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Make Your Own Original Naruto Character

Discussion in 'House of Uzumaki Archives' started by Animehead, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Altron

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    Oct 3, 2006
    Name: Sekkou Hayate

    Family: Gekkou Hayate (Older Brother, Deceased)

    Age: 17

    Rank: Chuunin

    Sex: Male

    Affiliation: Konoha

    Strengths: Agility, Speed,

    Weaknesses: Easily falls to Genjutsu, bad temper, tends to rush into situations without thinking when pumped for a fight. Tends to tire easily and weaken during prolong fights. He is weak against lighting and wind chakra and is weak in long ranger combat. Likes to drink sake which seems to disrupt his senses and judgement and easily fall for hot girls.

    Chakra Nature : Earth, water

    Most commonly used jutsu's: Doton Doryu Taiga (Earth Style Earth Mud River), Doton Doryu Dan (Earth Style Mud Cannon), Suiton Seiryuudan No Jutsu (Water Style Water Dragon Blast), Konoha Ryu Mikazuki No Mai (Leaf Style Dance Of The Crescent Moon)







    Bio: The younger brother of Gekkou Hayate. Since he found out his brother was killed by sand nins, he has a total dislike for sand nins. He wears a chunnin vest with two katanas strapped to his back. He sometimes has a bad temper, but is mostly calm. He is currently training for the jounin exam. He is fast and has great agility.

    Though he is very vulnerable to genjutsu and can easily be beaten back with genjutsu if used by a skilled genjutsu user. He was a promising ninja, though he had great difficulty since he couldnt master genjutsu, hence he cannot counter it and doesnt know when someone casts genjutsu, when its too late, only his speed saves his life, but usually by a hair strand. He is talented in sword fighting and earth/water jutsu’s. He is very determined

    personality-Sekkou’s personality is calm and content. Though he is a bit arrogant and cocky. He likes to head into the battle sometimes without thinking, which tends to make him very vulnerable to counter attacks and genjutsu.

    Appearance: He is about 5’9 and sports a konoha vest and hatai-ate headband wearing a plain chunnin uniform while on duty and missions, but when he not working he wears t-shirts and shorts with black socks. He has medium length black hair which barely covers his ears and one side of hair that covers his left eye. He has a small scar on his right eye.

    Love Interest- Sekkou seems to have fallen for a girl nin named Mikoto Tsuchi. Mikoto is a chunnin ranked ninja like sekkou. Has long brown hair and green eyes and a smile which makes sekkou drop. She seems to like Sekkou as well. Sekkou doesn’t like to admit that he likes her, but its obvious.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2006
  2. ryukoroxy

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    Feb 11, 2006
    name: ryuko nakamura
    age 17
    height:156 cm
    weight: 45 kg
    i.q: 185 (lol...she's smart)

    physical appearance
    -my hair will be around my shoulder, straight n i have a dark purple colour plus black colour hair..
    -my outfitwould be sleeveless turtle v neck n mini skirt..both black in colour n a boot..
    -my head protector will be around my neck
    -wear a glove like kakashi sensei..but it's long

    - a fashion chick
    -an open minded gal
    -really easy to make friend n calm person
    -love to smile in any situation coz it do relaxed her
    -she won't show off her strenghts coz she's a well known ninja
    -good in designing cloth n love to do so when she is free

    -she's from a well known clan -nakamura who is well known for their fashion label n bussiness
    -parents?got killed by those who interested in running their family bussiness n take over their clan..
    -got a bro named eiji nakamura who really closed to her
    -but her bro vanished when he fought with bad guys juz to save her n their family bussiness n clan..
    -she tried to help until she got that curse seal...
    -she fainted n her bro gone..
    -n since then, she tried to search 4 his bro...
    -got a bf named fuji shusuke who is her bro best friend n really care 4 her..

