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Tutorial making ur own aim buddy icon

Discussion in 'Art 101' started by kyubinaruto75, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. kyubinaruto75 Level 99 Monk

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    Sep 28, 2004
    program used: image ready
    time to make : maximum was about 5-10 minutes

    Finished result

    explanation of where things are of wat we will be using in creating aim buddy icon :

    1-first open image ready and create a new document 50 x 50 pixels

    2- then take the paint bucket( with any color u want selected i used black) and fill ur first layer with this color

    3- then take the text tool and on a new layer just add wat text u want to it

    4- now make sure the eye is open b/c for the first layer u want the first part of ur text to be seen

    5- now duplicate ur animation frame

    6- on this frame hide ur first text layer by clicking the eye

    7- then use the text tool again and write watever u want

    8- u can repeat this as many times as u want for as much text as u have

    9- once ur done with ur text u can adjust the frame speed now

    10- once u have u can click the play button u no the triangle looking button under where u adjusted the frame speed?

    11- if u like it go to file>save optimized as> and then choose .gif. it shud be small enough to put it onto aim. mine was only 1 kb so as long as u dont overstuff it with text .. or images u shud be fine

    feel free to IM me if ur stuck
  2. ichbinjens Banned

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    Mar 4, 2009
    Making AIM icons is also easily done by using this site. You can upload any Naruto pictures and make the icons animated.