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Kratos vs 40k

Discussion in 'Outskirts Battledome' started by snipernaadi, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. snipernaadi Well-Known Member

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    Apr 8, 2015
    Kratos spawns into 40k verse.
    Who is strongest character he can kill or strongest army/faction he can defeat
    Speed equal
    Kratos has infinite time to do everything.
    Bonus: How long will it take for Kratos to learn to use 40k technology?
  2. Fang Titan

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    Mar 19, 2006
    Probably a Greater Daemon.
  3. Crimson Dragoon Silver Wheel

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    Dec 1, 2006
    yeah, probably

    he'd be a decent match for some Greater Daemons who have continent level feats
  4. MatthewSchroeder Well-Known Member

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    Dec 25, 2015
    Higher-end Greater Daemons have planetary feats or higher, and those Kratos would have no defense against. Like the Masque of Slaanesh, who was casually hurling the planets of an entire system around by dancing, and mind-controlling the populations of all those planets so they would all incessantly dance with her. And then made the system's star go supernova:

    I would be interested to see Kratos have to go up-against the Higher End Thousand Son Sorcerers, too. Their Attack Potency is comparable to Kratos' but their hax is just way higher:


    All quotes are from the 8th Edition Thousand Sons Codex:

    "The air crackles with warp energy as the Thousand Sons make their approach. An aura of maddening flux radiates from the psychic core of the Traitor Legion, twisting hope into despair as the Chaos-bound warriors emerge onto the battlefield from tears in reality. As their warp presence flares even brighter, time shifts unnaturally, stretching seconds into seeming eternities and crushing minutes into fleeting moments. The only anchors to reality that remain are the racing heartbeats of the fearful and the incessant pounding of Rubric Marines advancing in perfect unison."

    "The concentration of sorcery and the psychic agony of the dying pierces the veil between realspace and the warp, drawing forth Tzeentch’s daemonic servants who eagerly leap into the fray. Horrors of varied hues spill through the ruptured membrane of reality, obliterating the minds of those they behold or simply incinerating them with spouts of coruscating flames. The skies fill with floating Flamers unleashing daemonic fire upon those below and flights of Screamers that swoop down with terrifying swiftness to shred the flesh of the living with their slashing talons."

    The mere presence of the Thousand Sons in the battlefield heavily distorts the fabric of time and weakens the divide between realspace and the Warp.

    "Echoes of the psychic scream were heard across the entire Imperium. Scores of astropathic choirs felt a terrifying power emanating from a single point in the warp. The minds of many sanctioned psykers who had been tasked with listening for whispers of the Thousand Sons were devoured in an instant, and from their ruptured bodies arose cackling Tzeentchian Daemons. Only nine survived to tell of what they saw."
    - On the Rubric of Ahriman, from the Grimoire Hereticus

    "At this time Ahriman gathered to his side a cabal of the Legion’s mightiest Sorcerers, and together they determined to undo the corruption of the flesh-change. They knew that Magnus would oppose their actions, and so Ahriman created wards of secrecy, under the cover of which his cabal’s workings would go unseen. Hidden from view, they wove their mighty spell, then unleashed their creation across the Planet of the Sorcerers.

    The Grimoire Hereticus records the moment that the Rubric of Ahriman was unveiled – a roar of anguished unreality flared within the warp, a maelstrom within the maelstrom of Chaos so unimaginably powerful that even Daemons fled from its upheaval. The skies on the Planet of the Sorcerers were enveloped by iridescent storms and torn by streaks of polychromatic lightning, with each bolt arcing down to strike one of the corrupted Thousand Sons. It was Magnus that eventually ceased this eruption of cosmic energy, calling upon the power of Tzeentch to halt Ahriman’s sorcery. But the vast majority of the Legion had already been touched by the Rubric. Those struck had indeed been stripped of their mutations, for their flesh had been reduced to dust, mystically sealed inside their ensorcelled armour for eternity."

    In-Universe and Out-Of-Universe descriptions of the psychic echo and backlash of Ahriman's rubric, which reverberated throughout the entire galaxy, affected the Warp, and caused storms across an entire Daemon World.

    "It is extremely rare for the entirety of a cult to deploy in a single war zone, though when this does happen the fabric of reality quakes in their presence."

    A full Thousand Sons cult can cause the fabric of reality to quake with their mere presence.

