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Mid-level Tier List

Edward Nygma

Riddle me this...
Below is a rough draft of a mid-level tier list that I and others have been adjusting for the past few days. The last couple orders of business are

  • Balance/Ax the strongest of the top tiers
  • Determine spendable points

Red = New character/heavy nerf

30 ? High Jonin

(w/o Gates)

(w/o Sage Mode)

24 ? Mid Jonin

(w/o Baksui Shoha)

20 ? Low Jonin

(w/ 4 summon limit)
(w/o Joki Boi)

(w/o Sage Mode)

16 ? Tokubetsu Jonin

(w/o Ibuse)

12 ? Elite Chunin

10 ? High Chunin

8 ? Low Chunin

6 ? Low Chunin

4 ? Elite Genin

3 ? High Genin

2 ? Mid Genin

1 ? Low Genin

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