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Kurosaki taichou sig!! and ava

Discussion in 'Art Lounge' started by Kurosaki Taichou, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Kurosaki Taichou The Exiled Captain

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    Sep 29, 2006

    i wanted to please request a sig and matching avatar of kurosaki isshin!

    umm thers links to 2 pics in this post.

    i want an approx 300x800 sig and 100x100 avatar

    specifications are:

    i want the left half of the
    isshin on the right end of the sig and i want the right half of only isshin on the left end of sig.
    hope its not too confusing.:p


    heres the second pic

    through the middle i wnat the text:

    Kurosaki Taichou
    teh uber smex

    text not required in the avatar.

    i want the colour scheme to be black, pink and red,:nuts

    and the rest is up to you!! coz i know that if you use ur artisic flair, itll look mad!!:amuse

    thnx in advance peeps, forever in your gratitued
    Arigatou Gosaimasen:nod