    "The Cult of Prophecy is guided by incessant whispers that bleed from the warp. From these they divine the outcomes of multiple futures, and seek out events that can be twisted to their own purpose.

    The Cult of Time is similarly enthralled by the future, as well as the present and past. They view the flow of time as an unwrought resource that can be shaped into a weapon. By their victories, ripples are sent both forwards and backwards in time, so that their enemies may be defeated before they are even engaged.

    The Cult of Mutation embodies the transfiguring aspect of Tzeentch. Not only do they embrace the warping of flesh, but also the warping of reality itself. By their hand civilised planets are transformed into Daemon worlds, and entire populations moulded into grotesque abominations.

    The Cult of Knowledge is also drawn to the many curios hidden throughout the galaxy, particularly tomes of eldritch learnings, dark secrets and paradoxical logics. Through such lore, the cult is able to extrapolate the weaknesses in their enemies, and in the fabric of reality itself."

    The Cult of Prophecy are basically Farseers, The Cult of Time can manipulate the fabric of time to the point that they can affect both the past and the future, and manipulate causality to kill their enemies before they even engage in battle, The Cult of Mutation can mutate and warp entire planets, transforming them into Daemon Worlds, and the Cult of Knowledge can learn the weaknesses in the fabric of reality itself.

    5. Cult of Magic – The Scintillating Straits
    As Imperial fleets try desperately to pass between the warp storms of the Maelstrom and the Planet of the Sorcerers, they are riven by strands of astral fire woven by the Cult of Magic.

    The Cult of Magic's... magic is powerful enough to destroy entire fleets of Imperial Ships.

    "In their campaigns the Thousand Sons conquer vast tracts of realspace from which they draw the resources for their arcane war efforts. As they advance across the stars, their knowledge-lust brings them to sites of eldritch power, places saturated with the magic of profane rituals performed millennia ago. Some are worlds whose ancient inhabitants worshipped the Chaos Gods; others are planets with hateful entities buried deep beneath their surface. The baleful energy that hangs thick around such sites creates weak points in the veil separating realspace from the warp. Here, the Thousand Sons commune with empyric consciousnesses, beckoning them to enter the material plane and entreating them to share prescient visions of the skeins of fate.

    These places of power also serve as anchor-points to which Exalted Sorcerers and Daemon Princes tether their enormous, system-spanning spells. Gigantic hexes are etched into the fabric of space itself, corrupting the reality that lies within their bounds and causing it to tear violently open. From these gaping wounds the warp bleeds into existence, ravaging the minds of mortals with nightmarish perplexions and birthing daemonic beasts that descend hungrily upon the worlds of the living."

    When amped, the Exalted Sorcerers and Daemon Princes of the Thousand Sons can weave system-spanning spells, placing hexes on the fabric of space which corrupt reality itself, generating Warp Storms.

    "A sect of the Thousand Sons may join forces with the warbands of another Chaos Legion, only to turn upon their allies when the fickle winds of fate shift, or they may drive xenos invaders from an Imperial world only to sacrifice the planet’s population in a pyric ritual."

    Thousand Sons sorcerers can literally ritualistically burn an entire planet to offer its population in sacrifice to Tzeentch.

    Fortress of Infinities
    The Imperial Fists strike force Anvil of Dorn boards a fire-wreathed space hulk on the western fringe of the Segmentum Solar. Within, they encounter Manat, Exalted Sorcerer of the Cult of Time, and after a gruelling war of attrition through mutating corridors, Captain Dantarian strikes down the Thousand Sons warlord in single combat. But in the moment of the Exalted Sorcerer’s death there is a crack of aetheric power, and the Imperial Fists find themselves back on their strike cruiser, preparing to board the space hulk as though for the first time. Only an unquiet flicker buried deep within each battle-brother’s psyche suggests they may have walked this path before, and none can determine why they seem to have sustained so many casualties before even engaging the enemy. They battle Manat again, and again the Exalted Sorcerer’s death transports them to the moment before the siege. After eight iterations the Anvil of Dorn is all but obliterated, and the ninth sees Captain Dantarian alone march aboard the space hulk, there to meet his death against the laughing Manat.

