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MASTERFUL ART OF THE NINJA TOME 1- BOOK 1 Colors Clash- The white Fang Exist!!!

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by Cthulhu-versailles, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Cthulhu-versailles

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    Jun 14, 2005
    It's late, but I find myself awake, just having finished yet another term paper and done my studying for the night. However, thx to coffee and candy, I can't sleep. Omg you wouldn't believe how fudged up my sleep patterns are these days... I HATE UNIVERSITY!:mad Therefore don't rag on my fic to much, well at least not... actually nevermind say it's retard if ya feel. Ok i'm tired, bored and annoyed, I have 2 more term papers to write.. but here goes.

    Title:MASTERFUL ART OF THE NINJA TOME 1 - Book 1-Colors Clash- The white Fang exists!!!

    Chapter 1
    The myth of the black boy

    (This paragraph is written in weird english.. you could feasily, skip it and lose nothing , so if you don't get it, skip it.) Thwas the night of much dismay to the folks of valore mansion. At the head of his table he looketh down, acorss the long streak of food that bekind and coothed his stomach. The temptation was endless and yet he felt empty inside, like it was all show, a pointless display that lacked any meaning. Cusping a small bit of birtle in his hand he moveth, ine for without inquisition and garble dee down his mighty parishioun and delicious he did cry aloud. Forgotten his sorrows and begotten his quarrles, twas the food of pure simple humus. Yet his body did shake, quivering with such gale, he looketh around to find a morque trumiest of ale. Twas of no consequence, nor indugles did he pay and soon had this man his stomach in astray. he controtions did they mix and his mullet did it cry,

    " I am a man not worthy, yet I don't wish to die."

    His speech so heard was it, that all his servant came. However, twasn't a comfort, for he saw a certain seth in there eyes. His greatest friend, his very own private special jounin, Rook Shion, his blue bright eyes turned black that nights swallow.

    "What have thy Rook, thine intent is quaint and tusk, moore and piss ant of cats quasp. Maketh it not so I riseth and strike."

    What the hell are you saying, Dan, what's wrong with you. Why are you talking like some reject... unless... unless no - shit!

    Suddenly, the air transformed, coaxed in a damp moist liquid, clearless but so disturbing against the skin, Rook could easily tell it was there. but more then moistness of it, the horrible killing intent was entrapping his body, wrapping around him like a snake.his bones felt like they were trying to leap out of his body, and his head was aching like needles had been shoved up his ears.

    "Dan help me!" Dan, as though almost, simply fell. His body, had just calapsed, Rook knew insantly that Dan was dead.

    Rook, knew it was coming. The air began to feel thicker, making it harder for him to breath, then like a baloon the air just poppped and red gue just burst out everywhere. Instantly, then he was there.... a blink, one twitch of the eyes was all it took for him to escape sensory vision. He didn't even know, what hit him tearing off his arms and throwing him into the wall like a rag doll.

    Grey he thought. I should have known, the change in personality of Dan, that small strange sickness I felt, it was his chakra. I need to kill myself, as soon as I get the chance, I won't become one of his.... another gas explosion of air interrupted his thoughts. Before it could clear he could already see the sillouhetes, of dozen of people, streaking across the floor, surrounding grey from ever side, ever angle.

    One approached him.

    "Hey Hey, Yo bitch" a short stompy fat bearded WOMAN said, while sliding towards him, using her fat folecules. From her came two more.

    Ganju the Destroyer, in all his glory, tatared with armor on ever inch of his body and one short knife and Miryaki the Brit, break dancing in the air, always riding chakra like it was an eternal high of rhyme.

    Ganju: we felt the chakra of the grey flash and came from Brigkono tran captial immedieately. He said while helping Rook up.

    Miryaki: we'd love to talk, but take up point Yo pathos attack.

    His three friends seperated instantly- they'd already accumalated chakra to there feet, and were focused.

    Maru, no Kenpo PERAS-rook Calls out- HIS index fingers flies up into the air; overflowing with white chakra, he drives his fingers into his eye. Wind rushes outwards sending his own sqaud backwards- his clothes tear of. The galliantly constructed house crumbles, pieces vaporizing as they fall and touch his chakra.

    Eveythings cleared out, the space has been opened, the pieces of debris, fallen trapping most of Rook's squad and making a convient little arena.

    Grey Laughs and steps forward.

    "Die" grey hears called out from somewhere, before he can charge Rook. Still Laughing, he turns his head, and is hit by a giant staff that slams him to the ground. Grey intanstly gets up, and laughes some more.

    "Now hurry, use anima jutsu now." the voice screams. Nijnja insantly emrge from the ground, where they were buried and perform hand seals.

