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Midorya's real quirk and the final battle Predictions

Discussion in 'My Hero Academia' started by adamsos1, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. adamsos1 New Member

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    Aug 2, 2018
    I'm going full conspiracy and unifying some of the existing ideas. I think that Deku's quirk is the ability to magnify other quirks which explains why it was undetected just like AFO's brother and why he keeps destroying his body. Nana Shimura wasn't muscular either so I dont think that muscle mass is his issue. But if he got an insane quirk like that, it would have to come from someone equally powerful. I think that All for One is Deku's dad. I'm not implying that his mother is evil, it could just be that he lied to her and his fire quirk is all she saw. He could have just seemed to be a normal guy but the fact that they wont show his face (or his hair color, a huge anime hint) tells us that they are saving the reveal for some major reason.

    So Eri's rewind ability is too powerful and cant remain in the story or she could deus ex machina out of every problem so she has to go. AFO will take her ability and rewind back to full power and heal himself. Also, I'm not saying that Midorya has the ability to magnify OTHERS quirks, just his own. It could be that with control that he could do that, and it would also set up a huge reason for AFO to try to fight and take his own sons power. While the ability to boost all quirks may seem like overkill right now, we aren't sure how strong the villians will be then. It would also make AFO the ultimate villain being that he not only had a son to make a great quirk (like Endevor) but that he only did it to take the ability away from him, showing that hes lost all of his humanity for the sake of power.
    Shigaraki is definitely going to be the final villian and once Deku stops AFO in a supposed final battle, Shigaraki will relize that Deku is the source of all of his problems. It sets up Deku being both All Mights son symbolically( Shigaraki's most hated enemy) AND AFO's son which he views as a father figure and this will drive him over the edge and catalyze the final battle.
    AFO's final move will be to give Shigaraki his power. I have no idea where they will go past that but I really believe the theory follows the flow of the story. Let me know what you think.