    The power of an Exalted Sorcerer of the Cult of Time: Even as he dies, he locks the Imperial Fists on an endless time loop, except that their deaths from the previous iteration of the events carry onto the new one, while those of the Thousand Sons don't, and eventually all the Imperial Fists are utterly annihilated. I genuinely think this is terrifying.

    Crystallised Night
    An endless psychic scream lures Vasellisk the Shrouded, Sorcerer warlord of the Night Lords, to the obsidian mines on Xanthematos. As his warband sets about butchering the Imperial work crews, the terror of those slain continues to linger in the form of disembodied warp-gheists. The sight of spectral figures crowding the mines and howling with fear blinds Vasellisk to the true sorcery at play, for the planet has been hex-bound by Hasophet and his Mind-Eaters. As Vasellisk revels in the resonant terror, the Mind-Eaters seal the mines with the Night Lords inside. In the final twist of Hasophet’s curse, the spirits of the dead burst into warpfire, filling the subterranean tunnels with screaming flame. By the time the mines are reopened, every last Night Lord has been reduced to ash – all except for Vasellisk the Shrouded, whose body has been melted into a lump of dark glass. This Shrouded Crystal is the foreseen prize of Hasophet’s seven hundred and sixty-fifth rite, and it pulses with the psychic energy of the Sorcerer it once was.

    The Sorcerer Hasophet casting a hex on an entire planet.

    Broken Shield
    The Cult of Manipulation forge a hex to extinguish the Aspis star in Segmentum Solar. The growing solar storm alerts the Adeptus Custodes to the Thousand Sons’ machinations, and a squad of Allarus Custodians, joined by a Grey Knights strike force and a large contingent of Skitarii, set out to locate and eradicate the cabal, but as they approach the Aspis System an enormous solar flare separates the Imperial forces. While the Grey Knights and Skitarii find and destroy the profane wards sustaining the hex, the Adeptus Custodes are sent adrift through the warp, into the clutches of the waiting Thousand Sons.

    Sorcerers of the Cult of Manipulation cast a hex around a star, and proceed to provoke and manipulate massive Solar Flares which destroy the Imperial Ships.

    The Psychophage of Mangel III
    Hasophet and his Mind-Eaters descend upon the Imperial hive world of Mangel III amidst an ongoing T’au invasion. Before landing the Sorcerer shatters the Shrouded Crystal in orbit, casting its shards throughout the atmosphere to summon an impenetrable darkness which surrounds the planet. Cut off from orbital reinforcements and relays, the T’au armies and planetary defence forces continue fighting in utter confusion. In the Valley of Sacrifice, between the lines of the battling armies, the Mind-Eaters array the trophies and fetishes acquired from their nine hundred and ninety-eight preceding rites in a great crescent, and between the horns of the crescent Hasophet mounts an enormous pyre. From its pinnacle he beholds the encroaching T’au and Imperial forces – they are to be his, their thoughts and memories devoured as was foretold.

    Holding aloft the hearts of Korthuphos, Hasophet ignites his pyre with their blood, incanting an oath to Tzeentch as the flames begin to lap his armour. The sudden rush of energy towards Hasophet shreds the minds of the hundreds of thousands of combatants on Mangel III, siphoning their very life force into the Sorcerer. But as the Grand Conspirator’s changes take hold Hasophet screams in agony. The armies on the horizon are pulled physically towards him like gnats caught in a thundering vortex. Ranks of screaming bodies and enormous war engines fly across the darkened land, colliding with Hasophet where they are quickly absorbed by his warping form. His body devours metal and flesh with equal voraciousness as it continues to grow, howling in excruciation from newly forming maws. His mass pupates, not into the form of a Daemon Prince, but to that of a Mutalith Vortex Beast. The warp vortex emanating from the hideous creature extends outwards with each newly consumed sacrifice until it encircles the planet, and with a final mind-tearing scream Mangel III itself is torn from realspace. In its place there is left only a perpetual dark shroud and an echo of Hasophet’s final, pitiful cry.

    Hasophet here shrouds an entire planet in impenetrable clouds of darkness which cut off all communication, be it vox or psychic. Performing a final ritual, he is able to absorb the souls and memories of the population of Mangel III. And in doing so, he transforms into a gigantic Mutalith Vortex Beast who then proceeds to devour and pull the entire planet into the Warp with it.

    Keep in mind that this guy's whole life goal was to become a Daemon Prince, and he failed.