    -fire n earth n air (got from her parents..)
    -good in chakra control
    -got a curse seal from the day her bro dissapeared
    -but, the curse seal only works when she's combined all her strenghts; fire, earth,n air...

    jutsus( i do no how to say these in japan)
    -earth cracking jutsu: allow the earth to swallow the enemy
    -earth tie bonding: using all the leaves n roots that will help her to tie up the enemy...
    -fire blow hazard:she will blow it to the enemy n the fire surely hazardous...
    -air blasting tornado:the air will give a huge tornado depends on her anger!!!
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2006
  3. cryodragoon

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    Aug 24, 2006
    okay: it's gonna be a huge post so i'm gonna post it on IMDB in 2 pieces.

    part one

    part two is the reply to the first post

    ps: if you don't get to the right page it is: IMDB: Naruto, forums, "make your own ninja!"-thread, then look for a reply by HybridArchon... and there it is...
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2006
  4. Halcyon Days

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    Oct 11, 2006
    2nd Charcater
    Name:Riju Stim
    ninja rank:chuunin
    Body type:slightly muscular
    Height: 5'10
    Allegiance:Village of the mist
    He''s the main rival of Akira Seiken and Kanyo Talon

    Physical Appearance
    hair:Black; pointed forward like kuwabara's without the curl. shaggy about 2 in. high
    Attire:1 picec forest green fightin uniform like rock lee without the leg covers. large cream stripes going down the sides. A small over cloak that covers his head like a hoodie and entends down between the rib cage with a zipper going up the middle of it. and a small cream stripe goin g around the bottom of it.
    Forehead Protector:tied around left ankle

    His family is originally from the rock village, but to the tyranical use of its shinobi by the kage. His family escaped before they could be assasinated by the villages elite shinobi and came to the sound village. they provided much information about the village of rock which gave them citizenship in the village of the mist. He enrolled in the ninja academy and became it's top student. His techniques were above that of a regular academy student due to his back breaking training in the rock village. After graduation his skills improved even more, but he still had challenges for the top spot from Akira and Kanyo. He and his team took to the chuunin exams with graet haste, but although he was ready for the challenges it brought the others weren't as 1 was killed by another team in an ambush.He became chuunin and that boosted his ego even more. Alhtough he his a good ninja he lacks taijutsu skills and his cockiness gets him into lot of trouble on the battlefield thinking his methods are impenitrable. His techniques he attained from the rock village. He can control many types of greenery and and vegitation along with controlling some things of earth.

    He mainly fights using his genjustu as an illusionto overshadow his real attacks.
    1.Leaf chain. Using his chakra he controls leaves wrapping them around his opponent in a chain holding them tightly together with clumps of earth.
    2. Rock Juggernaut. Making a monster of stone and eart that he controls somewhat like a puppet. lots of chakra consumed.
    3.Earth Clone. Combinng leaf and earth to form a clone of himself able to fight.
    4.Earth armor. self-explanatory, consumes lots of chakra

    1. Illusionary undrewater technique- appearing to be underwater
    2.Multi-clone genjustu- appears to be thousand sf him
    3.stone crush technique-appears to be in an avalanche of fallin rocks.
    some techniques just to give an idea.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2006
  5. Sho Minamimoto

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    Oct 11, 2006
    Shilanaska Irroy
    Allegiance:Secret Shadow Village
    Ninja Rank:Chuunin
    Strengths:Tai-justu (uses only kicks for attacks and hands for defence)
    Weakness:Weak spot for women
    Weapons:double sided baroque sword
    Missions performed:
    B-7(6 passed, 1failed)
    C-13(All passed)
    S-1(only because of Takehashi(passed))
    Specialty-can perform mind tricks to find out secrets
    Team-Cho and Ayame
    Physical Appearance-
    Clothes:black and yellow jacket, combat boots, snow googles around neck, grey shirt, blue silk pants
    Personality:Kind, sincere, and believes in shivalry
    History:Irroy and team was forced to kill each other to pass their Genin test by their jounin sensai. Irroy and team did not follow orders and were forced to flee from their village before being executed. Soon they came to the Leaf Village and after 2 years, they became citizens. In the meantime, he fell in love with Hinata but he was only indangering her and everyone else in the village. Like Naruto, Irroy was used to inprison the deadly Six winged Dragon, Takehashi. Constantly, Takehashi took over Irroy's body and one time, ended up killing both of Irroy's teamates. Irroy made a decision to force the villagers to burn him alive before Takehashi takes over him completly. Irroy's body was soon burned but...Takehashi escaped-
    Likes:Reading, training, making fun of his teamates(not in the mean way)
    Dislikes:showing off, lying, fighting women, killing
    Jutsu:the secret Li and Dar jutsus
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2006
  6. Renegade Raine

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    Sep 16, 2005
    Name: Ame (Self-given name)
    Sex: Female
    Age: 26
    Village: Missing-nin (formally of the Rain)
    Rank: Formally Jonin, now missing-nin.


