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Konohamaru's New Friend!

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by Konohamaru_Inuzuka, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. Konohamaru_Inuzuka

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    Oct 1, 2006
    Chapter 1~!

    What this series is about::
    Konohamaru's friend...!
    There is no Naruto, or his other two friends(maybe they'll appear sometimes)
    This is my fan fictions soo....

    Konohamaru spent his days bored. Very bored. His friends, where off busy doing something for the day, his grandfather was busy, everyone knows they don't want to train with an closet prevert, and Naruto was off doing some important ninja business.

    So what else was there to do?

    Well, nothing much else to do.

    Konohamaru was just siting there...
    just sitting....
    and sitting....

    "Hiya, kid. Why are just sitting there?" The mysterious figure said.
    "Who, are you?! If you t--" Konohamaru was then inturrepted.
    "I'm Akinu Karai, of the Leaf Village," she said while putting her index fingure between her nose and mouth. "people know me as the second village idiot."
    "And. Your point it?", Konohamaru said while looking at her red eyes. Akinu was alibino so she stood out from the crowd.
    "That you should get up and do something!", Akinu exclaimed.
    "But, there isn't nothing to do.", Konohamaru said.
    "Well, I like you kid. You're not making fun of me," Akinu said. "You're the first person acutully."
    Konohamaru nodded in agreement. "Well, I'm Konohamaru!" he said blurting it out. "Konohamaru, Konohamaru....Konoha! You're after this village!", exclaimed Akinu.
    "Yeah. But just Konohamaru. No Kono. No Hamaru. No Ko. Just Konohamaru.", Konohamaru explained. "Okay, then. Just call me Akinu. Akinu, Akinu, Akinu, or Akinu." Akinu said. She put on her goggles, wrapped her Red, white, and blue scarf around her neck and the stretch her gloves. "Come, on Konohamaru! Let me take you on the most exciting adventure in your life!" Akinu yelled.
    "Really?!" Konohamaru said in amazement.
    "Heck, ya really!" Akinu said.

    And TBC(to be continued)