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Make Sakura equal to KCM/EMS Naruto/Sasuke

-Give Sakura any power ups you think she could've realistically acquired in the manga to make her equal to perfect Jinchuriki KCM Naruto and EMS Sasuke with stage 4 Susano.

-Use only canon power ups (so no Slug SM or any of that nonsense).

Even if she had a fanfic SM shed be over a tier below them at that point still regardless

I genuinely dont think it can be done short of making her a perfect Jin of one of the lower Biju honestly.

You need a powerup on that level as thats the level she’s trying to compete with and she cones nowhere near it in canon.

Her own novel has her below a pseudo V2 Jin level stated to be below real V2 Jins...She literally cant even damage said opponent and instead needed to effectively poison him with a medical ninjutsu cheese to lower his durability.

Theres a monumental gap between being unable to breach V2 Jin protection and EMS/BM tiers


i caught that clean
Sasuke and Naruto have pretty massive power-ups so you'd have to give her something on that level.

Sakura not being as strong as KCM Naruto and EMS Sasuke is not due to her weakness - but the ridiculous power-ups that Naruto and Sasuke got.

She'd be close if she had Sage Mode and some of Hashirama's Mokuton.


Living Legend
No such thing.

According to what?

Shikkotsu Forest has the same renown as Mount Myōboku and Ryūchi Cave. It's called a Sage region. Seems pretty obvious there's a slug version of Sage Mode that just wasn't showcased.

Anything else worth giving Sakura would be even more unrealistic.

Onda Vital

Well-Known Member
Didn't Kakashi said she has thing for genjutsu?

Maybe she could learn Bringer of Darkness, as Tsunade is senju she may find some scrolls to teach her.

She should also learn some elemental attack based on her affinity. She needs some long range jutsu.

Improve her shunshin.

That are thing that would make sense in manga. But you could potencially give her all bunch of thing:
-learn toad SM
-implamnt byakugan from someone
-learn FTG
-learn multi shadow clone
-make summoning contract with toads, snakes, birds, dragons, vampires...
-learn SM byakugo amped yomi numa:bury
-learn raiton armor
-seal other 7 jins inside her
-learn 8 gates
-insert hashirama boob (so she could have some)
-give her gunbai
-give her samaheada
and so one..


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Sage Mode is Sakura's most credible way of become stronger and you restrict that so she has no way of reaching the level of KCM Naruto and EMS Sasuke.


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Don't think there is anything that can put her on that level except Minato tier mastery of FTG.

wooly Eullerex

i just don't know anymore...
-Tajuu kagebnshn
-ibuse-scale dokugiri
-grand-scale kekkaijutsu
-Choodama rasengan
-a proper, grand-scale acid bullet ninjutsu
-ginga girigiri dai panchi
-a special club/staff weapon that can store her chakra and fire off -Btooms!!- on their lvl
-a kienzan no jutsu advancement of mesu tech
-moguro jutsu :kaga
-many hidden slug hands


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She's factually and canonically already on their level.. you're discussing a non existent fanfic version otherwise, but feel free to do so.
If even the kaguya feats aren't enough, then I don't see what can be done really
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She's already equal to them, she'll use her forehead to deflect their attacks back at them. :avalon

@Santoryu Your thoughts on this scientific breakthrough? Kakashi can still Kamui gg her tho.


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It's already a miracle that she slightly surpassed Tsunade, anything more is asking for the impossible :catshrug

But seriously, considering Sakura's attitudes&skills i would say the most natural power ups for her that also don't ruin the feel of her character, would be:

- Genjutsu, both individual Genjutsus with high potency and large AoE ones.
She is a master at fine chakra control and had Genjutsu attitude from P1, although she never developed it and focused exclusively on medical.
So it seems a natural power up for her if she went and actually trained it;

- slug sage mode (Hashi Sage Mode).
Again fine chakra control skills and also fits perfectly with the strength&physicality fighting style she has.
Her strength would explode with this;

That's it.
These are the best and most narratively consistent power ups you can give her imo.

Maybe you could add some mid ranged acid Jutsu, poison hax, and similar.
But the "feel" of her character will start to get ruined by adding more and more stuff that is increasingly more distant from the strength, regen & medical tier chakra-control themes.

No such thing.

Wait wasn't Hashi's SM slug SM? Or at least that's what i always assumed :hm


hi it's me t0x
Maybe some fuuinjutsu expertise

Kushina's Uzumaki chains and a Shiki Fuin she can reuse as Byakugo is upgraded to being able to heal even soul damage and Sakura could breach the BM tier for sure

MHA massive fan

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Needs some KKG or needs to be a Jin to be comparable
Maybe if she was in Kimimaro clan with byakuyo and her medical skills she would be able to match them
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