    And speaking of Daemon Princes:

    "For a Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons, the apotheosis of their service to the Grand Conspirator is to gain immortality as a Daemon Prince. The last fragment of their mortal soul – already warped by centuries of sadistic manipulation done unto others – is plunged into swirling darkness, never to return. Their flesh is riven with Chaos energy, their body growing to enormous proportions to accommodate a massive surge of raw empyric matter. Muscles bulge along elongated limbs, and hands twist into many-taloned claws that drip with magic. Much of their armour and weaponry is absorbed into their new form. The Tzeentchian runes and icons bedecking their wargear become embedded in sinew, where they pulsate with bestial vigour.

    This metamorphosis renders the Daemon Prince completely unrecognisable from the living creature it once was. Its skin takes on colours more pleasing to the Changer of the Ways, growing intensely bright, terrifyingly dark, or taking on variegated hues in fluctuating configurations. Its very flesh shifts between translucency and absolute opaqueness, and curved horns and thorny gnarls sprout from the Daemon Prince’s body. Some Daemon Princes grow great leathery wings with which they soar through the skies of battle; others develop a trailing cape of undulating tendrils. More esoteric changes may take form in a Daemon Prince as well – shadows that burn with darkest fire and warp all that they touch, or halos of light indescribable in colour that pierce the thin layer of sanity protecting a mortal’s soul from the Daemon Prince’s gaze.

    Though their new-found power is immense, there are still other beings whom the Daemon Princes call master. Magnus the Red commands many Daemon Princes – they are his mightiest warlords, serving as members of his Rehati and leading his Legion’s cults in conflagrant wars against the Imperium. The aura of raw magic emanating from a Daemon Prince invigorates those warriors who fight alongside him, giving them glimpses of the future and whispers of daemonic knowledge. A Daemon Prince’s very existence is a manifestation of its Tzeentch-given power, and in its presence the will of the Architect of Fate is made manifest upon the battlefield. Plants wither and mutate into grotesque anomalies; the skin of enemy soldiers peels back to expose writhing muscle and shivering bone; adamantium vehicle plating and ferrocrete bunker walls erupt in gnashing mouths that cry out in anguish as the Daemon Prince approaches.

    The weapons a Daemon Prince carries are well suited to their monstrous form. Where the Sorcerer may once have wielded an arcane staff or ensorcelled blade, a Daemon Prince sets about its slaughtering armed with a sword or axe wrought from warpmatter. Ripples of corruption are sent crashing outwards with each swing, and with such a weapon the Daemon Prince can sever the present from the past and future, ending an enemy champion’s existence by erasing their very being. Others achieve their butchery with their talons, slicing through wave after wave of victims, spraying torrents of blood that ignite with warp fire. Those Daemon Princes in the Crimson King’s service are masters of psychic malediction, and with a snarled word they can wrack an opposing army with hideous mutations or open a portal to the oblivion of the warp. Should a Daemon Prince somehow fall in battle, their existence persists in the immaterium, for they are tethered forever to their patron god. By the will of Tzeentch, and by the power of their own undying hatred, they may return to the material plane to finish their fell works, and to hunt down those enemies who dared defy them.

    Where other Tzeentchian entities can only exist outside the warp for short periods of time, evaporating from existence when the maelstrom of change-magic abates, Daemon Princes can sustain their corporeal forms by waging continuous campaigns of insanity and terror. Each fiery war prosecuted and every sacrificial ritual enacted is another pluck at the strings of fate. This feeds the Daemon Prince’s essence, sustaining it in the material plane and filling it with fuel for its star-spanning sorceries."

    Prolonged description of Tzeentchian Daemon Princes of the Thousand Sons. They are the mightiest soldiers of the Thousand Sons in term of rank (Though named characters such as Ahriman do outrank them), and hold the greatest power. They are direct manifestations of Tzeentch, and as daemons are foreverbound to him. To merely look at a Daemon Prince is to go mad, and their very presence distorts reality around them, and even Adamantium War-Machines can be distorted and turned into howling beasts.

    In battle they wield axes that slice the present from the past and from the future, erasing their foes from existence and from fate. Their psychic power is immense, and they can destroy entire armies with single words, and open gigantic portals to the Warp, and they can weave star-spanning spells, such as the ones previously described.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
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