharingan. Long story short, the first level Sharingan is pretty useless against speed and bloodline jutsus, but really useful against Ninjutsu and genjutsu users.

    The power of the Sharingan is judged through the amount of dots in the person's eye. One, two, three, or kaleidoscope (a circle develops around the pupil connecting the three dots.) These corispond to four levels of the sharaingan, the unawakened eye looks normal and the sharingan must be awakened, to have anything but potential power. The first level as stated allows copying of every nin, gen, and tai jutsus yet does not allow for immediate reproduction and still requires some practice to be proficient. The second level can allow the prediction of movements based on chakra intent and motion, at this level the user can immediately reproduce a technique when seen, even in battle. It also allows for special genjutsus produced by the sharingan?s dojutsus. The third level ?Mangekyou Sharingan? has special requirements such as the murder of ones? best friend to awaken, allowing a special and powerful dojutsus or eye techniques like Tsukiyomi (Illusionary Underworld Moon) to be preformed. This technique is instantaneous and has no chance of being dispelled. Once mangekyou or mange Sharingan is awakened the user must used additional chakra to bring it out above the normal amount used to bring the normal Sharingan out. Using Tsukiyomi uses up a huge amount of chakra, and is physically draining on the user. Only a few people in the history of the uchiha clan have succeeded in reaching the menge sharingan do to the requirements to awaken it. There might be several ways to awaken the mangekyou or mange Sharingan but we have only heard for the murder of ones best friend. Although it is a powerful jutsu, the sharingan consumes a lot of chakra. The sharingan cannot copy bloodline limit jutsus, and like the Byakugan chakra must be used to activate it.