    Rook lifts his hand high into the air.

    As if I'd let fang, grey says.

    Fang blinks and has his shoulder grabbed. He spins and throws grey aside, Grey sweeps at his legs. Fang flips forward, performing a one armed hand seal and spins his staff, Grey blocks it easily with his right arm extended. "What!" Fang yells-unable to pull his staff back-

    Grey: Baka! Fang dives forward, releasing his staff, his knee straight out. Grey curls his finger and scratches the air behind him. Fang legs flies off, bloody as hell; the blood rushed up at his face.

    "Ha ha Ha!" grey laughs! your chakra has been read, your death is sealed Fang, your beneath me now. Stay down and die, like the dog you are.

    Fang: Release Fang Screams. Grey doesn't know what it is exactly but he can feel it.

    No he thinks, in the split second he triesto act, before it happens, but it's to late. Their mouths had already each buldged to be fifty feeet in circumfrences. Their eyes had each retracted. Their ears had each fallen off, and the blood was already pooring out of there arms.

    All in less then the time it took to blink... the area had become covered in blood. grey was caught, caught in the blood, the blood of all the ones he had spilled. His body, was trembleling, he felt cold, weak, helpless. Sorrow, depair, sympathy, empathy, they flooded his being and ripped at his hollow insides.

    All the while, as grey stood there trapped in a bloody contricting sphere, up to his shoulders trembling and whimpering like a child, Rook stood there his hands raised high, raised to the victory. He'd knew it was already coming. For when he noticed Fang was here, when he had released his 12th gate, he knew victory was guranteed. Also, in truth he was scared out of his mind, that if he moved, with his chakra as unstable as it was Fang technique would have destroyed him, accidently. He didn't really know exactly how it worked, but he knew his strange chakra seemed to get targeted, seeing as how Fang's technique had attacked him once before.

    Brother he, thought, Grey Flash. There was something diffrent about him. grey just seemed diffrent. No! he was diffrent, thier was no point in denying it, Rook's link to his brother made it certain, that was definetly not grey.

    Rook slowly lowers his hands, shoving his fingers backing into his eyes. His arm disonnects from his body and he's returned to pain. Minor broken bones, armless, but hey he's had worse.

    Rook walks over to th fallen Fang.

    Rook: Damn, White Fang your unstoppable as usual. rook eyes widen in disbeleif when he sees it. What! Omg your missing your leg. Grey actually was able to cut of your leg.

    Fang: He! He! don't be silly, I'm not that weak he says, perfoming a hand seal. Instantly his leg is returned. it was never gone in the first place, just a trick of lighting...lighting and my one of my many scrolls. Lesson one Rook, always minizme damage. grey could have killed the Squad, shit even your little release could have killed some of the jounin we got here.

    Rook: I always, make sure I don't let my ji... my chakra attack the team White Fang.

    fang: Hey all of you, time to go back- Fang perfomrs another hand seal and opens up a scroll- wind, blood, tissue- it's hard to describe for Rook but somethig strange flies back in there.

    Rook: teach me that technique white Fang.

    fang: NO. You'll never be... no one can use this but me. Beside, you have your own control problems. Henshi was monitoring this, us ,this whole time and he's been watching you for sometime. Your becoming more unstable.

    Rook: I, I... I'm sorry.

    Fang: Nothing to apologize for, go report to ganju, Mirayaki and maya, that they can move again.

    Rook: There probably uncouncious anyway. That much genipou, would knock almost anyone out cold and if not from the pain from fear.

    Fang; enough complements Rook, doesn't matter how much you kiss my ass, we need to go through it again, the resealing, we need to amplifiy it.

    Rook: ya I know.

    Fang: Meet me back at the village, but go rendevous with that Cloud agent first, he should have what he promised, for his own good.

    With that said Fang, walks off, slowly, like he not in a rush. as though he was linger, for some reason.

    Maybe I should have told him Rook, though as he moved ruble out of the way, scouring for his friend bodies. Naw! he doesn't need to know, it would't do any good anyway, it better to have secrets. Any man, who reveals everything is a man left with nothing he thinks and keeps thinking it, trying to bar away the sense of doom that is tingling in the gullet of his mouth.

    when I'm randomly awake late again... Chapter two black makes three kinds of ninja's.

    ALWAYS I'LL SOON POST AN EXPLANATION OF SOME OF THE MADE UP WORDS LIKE GENIPOU.. but some of the explanations will come in the story.. honestly I don't know since right no =w this is , so totally a random idea I had, tonight. but i'll make it evolve.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2005
  2. K'

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    Feb 11, 2007
    Doesnt this go on FanFic?