    Appearance – Long, reddish blonde hair that she keeps back in a braid (whenever she's not on her information gathering quests), grey-blue eyes, 5'6'', 140 lbs. (slight muscular build).

    Clothing: A black Kakashi like mask, which she ALWAYS wears in battles, black turtleneck shirt with no sleeves, black pants (with collected headbands that cover her legs from the calf down), black sandals. When traveling, she wears a black overcoat with the kanji sign for rain in the back (which is written in silver), when in battle, she throws it off (and somehow manages to recover it after each battle). It should also be noted that she wears long black gloves (with the finger part cut out), which she uses as a base to put all of the headbands that she collected from killed enemies. On each arm she has a headband from the rock, lightning, mist, leaf, sand, and grass villages. Each headband as her signature "X" scratchmark to differenciate from the usual one slash to signify that she was the one to kill that ninja. But the two headbands she holds most dear to her are the ones of her former teamates. Instead of wrapping them around her arm (like she did with the others), she actually imbedded the metal part of the headband into her glove at the part that covers her forearm on each arm. She also wears her former headband on her head (even if it has her signature X mark on it).


    Former partners

    Yukio - Always the "dead weight" in the group. All of his skills were subpar, aside from his taijutsu and speed, which were only a little above average. Seeing his team mates constantly out do him was what drove him to insanity (more on that later).

    Appearance: Long aquamarine hair that was kept back in a ponytail and green eyes. He wore a tan vest and brown pants, and used his headband as a belt.

    Skills (Before death):
    Seal Knowledge:2.5

    Makoto - A man that had all the markings to be a great Hokage. Although he might seem quiet and deadly on the surface, he was actually a kind and generous man. Ame developed feelings for him, but threw them aside, since she thought they made her weak.

    Appearance: Long black hair (that he didn't bother to tie back) and hazel eyes. He wore black robes that had purple lining. He actually wore his headband around his head.

    Stats (before death):
    Seal Knowledge:4.5



    Ame was born to a regular family in the waterfall village. And it was thought that she was a normal girl as well. But due to her birthday being on the cusp of Aquarius (the water bearer) and Pisces (the fish), it was in her destiny to have a natural ability to control water (as well as rain). But she did not find that out until one day, when she was bored at the dock and found that the water vaguely moved in whatever direction she thought of. But she thought nothing of it.

    But when Gatou's gang invaded the village and saw how little of a fight the villager's put up, she grew disgusted with how weak her town was. So day after day, she went to the dock and developed her skill with water, until she was satisfied that she could fight on her own. So she brought her parents to the dock one day, pushed them into the water, and watched with no emotion as she tried out her new technique on them (Sunken Treasure). After the water became calm, she walked out of the village.

    A couple of Gatou's men tried to stop her from leaving the village, but she just used a big wave of water to knock them out of the way. A passing ninja from the Rain saw her control the water and was immediately impressed. He asked who she was, and she just replied that her name was Ame. He took her to the Rain village (since she claimed to be an orphan), and she quickly graduated from the academy there. She was placed on a team with Makoto and Yukio shortly after. Even if Yukio was not an impressive shinobi, Ame and Makoto more than made up for it, gaining the respect of the entire village. While Yukio barely managed to make the chuunin rank, both Ame and Makoto quickly entered the ANBU squad, and afterwards attained the jounin rank, infuriating Yukio until he couldn't take anymore. Orochimaru appeared to him and made a deal with him to make him stronger if he would assist in the assasination of the Amekage. Yukio agreed, and was declared a traitor. Both Makoto and Ame were given the mission to kill Yukio at all costs. They accepted the mission, but Makoto froze up when the two got to Yukio, because he found that he could not kill his former team mate. However, when Yukio was distracted by talking, Ame took the oppurtunity and killed him.

    Shortly after that, the village began deciding on a new Amekage. Ame desperately wanted the spot (even if she was barely an adult at the time). But when they gave the position to Makoto instead of her, she finally snapped (again). She met up with Makoto, to "congratulate" him on getting the position. But instead of gloating about his position (like she expected), he instead told her that he actually harbored feelings for her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. As expected, Ame was a bit shocked, but quickly recovered and told him that she also had feelings for him (which she did). But she had her mind made up and stabbed Makoto in the back with a kunai when the two had their first and only kiss.

