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Make your own Manga/Comic character.

Discussion in 'Akihabara Records' started by Id, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Id Τοξότης Moderator

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    Ok post here your own Manga/Comic character. I don?t care how god like or how much of a rip off from someother character is. Just?.please post once your cara and if you change your mind don?t post later on I change my mind just edit your original post. So lets see your creativity? And who inspired it?
  2. Id Τοξότης Moderator

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    Code Name - Muerto.

    Real Name -

    Age - 38.?.his body remains youth full at age 18.

    Powers - Uses 98% of his brain. Low level Telepathic, Psychic, Psionic, Telekinetic. superhumanly acute 5 senses and 6th sense Pre - Cog. (kinda like a Spiderman?s/Death stroke)

    Intelligence - Has photographic memory. Knows all languages on earth. A Genius in strategy warfare, Complete knowledge of the Human Autonomy.

    Strength - His body at base allow him to lift 2 tons with ease.

    Speed - Enhance, physically he can run 38 mph for miles with out getting tierd. His reaction time is .03 sec.

    Durability - Enhanced, his body can adapt to any environment (dessert, rainforest, north/south poles etc..) with little assistance. He has enhance healing abilities.

    Fighting skills - Has bin trained in all forms on armed/unarmed combats. Has fought all forms of terrains. Has worked as a mercenary for over 21 years.

    Abilities - Due to his nature of using 98% of his brain he moved to the next evolution stage of his human body, as well as attaining the mentioned feats along with High resistance to infections, desises, poisons slower aging process. He is able to throw burst of psionic blast, Create Foce Field, aply mind block. Read Minds, And communicate telepathically. His ability to use pre-cog comes from being abilt to read foes body language.

    Info -
    he works as part if the Syndicate known as ?Raven? a secret organization were Muerto can be hired to take the job as a mercenary /assassin /transporter /body gourd. As one of the highest ranking member he is given freedom to except/decline missions as he pleases. He is also the pilot of the Ares a Suit made out nano technology. (similar to Iron Mans) witch amplifies his Telepathic, Psychic, Psionic, Telekinetic powers. But he rarely uses it. He prefers to take on a challenge where his sucsess rate is lowers than 40%. And uses his Suit only when he absolutely needs it.

    No experiments were done to gain his abilities as far as anyone know he simply was born with them. He no known relatives and escaped from orphanage at age 8. Were he came came across a retired veteran of the organization Raven who took him under his direct wing.

    Inspired by
    Id from Xenogears ps1 video game rpg.
    Wolverine from Marvel comics
    Deathstroke from DC comics
    Cable from Marvel comics


    In his suit.

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