    She immediately fled the village (while casting a rain spell to cover her tracks and scent) and did not even notice when she shed tears of her own (she figured it was the rain). From that point forward, she declared that she would become the strongest person in the world and would set out to kill anyone who had the reputation of being stronger than her.


    Personal Stats:
    Speed:3 (5 in water)
    Seal Knowledge:4


    Sunken Treasure - Kind of her signature finishing move. The opponent MUST be in a body of water for it to work. Ame creates a whirpool that will submerge the opponenet into the water. She then uses her chakra to create a field that will prevent the opponent from swimming up and getting air. She continues until the water is calm for a long time (signifying that the opponent is dead).

    Water Clone - I believe Zabusa did this technique before, so I don't have to explain it. :p

    Water Camouflage - Ame uses a chakra field to help her blend in with water. Obviously she must be submerged in a large body of water for this to work. While underneath the water, she creates a small air bubble with chakra to make sure she does not drown herself.

    Rain Dance - She actually does a short dance to summon rain which helps to hide her scent, helps her find victims (that leave their footprints in the wet soil), and also creates water for her to use. To make sure that she is not tracked when using this technique, she travels from tree to tree. It was a favorite jutsu of hers while in the ANBU. :p

    Water Shield - Creates a shield of water which especially guards against taijutsu attacks (Since the water slows down the opponent's punches and kicks to the point where they barely impact her. For example, try throwing a punch in a public pool.)

    Other special abilities:
    She uses her chakra to constantly stay on top of water (even in large waves, which she'll ride in battles for greater speed).
    As long as there is water around, she can control it (but can not actually make water, aside from rainstorms).

    Since she is not a good close range fighter, she will use mace on strings to try to keep her opponent back.
    First mace: Your standard mace on a chain (think Gogo from Kill Bill)
    Second mace: Similar, but the mace has poisoned tips.
    Third mace: Actually appears to just be a tiny dart on a string (that's launched from a device under her wrist), but once it goes through the person's body, it turns into a mace, which Ame pulls out. Extremely painful.

    Summon – Leviathan, legendary dragon of the sea



    Strengths – VERY intelligent and takes one hell of a lot of damage (mostly due to her strong will to stay alive). Can use water in almost every way imaginable.

    Weaknesses – Not very good Taijutsu skills. She'd probably be able to take out a novice with just taijutsu, but anyone above average she would have great difficulty with. Because of that, she is not good with fighting in close range. She is REALLY screwed if she fights in a area where there is not a body of water to assist her (even if she can create rainstorms, it doesn't give her a lot of water to work with). Also, if she sees any male with dark long hair, she may be reminded of Makoto and may pause long enough for someone to put a deathblow in. Her mental health also suffers from killing the only two people that were family to her (her former team mates).

    Likes: Green tea, water, rain, lo mein noodles, strong opponents
    Dislikes: Coffee (especially unsweetened), deserts, perverts, cherries, weaklings.

    Ame has a somewhat low and emotionless voice, which could be mistaken for a male's voice if she's wearing a mask.

    When not in battle, Ame finds information on the strongest ninjas in the world by disguising herself as a regular woman. On those days, she wears her hair down and usually wears a dark green kimono. She figures that men are more likely to spill out information if they're asked by a pretty girl. :p
  7. Alcazar

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    Aug 15, 2006
    Name: Shinsaku Satoshi
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 185 lbs.
    Allegiance: None( ex-shinobi from Hidden Rock Village )
    Ninja Rank: Chuunin
    Strengths: Has been trained mentally to resist Genjutsu.
    Weaknesses: He has been infected by a disease that was intended to kill him but instead just left him with a very weak immune system.


    D: 33 (30 successes, 3 failure)
    C: 22 (22 successes,)
    B: 20 (13 successes, 7 failure)
    A: 5 (4 success, 1 failure)
    S: 2 (both success)

    Physical appearance:. Due to years of tough training he is very physically fit and well built
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Hazel
    Clothes: his outfit is something like this
    except he has a kunai pouch on his left-backside and also he doesn't carry a blade and wears a blank forehead protector on his right arm. And instead of that coat he wears a standard Shinobi vest.

    Very serious and intelligent person. Althought at first his attitude might hint a cold- heated individual he actually is a caring individual who seek the greater benefit of human kind, just the way he makes his point across might seem harsh and hint at cold-heartedness.

    He was a child bred to become a type of "super" shinobi.His parents were brought together by the goverment in a plan to breed shinobi from the greatest clans in his country. As a part of this program once he became five years old he began began training from then on. Once reaching the age of ten he was then put under special training to shape his mind, to "strenthen" it.

    After reaching the age of thirteen he was then sent of missions like regular shinobi. However being specialy trained since being a child him and a few others(who went thru the same treatment) shined as exemplary examples of what a shinobi is.

    However when him and the others saw of what a real childhood was about they protested againts the goverment for the cruel treatment of them and other children currently under the prgram and also let out news of the secret program. This eventually led to a full blown revolution which sought to replace their oppresive rulers. The government then decided to take action to subdue the revolution and hired special assassin shinobi. These shinobi eventually killed all the experimental children except Katsuo.

    From then on Katsou has deseted his village and wonders through the world trying to find a way to reclaim his country from the corrupted government. So he wonders thoughout the lands using his abilities helpi fight off villians while in search of people willing to aid him. He also uses this time to better himself and perfect/create jutsu.

    Jutsu:mostly a taijutsu user, likes using his speed to deliver powerfull blows. however he does have a few Ninjutsu abilities and can also use his specialy built kunai to take out enemies from great distances with deadly acuracy.

    Volcanic explosion jutsu: he pounds his fist on to the ground causing an eruption of magma in the area in front of him, the area differs depending on the amount of chakra used.

    Katon-Kunai rain jutsu: using chakra he creates duplicates of his special kunai and shoots them all at once at a great speed while engulfed in flames, when it makes contact it cause a small explosion.

    Water whip jutsu: he is able to manipulate water with his chakra to use it as a whip.

    Geyser jutsu: much like his volcanic jutsu water erupts from under ground, then he is able to use the boling water to pursue his enemy using his chakra to control its movement and due to the great presure the water is in it may crush his enemy also.

    Kage boushin jutsu:no need to explain.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2006
  8. zain-za-nara

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    Oct 18, 2006
    name zain za nara
    sex male
    age 16
    height 6ft 4
    weight 205lbs
    eye colour purple
    hair colour purple with black streaks
    body type lean
    upper torso black sleaveless
    lower torso purple sash
    legs black robe bottoms
    second layer black trenchcoat
    hands fingerless black leather gloves
    feet black army boots
    personality calm colected deeply philosophical
    ocupation art theif
    rank triple s missing nin
    ability shadow trance blood line limit *read my post on fantasy blood lines*
  9. Krzr

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    Oct 5, 2006
    Karune Eronaki

    Karune Eronaki
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13 (pre timeskip)
    Village: Konoha (formaly rogue ninja)
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 145
    Body Type: Athletic
    Current Rank: Anbu (jounin level)

    Signature secret jutsu's: 1. Wind Rising Jutsu - A wind type jutsu that when Karune puts his hands on the ground after the hand signs a large surge of wind comes up piercing the target at amazing speed. 2. Summoning Jutsu: Okari - Brings forth Karune's own signature summon the dragon Okari. (Similair to the Sannins's own animal summons but near as big.) Karune is able to use wind and water jutsu through the dragons mouth (for ex. Water Dragon Jutsu). 3. Karune has 3 swords. One on his back and two on his side. His ANBU swords. His Shadow Target: Three Strike Jutsu allows him to move at an amazing speed throwing his side swords in the air and hitting the target with each sword within 2 seconds.

    History: This is just some history of the summon. Karune came to Jiraiya curious of how to create his own contract with a summonable animal. Jiraiya thought Karune was way to young and inexperienced for his own summon. But, Jiraiya showed Karune how he created his giant scroll to summon Gamabuntra. Karune for 2 months worked on his own scroll and finally made the full contract and seal combination. Soon he was able to summon Okari the mid-size dragon.

    Strength's: Extreme speed, very agile, balanced strength, and skilled swordsmen.

    Appearance: ANBU costume, has a mask similair to Kakashi's, always wears his ANBU mask titled to the side or off.
  10. satanchrist

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    Nov 6, 2006
    Name: Kazeshira Arakatsu
    Nickname-Kaze, Kaze
    Weight-155 lbs
    Allegiance-Village Hidden in the leaves
    Weapons-A series of special kunai and two shadow shuriken
    Strengths-His consistency and ability to adapt in tough situations. He also doesn't have much chakra but the chakra he does have is stronger then normal chakra. Capable of extreme mental intimidation
    Weaknesses-can scare people who he works with to much, can be dark and somewhat macabre. Strangley is fatally allergic to silver. If to much gets into his body he will die.

    Team-His team consists of his friends Daisuke Izkiku and Nesinya Aaryaseth Lead by Mashinji Aramato an elite special jounin. His friend Nesinya is in love with him and has known him for several years. She is also part Norwegian as hints of it are in her last name. Her mother was a special jounin and her father was an ambassador to Konoha from Norway. Daisuke although well hearted is somewhat obsessed with dying and decay although by no means is emo. He's from a big clan in Konoha and has a bloodline that allows him to make his skin as solid as diamonds. Their leader was at once considered to be a Hokage but turned it down because he liked his team to much.

    Eyes-outsides are black pupils are red. Eyes usually not seen and covered by sunglasses.
    Pretty musclular
    Not to large nose
    Hair: Red
    Has a tatoo that says in kanji "Mayhem without mercy" on the right side of his forehead. (Make up some symbol).

    Rank: Jounin

    Clothes-A black tshirt with a white spider on it that goes around both sides. Gloves that leave fingers exposed somewhat. Wears black Oakley sunglasses with one way lenses as in he can see out but no one can see in. Has black shorts and bandages around his legs. Wears hitaiate around neck. Kunai holsters and shuriken pouch are on belt. Sometimes has backpack on. Wears a cross around his neck that can be seen in front of his hitaiate.

    Kekkai Genkai: His skin can project weapons out of it. Frequently his arms sprout fin like blades and his skin will absorb blows. He also has control over a black liquid that he can channel chakra through in the form of lightning.

    Venom web: Similar to Lee's primary lotus but uses his liquid and hits more times and hit's harder
    Dance of Carnage-Kazeshira's arms sprout fin like blades and then he slash people with them.
    Fireblade: Dance of carnage but with is arms on fire.
    Self Mutilation jutsu-The sees that he or she is cutting their limbs off and they can't stop themselves and they experience the same pain but in reality nothing is happening.
    Symphony of Destruction-The loudest possible metal music wrings out through the enemies head but Kazeshira hears nothing. This is enough to drive some insane or at least make them more vulnerable with them having a migraine like headache.
    Death bite jutsu-Kazeshira sends his liquid to bind an opponent and then shocks them to death with chakra.
    Firebomb jutsu-He jumps into the air and slams back into the ground sending out a forty foot high wall of fire out in all directions. Uses up the most chakra but usually has a good end result because he usually uses it right.
    Toxic clones-Clones made of the liquid that when they are destroyed with one blow they explode and if the liquid gets onto the opponent it will cause chemical burns.
    Spirit in Black Possesion jutsu-Named after a famous Slayer song, this jutsu sends the black liquid through openings in the opponent, from mouths to cuts and allows Kazeshira to crush internal organs, clog the bloodstream or tear lungs.
    Internal electruction jutsu-Requires him to do Spirit in Black Possesion first and allows him to directly electrocute his opponents heart, lungs, nervous system and brain.

    Summoning-Kazeshira can summon spiders. His best summon is Arachni, a giant black widow spider who rules over all spiders. Her venom is so toxic it's fifteen times more powerful then that of Manda's. Her venom can also permanetly paralyze anyone or any creature except Kyubi.

    History: Born in 1988 Kazeshira was concieved by his mother Mitsume and father Jiroku. At age four he was first tought in the Arakatsu's kekkai genkai and then at age seven went to the academy. At age 10 he graduated. He then gained fame for killing a an S ranked missing nin at age 12 and tracking down a group of serial killers called the majestic six. At 13 he becamea chuunin and took the war with sound head on, killing several uncercover sound nin during the chuunin exams. Some call him the anti christ because of his viciousness and obsession with paganism but in reality he is a devout christian because of his mother. At age 16 he became a jounin and soon is on his way to leading his first ever team.

    Hobbies: Fighting, studying paganism, listening to black metal and all types of metal music, likes world history, enjoys walking his Black and Tan Coonhounds Contra and Rebel.

    Hates: Taking out the trash, doing educational homework, and being called gay and retarded. He also doesn't like people who whine to much.

    This character is based a lot of me. The dogs are mine, I hate being called gay and retarded and hate whiners. I am allergic to silver not fatally but one time I remember wearing a silver St. Christopher medallion and then it burned the areas of my neck and upper chest that it touched and it hurt a lot. And well that's it. Scarface PM me back please.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2006
  11. Podman

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    Sep 1, 2006
    Hear I got 1

    Name - Kaitou Shinamori

    Viliage - Hidden Rock

    Description - Tall (6ft 3in). Skin is a tanner white color.
    He has slicked back Jet Black (with some grey) hair. Some what droopy brown eye's. A muscular Build Kinda like Kisame. He usually wears a opened green V-neck Shirt (He likes the V neck since it shows his large scar on his chest) with long yet droopy sleves. And black long pants. His face has a little bit of wrinkles (Similar to Jiraiya's).

    Age - 40

    Strengths - He developed his own Tai-Ninjutsu combo style. Being of the wind Element and also a accomplished hand to hand fighter Kaitou has combined High-Speed Taijutsu with wind. He first uses persice Chakra controll to spread the wind elements Sharpening effect. Then he attacks with Tai. When ever he hits you the wind Chakra cuts into you flesh. Meaning even the slightest blow is fatal.

    Draw Backs- His technique quickly drains Chakra and Stamina. He also often replaces Stamina with Endurance and Stubborness and with his pride has know concept of choosing fights or avoiding Stronger enemies. He also is very vulnerable to Genjutsu since he spent most of the time with Tai and Nin. Also he also isn't a very quick thinker.

    Back Story - He was in the Leaf and Rock war. During his time on the battle field he encountered a Leaf ninja Known as the Yellow Flash. He faced him 1on1 ( his team ran in fear). He had a 20min battle before he was beaten when the fourth used Rasengan on the mans Chest(Thats wear he got the scar). Having not only survived, but coming close to beating the Yellow Flash Kaitou began aiming his goals higher and higher. During peace time he went to Leaf for a rematch with Yellow Flash who was now know as the fourth Hokage. He arrived only to find out that the 4th had died. He know trains rigurously to make sure he will never lose again. His wife died after giving birth to their 2nd son. His sons are know trying riguriously to surpase their father ( One is Itatchi's age and the other Naruto's).

    Favorite Color - Green

    Blood Line - None

    Level - Sanin level

    Sumoning - He summons small squirls wich are great for espionage and information obtaining.

    And hears another one

    Name - Kadasaki Koeinabori

    Age - 24

    Nationality - Hidden Cloud

    Description - (5ft 8in) He has long semi-curly brown hair that runs down to the bottom of his neck. He wears all black. Basic Shinobi pants and shirt. Occasionally he'll wear his Jounin jacket. He also has a long Katana blade. His green eye's are very sharp and he has a whiter toned flesh (Think Hinata Color). He has a more slimmed build like Itatchi. He also wears a small crystal prism hanging from his neck.

    Level - Jounin

    Strenghts - He uses his sword in battle. His sword skills are execllent and he can cut through most defenses. His style basis on not letting the opponent know where he will strike. He uses the prism on his neck to focus his chakra exprosing blinding spectrums of color in the area thus affecting the opponents eye-sight. He then uses both genjutsu and shadow clone (Fake not solid). He makes it appear as if there are hundreds of him. Combined with the blinding lights he can easily use his hightened stealth skills to inflict a fatality on the opponent. He calls this trick Thousand Prism. If this tech doesn't work and the opponents finds him Kadasaki uses his earth type elemental tech Adamant Shielding. However he doesn't shield himself in stone, but the opponent. Once the enemy is encased he will hide and prepare to restart the thousand Prism.

    Draw backs - Kadasaki has both low stamina and doesn't pack much Chakra. This is why he uses Non-solid shadow clones. He also isn't use to being hit due to his tech so he has only Chunin level durability. Also due to the damaging light of his prism flash Kadasaki often sufers migrains and some times can black out at random.

    Back Story - Kadasaki was sick as a child. He for the first 4 years couldn't even play with the other children. He was one day cured by a medical ninja who apparently had owed his father a debt. Tsuande of the leaf cured him and since that day Kadasaki has been a strong ninja. He gradulated a year before children his age usually did. He is a very serious character, and not ashamed to run from a stronger oponent as he is a very good thinker. As a matter of fact he's pretty much the exact opposit of my character Kaitou (above). He although has a strong since of loyalty and will protect his partners as any cost.
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